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Kevin Carey on the Pell Grant Program

The Quick & the Ed:

This morning I was emailing some fellow members of the vast left-wing media / academic / think tank conspiracy to put all citizens under the yoke of a unified North American socialist dystopia–or, possibly, fellow bootlicks to the neoliberal power structure, it’s hard to keep track–and someone argued that the Obama administration can’t credibly criticize its Republican opponents for cutting education because it has now proposed to cut education by scaling back growth in the Pell grant program.

I disagree. If people talk about the budget in a way that identifies certain very broad categories of expenditure like “education” as inherently virtuous and all Obama proposals to cut programs within that category as, by definition, a betrayal of the progressive cause, we’re basically doomed to waste large amounts of scarce public resources forever. And in the future when there’s no money to support some vital new cause, this will be one of the reasons why.

For the original article, please head over Not All Education Programs Must Be Funded Always.

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