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Education & Tech's Editor Interviewed by Global Voices

This past week, I was interviewed by Global Voices. Even though that questionnaire was general and more about Milton Ramirez and blogging, there was one question about education. Here's our appreciation about the Latin America education environment:

How do you view the dynamic of technology applied to education, above all, in the Latin American setting?

I would like to have a sufficient foundation to voice my opinion about that which happens in Latin America. Unfortunately, my knowledge in closely related to my environment, the United States. Now, that does not exempt me from stating my own criticisms about what I know about education in the rest of the world.

Historically, in Latin America, one of the countries that have distinguished itself in educational material is Argentina. And those who want a first-hand example simply have to read Tiscar Lara [es], Rosa María Torres [es], or Diego Leal [es].

Despite many efforts, our countries have not been able to liberate from UNESCO and the Alliance for Progress. It continues to glorify two tools as though they're some sort of magical cure for all of the problems with technology in our schools: projectors and PowerPoint slides.

Our educators still believe that technology is something imposed upon us by the empire –the United States. This could not be further from reality. Technology and the curriculum are the mediums. The educators are the ones who are called upon to bring this synchronization to life. And in a world that is so high tech, it's a sin that elementary and high schools, and universities, do not bring themselves up to date on these materials.

The problem with everything is funds; with the crisis enveloping every corner of the Earth, technology implementation in these centers goes from being extremely limited to totally absent.

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