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A Student Reports From His Classroom - Elizabeth Public Schools

It’s been more than a full month of school since it started and boy do I have a lot to say about high school. I’m in a new school so it is taking a little while to get used to, the kids, teachers, and most importantly the work! Last year, in eighth grade didn’t seem too hard for me and this year I’m expecting it to be quite a challenge. I also have a really good schedule this year:

English I - Italian I - Physics - Geometry - Gym - World History - Lunch - Criminal Justice - Jazz Band and Concert Band.

I think this a really good schedule, for various reasons. One of the most obvious thing to realize is that I have lunch seventh period (the other two lunch periods are fifth and sixth) and all my academic periods before that. I think this will allow me to do my homework at home and not do it in lunch time the very next day. Also, I have English I, first period of every day, considering I will be fresh and ready for reading and writing, which to my former teachers, one of my best subjects.

Geometry is the class I have around the middle of the day and I really like that because it’s one of my favorite academic subjects. At this point of the day, I’m very active and my brain seems to be working at its best there. I plan to do very well in this class so I can not only please my parents but myself as well. My father being a high school math teacher himself I don’t think he expects anything but the best from me. Also my mother is an accountant which involves a lot of math usage.

The other classes I don’t really mind when I have them. What matters is that I have some old friends and newly made friends. High school is a time where it can be really fun but challenging, with the work becoming harder than before, new friends, and more responsibilities . My physics teacher, looks like she means business and my gym teacher seems like she is going to make gym more fun than it already is. My world history teacher seems like he is going to be my favorite teacher this year. This is because he is a funny Irish man, who has a really powerful voice that I like.

The class I have after lunch is criminal justice. The teacher, who was a real lawyer, I heard that his class is really hard but it seems like it too. This is the begging of the end of my day. After this class I get to go to my favorite class, jazz band! This is my absolute favorite class of the day, hands-on and hands down and no doubt about it. This is the one class that can cheer me up no matter how crummy the rest of the day was. I play the alto saxophone in jazz band and it’s probably one of my passions. What’s even better is that right after having jazz band I have concert band which is still playing music just a different kind.

This is what my freshmen year of high school is going to be like each and every day until June of next year. After only a month of going to school I am really starting to get used to it and think that this is really going to be a good year, not only for me but for the entire class of 2015. I look forward to the next four years because this …. Is the beginning of the rest of my life.

This article was contributed by Bradley Ramirez, a freshman student at the Lower Academy in the Elizabeth Board of Education..

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Education & Tech: News for Educators 10/12/2011

  • The Media Bullpen

    Big foundations to create to check "accuracy" of media (i.e. whether their point of view prevails). Media control by $.

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Education & Tech: News for Educators 10/10/2011

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Jobs Was a Leader In Revolutionizing Education And Tech

There are thousands of pages written after Steve Jobs passing, but in about education, Emmeline Zhao of Huffington Post has contributed with the best tribute. Here's an excerpt of what I just mentioned:

    ...Jobs' legacy and influence on education has expanded from typography and word processing on iMacs to the beginnings of a completely new system and revolutionary methods of teaching and learning through the use of gadgets like iPhones and iPads in classrooms -- in addition to what we now consider the more traditional computer. Jobs' story has come a long way since his company donated Apple II computers to 10,000 schools in California in 1983.

    Schools across the country have joined a movement that trims textbooks in schools, replacing them with the lighter, sleeker iPad. The introduction of tablet computers are expected to cut costs for school districts long-term, and host a multitude of new ways students can interact in learning and complete assignments -- shifting the learning process from the rigid lecture to a more dynamic collaboration.

    But even as his products have seeped into the pores of industry, Jobs was one to note that technology isn't an instigator of change -- people like teachers are. People, he tells Morrow, are the ones who ignite and fuel curiosity, things that machines cannot do. The marriage of technology and human momentum through learning is what has and will shape the future of education.

    "You need a person. Especially with computers the way they are now. Computers are very reactive but they're not proactive; they are not agents, if you will. They are very reactive," he said. "What children need is something more proactive. They need a guide. They don't need an assistant. I think we have all the material in the world to solve this problem; it's just being deployed in other places."

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