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Mr. President, Please Put Some Faith in Your Public Schools

What everybody else would think of the defense of public education when is the President, in the first place, who decides not to send his daughters to one single public school in the surroundings of the Capitol?

When asked why he didn't send his daughters to a public school in DC he fumbles... 

In one breath he says DC schools aren't up to par. Then he says that there are individual good public schools in DC and in every city in the country. Then he says its hard to get into such schools, due to lotteries, etc. Then he says "given his position" he could get his girls into any school. Then he sorts of mumbles about how all schools need to be better and that DC schools aren't there yet. 

Don't you think that just by virtue of the President putting his kids in public school they would step it up? Put faith in the Public School system. 

Should people in positions of power and privileged use the public school system? Should politicians? 

This note first appeared on Detentionslip.org.

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  1. Wow, that question must have really caught the President off guard. It's hard to see the president of the United States of America having difficultly answering simple questions. In any case, I agree with what you said. The President needs to put faith in our public schools because he is a strong advocate for preserving the public school systems.