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Mobification for HigerEd - Fad or Future?

By Jan Felton*

Do you remember the days when we used to fear and often hate going school? Do you remember those thick fat books that used to leave us in panic, especially during our board exams? Well, those days were nightmarish for some of us and we almost craved for going out on the playgrounds with our friends just to get rid of those monotonous studying sessions.

Now, times have changed, and the reason is crystal clear. Technology has replaced not only papers but also the brick and mortar classrooms where we had spent many years. Yes, we have stepped in the digital era where not only students but academic administrators and even instructors have started believing that the ultimate source from where quality education can be extracted is a web-based learning platform.

However, it seems that it’s not only the computers or laptops that are making all the differences but new and innovative techniques like mobile learning are bringing incredible results towards polishing both teaching and learning practices. Well, mobile learning does not necessarily involve the use of mobile phones but it also takes into consideration the application of tablets, kindles and even smartphones. So, students here get the advantage of studying at one’s own pace while professionals can also continue working and study at the same time with ease.

Recently, I came across some personal views and opinions online in regard to mobile learning. From the words of an instructional designer, I discovered a new perspective towards this new learning trend. What I came to know is that:

    • Mobile learning can be so informative and well-illustrated that it can work wonders for all, whether it’s a beginner or a veteran.
    • M-learning workshops are conducted in a purely amiable manner. New age learners would love exploring these workshops to gain more knowledge and skills.
    • Initiating M-learning tools for teaching students is always a wise investment. Apart from new learning tools, responsive-design concepts can be built for students who can thereafter view them on almost anything connected to the web.
Apart from these, a lot of mobile devices like eBook Readers and kindles have been launched in the market that can educate students with absolute fun and effectiveness. Moreover, I think that mobile learning can also play a key role in bringing positive changes in our society.

Just think of those who consider completing higher studies a dream more than a reality. Enrolling in full-time courses can always be a daunting task for students. Therefore, mobile learning in this respect will stand as a brilliant alternative that will let them get rid of the increasing education costs.

So, what should be done in order to opt for mobile learning?

    • Look for an institution that allows students pursue courses through mobile learning.
    • Once you have found an accredited institution, get a smartphone. No, they are not pricey and you can easily get one within your means.
    • Get the necessary software applications installed in your smartphone that will let you access your course materials from your concerned institution.
Once done, learning will seem fun for you. Even if you decide to continue work, you can carry the smartphone along with you while traveling to office or making business trips. So, what I strongly feel that M-learning is going to be a new trend for new age learners who would surely take it as a future resolution for gaining knowledge and achieving success in life.

(*)Jan Felton is an educationist and a regular blogger on online education. He guides students and working professionals towards a successful career. Through this article, author Jan Felton shows that in this technological era everything including education has witnessed the advancement of technology thereby making mobification(mobile-edification) - a new trend for Higher Education.

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