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How Students Finishing Secondary Education Can Chose Fashion Modeling as a Career

By Isabelle Lima*

Are you sick of your boring monotonous life? You want to get out of the shell your studies had enclosed you in? You want to savor the taste of glamour and taste the sweetness of fame? You want cameras clicking at your face; have your friends point at you in admiration? You want yourself loaded with expensive clothes and lavish accessories? You want to travel a lot and meet lovely people from all over the world?
Yes folks you are in the right direction! The track to fashion modeling will calm your lust for all these desires.

Once you are over with studies the thought that proves to be anxiety chewing gum is "how do I earn bucks???" You do not want to enter the same robotic routine of sitting in a murky office doing some clerical job or serving customers in a restaurant with an artificial smile pasted on the face! If you are among those who have their walls all decorated with beautiful shots of celebrities and famous stars you will be a good fit in the world of fashion. So make the first move with a job hunt; see what vacancies exist in the world of modeling. All you need is some effort on yourself, trust me, your auditions will be as swift as waves. Moreover, an hourglass figure will do wonders, make an exercise schedule, a diet plan, and go see a proper beautician.

We all see how the fashion industry is revolutionizing with the passage of time; there are countries where heaps of revenues are generated from this industry only. To be successful in this world: dear students, you need to make your own web of contacts. Fruitful networking is the key to be quickly recognized by famous designers and photographers. Once you become a darling pie of these fashion tycoons the ladder to success will serve as a magnet itself. Now, how and where to hunt for these gurus is very simple: attend exhibitions, events, parties and ramp shows. Make sure to have preppy talks with renowned people and exchange contacts once you’ve made sure they remember your name.

If you by nature possess striking good looks, it is a cherishable asset. But if you have an average face and figure, start working on it.

    * Eat what is healthy and not fattening. Take extra care of your skin and hair. Build confidence, the ramp awaits your arrival.
    * You need to put your life in entirely different limelight when you plan to switch to this career. May it be of a short time span, it will result in adding a revitalizing tinge to your overall career journey.
    * You can commence your career with low budget modeling assignments like catalog modeling & television ad modeling. Once your face gains social media recognition the cyclone will start heaving you up the ladder.
Just like you made portfolios back in school and high school, an impressive one will be needed currently as well. Make an attractive, eye-catching portfolio and distribute it to various modeling agencies. If you succeed to get into some low budget project even, "do not miss the catch". Prove your talent and dive into the wider pool of this lucrative business.

Now looking at one side of the coin it is vital you see the other side as well. As it was mentioned above in the article as well that modeling is a short-lived career. Here you see a booming time period of growth, success and opportunities which eventually slide down as you advance further. Hence it is recommended that you opt for this path for a limited time only, as it will not yield you lifetime profits, you may choose it to fill the vacuum but it shall never be the only choice!

(*) Isabelle Lima is an academic writer and author. She writes essays for Essay Buzz. By writing articles for different blogs she helps students with their studies on different subjects.

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