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American Teachers Can't Compare to Counterparts in China

More money to teachers, adding length to the school year, and implementing new methods are changes that will take time and funds to make into reality, Mr. President. 

 President Obama learned from Shanghai mayor, China, that teaching is one of the most prestigious professions in this country, and teachers are paid on par with engineers.

What if teachers made as much money as engineers?

The money wouldn't make wonders by itself. What we need to change is the culture of the education sector, supported by politicians in Washington and from there all the way down. 

Schools that don't have a system of expelling bad teachers are bringing the entire profession down, said the President this morning in Education Nation. Sort of Mr. Obama. To do that we just need to re-write law and apply it. 

Charter schools and other experimental schools can be 'laboratories of excellence' where best practices can be learned and then spread. Can be, but not necessarily are the only ones. Why is it that boarding schools succeed in having the same teachers working in the public sector? 

The administration would like to close the lowest-performing five percent of schools, turning them over to charter school operators or sending them to other schools. Closing down a business takes the intervention of many people. Who is going to audit those closings so Americans don't lose human resources and money. 

Yes, all of that MAYBE done. Are city and county voters prepared to approve or reject school funding measures? Sounds like nice rhetoric but education can't be changed overnight without the participation if not all, at least, of most actors, among them the best-qualified teachers.

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  1. America and China are two different countries and how they teach their students is different, as well. I guess with China, you have to feed a lot of topics into them since English isn't their native tongue while in America, English is never a problem and they know more about a lot of stuff that's why there's no need to expound certain topics.