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School Structure: Don't Blame the Others, Blame Yourself

If you are a teacher, you may have heard countless times that the previous level teachers are responsible for ensuring that you have now, in your class, unprepared students. Well, that's what Tom Whitby discussed in his blog today.

According to my curriculum classes, that's what is known as fracture of the education system. The fact that each level try to exist separately and nobody is responsible for interrelations with others, is really an issue.

It is a complex state of the education. But I think every teacher should begin by looking for its role in the educational system and not just in their own educational level or class. This is what we need to do, according to our appreciated Whitby:

    We need to discuss more about what we expect and what we need from teachers of other grade levels. It would also be great if we could all spend a day in the shoes of an educator on another grade level. We need to understand where our students came from in order to take them forward. We cannot be drawn into this teacher against teacher battle that is being stoked by politicians. Sharing and collaborating amongst educators is much more positive than the alternatives. Those who close themselves off and engage in empire building hurt all educators. We need to consider the whole picture in education for our students. We need to be educators first and not grade level labeled. We need to enter kid’s lives as a team, not have kids meet us as separate entities. I know this is the ideal, but shooting for higher goals beats where we many view us today. Again, this post was not directed at you but all those other educators who fall into this description.

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