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Speed Up Your Web Surfing With These Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts in the #newtwitter

Yesterday in the morning when I decided to log in on my Twitter account, the first notification that noticed was the option to try its new version. As any new user, I started to browse around and there are two things I already dislike: Half of the window is now used to show up your time line. I don't feel comfortable at all, it seems like somebody is pushing you aside when they have plenty of space. And the second, the time consuming new way to thank for RTs. Before, you could stack up all names giving you a RT, and reply in a shot, right now it is simply impossible.

That said, there is a bunch of things that I also like. The mini biographies of each tweeter, the possibility of retweet a Follow Friday very easily, the conversation threads and the smarter suggestions to people I should follow.

But it is the new look in general that struck me. As @drewb points out, it feels more like Gmail or Tweetdeck than a stream of updates. There is also the keyboard shortcuts navigation, sort of Google Reader, which makes it a delight for the geek community.

Enjoy the speedier surfing with these pro keyboard shortcuts for the new Twitter:

1. J - moves the highlighted tweet down one tweet
2. K - moves up a tweet
3. Space - moves screen down
4. Shift-Space - moves screen up
5. Shift H - top of screen
6. Shift R - replies to the tweet you're hovering over
7. Shift F - favorites the tweet you're hovering over
8. Shift T - retwets the tweet you're hovering over
9. Enter - opens tweet to the right hand panel
10. F - favorites that tweet (star)
11. R - replies to that tweet
12. T - retweets that tweet
13. Enter again - closes opened tweet
14. M - opens 'Message' in a pop-up window
15. Esc - closes 'Message' pop-up window
16. N - opens new tweet in pop-up window (Esc closes again)
17. / - goes to search
18. Shift H - goes to home
19. . - refreshes tweets
20. g then m - go to inbox
21. g then r - go to replies
22. g then f - go to favourites
23. g then p - go to your profile
24. g then u - go to a person's profile
25. g then h - go to home

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