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The One Single Thing You Should Know About Blogging

Back in the 2007 I wrote a post about the reason why nobody was reading our blog, and seems to me, according to statistics, this post has been among the top ever posted on Education & Tech.

Bloggers first were criticized because they didn't follow the rigor all journalist are familiar with. Then, it was called to Internet attention that bloggers shouldn't be considered as journalists at all. And lately, everyone claims that bloggers need to start publishing original content and be good communicators.

However, many had leap from blogging to live streaming, to content producers. But the idea and principles behind blogging remains, specially on these days where many are screaming for an Internet neutrality. Whoever has a blog, he or she has a responsibility: To contribute to their niche and make the Internet more savvier.

That is why I also want to point out to an interesting post regarding the things you should know about blogging. The single one thing you should know about publishing a blog:

    Building a blog audience takes time. During my Saturday morning appearance on Classroom 2.0 Live I mentioned that if you're serious about building a blog audience you have to keep on writing even if only your mother, father, wife, husband, or dog is reading your posts [...] If you're publishing on the web, someone will come across your writing. You want that first stranger who visits your blog to read your writing, so make sure they have plenty to read. If they like what they're read, they just might pass your blog along to one of their friends, and their friends pass it along to their friends, and.... before too long you'll have an audience to write for. That's when it gets really fun.

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