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10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started Teaching.

I have been teaching for many year and this list really struck me. It was aimed to new teachers but after you read the list you will accept all that description applies to you, too.

Every teacher has a wide range of experiences during his/her career , this compendium will refresh your memory, if does not help you in the classroom.

We would love to copy the whole text but Miss Brave hasn't liberated her contents under Creative Commons, yet. So in place, I'll transfer, at least the main ideas.

The following are the 10 Things Every Teacher Must Remember:

1. Don't sweat the small stuff - First week of classes is a mess.

2. If you can put off until tomorrow what you planned on doing today...you might want to think about it - Do your school stuff and then think of YOURSELF.

3. You can only plan what you can plan - Planning doesn't have to be a wreck.

4. There is no such thing as empty time - Even when you have it, use it to your own benefit.

5. Be prepared for anything. Really: anything - Do not pay us for do everything, but we have to.

6. Improvise - Have you ever made a mistake? You know how to get out of it.

7. Use resources from your sources - Is not always bad to overlook what your colleagues are doing.

8. Never assume. Speak up! - It never hurts to ask. Make sure all parties understand the point.

9. Some days, you have to be brave and hold your own hand - Loneliness may play against every teacher, but you still have family and friends.

10. Your moment will come to you - The best reform ever, cannot give a path for success. You are always in charge.

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