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Why Do We Need More Face to Face Communication

The fact we cannot see the face of the other person while we interact using social media and tools like Facebook or Twitter, it can be contributing to "more senseless violence in the world." Why? Because "We don’t know how to interact with each other," writes in a interesting article, Ray Ebersole.

    We need to talk to each other, we need more face to face communication. We need to teach our children how to communicate with others as people with emotions. Because of social media and email we talk to others the same way we write an email or the way we tweet, without others feelings in mind. Do a quick practical test yourself.

    Look around as you walk or are working, how many people have their cell phones out checking email, tweeting, texting? They aren’t looking at the people around them, they are transfixed on a gadget, an inanimate object. Now, look at your Facebook and Twitter account, how many “friends” or followers do you have? Do you really have 1,463 friends? Do you really have thousands of “Followers” that you really know?

I have been writing about education and good uses of technology in the classroom for quite a while. I have been doing it both in English and Spanish, and what I"ve noticed is most people nowadays is embedded in technology wherever I go. This means I have to agree with the author in the mentioned article, "There are a lot of great things that technology and social media can do for us, but we need to use them in moderation or we are going to become exactly like the movie WALL-E."

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