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Is it legal for schools to fine students for using a cell phone?

While many would be happy with this policy, some others still will argue cell phones are effective tools for learning. It seems in Canyon, Texas, and in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, they don't think cell phones should be used in the classroom.

In the Canyon High School, students are to pay a fine of $15 if they violate the district cell phone use policy. That is something Wesley Fryer could probe with this attached picture.

In a moment where everyone agrees on the tendency of the Internet to become the mobile source of information, I still can't understand how administrators are incapable of dealing with cellphones in their classrooms.

I am sure they can ban them all the way down, what I am not sure is whether are they supposed to impose fines to this poor kids, which undoubtedly will be parents' money.

Do you have any other experiences of school districts charging fines to students who bet to use their cellphones on their premises?

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Milton Ramirez

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