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5 Bookmark Tools Every Educator Should Have

With the internet increasingly growing, it's important all educators learn how evaluate information but also how to keep record of parts they think are the most relevant in their careers or for future reference and possibly research.

The following are the tools we've evaluated and we think it'll help our colleague educators:

1. Freelish.us. This is a social bookmarking service, similar to the almost dead delicious. Licensed under GNU, a General Public License. It lets users store URLs – bookmarks – with tags to make them easy to organize and share. You can subscribe to other users' bookmarks and get a stream of interesting things to read in your inbox.

2. Snip.ly. This site allows you to highlight text on the page, then generates a new url that features the text you highlighted. You are going to be able to share this new url (via email, Twitter, or Facebook) and the recipient will see the webpage you shared with the highlighted text featured.

3.Sorify. Still in private Beta, Storify is a new platform for curating social media content. It's a resource for finding news and information. And if you need to tell stories that incorporate a mix of links, videos, and social media, give Storify a try.

4. Curated.by . Curated.by bridges the gap between Twitter Favorites and social bookmarking. It allows you to create “bundles” of tweets which are similar to folders of favorites. You can curate (i.e. add tweets to a bundle) either in the website itself using multi-column view of your timeline – thehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif Bundler or by adding the Google Chrome extension which will add a “Curate” button to your regular Twitter web view.

5. Socially Learning. Technically this site works as a social network, but not for everyone. All members are teachers, education administrators, students, and other like-minded people. You can share your favorite links and watch as other users vote them up or down. The difference between Digg and Socially Learning is that this site is for only educational links.

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