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Top 7 Things To Remember When You Are A Freshman

By Alex Strike*

The school is over, and it is time to enter a college. There is no need to worry or be afraid of that. Believe us, your college life will become the most exciting period, full of unforgettable moments, new knowledge, skills, and real friends. But remember, that a college is not just a pleasant time, but a big responsibility as well. This is a new social structure, that may be quite difficult for you to accept after your school. Fortunately, there are some tips found which can help you during your first year of study, if you follow them of course.

Try to remember them, and you will become the coolest freshman ever!

Top 7 Things To Remember When You Are A Freshman
#1 Do not miss classes

This is your first year of study, and you can't be sure which subjects you need more than others. It may appear, that psychology will not become your #1 subject, and sociology will give you much more benefits than you thought first. That is why never skip them! Attend each class, listen to professors carefully, make notes, and try to understand everything you are told. If necessary, you can even record a lecture to make sure you do not miss anything.

#2 Choose your perfect place to study

Surrounding means a lot. Some of us feel more comfortable being alone, other ones are able to learn and remember information even if there are dozens of people around. Just listen to your intuition and choose your perfect place, where you will learn everything and do all tasks. It may be a library, if you prefer being alone and study at quiet places; or you can do all homework in your hostel room, if your neighbors do not bother you at all.

#3 Remember about time

As far as you understand, you are not in a school anymore. College will take much more time from you, that is why you should always remember about that and plan everything carefully. Moreover, now you will spend more time in class, so, get ready for this.

#4 Do not be shy to ask for help

It is nothing wrong with that. If you have troubles with study or your student life in general, make sure you have someone to help you here. It can be your peers, professors, your parents, friends, such services as Writing-Help.com. Find a mentor. It is too difficult and unnecessary to do everything by your own and try to cope with everything alone. You are a person, not a robot. And people help each other by the way.

#5 Know your professors

Do not be lazy or afraid of getting acquainted with those people who teach you. It will help you understand their conceptions better and get help when you actually need it. Even if you sit in a large class, you can always speak to your professor or ask him a question. There is nothing wrong with that, it is even better for you.

#6 Try different techniques

You are a freshman, a new person to all this college and study stuff. You do not yet know which study technique will work perfect for you, that is why you better try different ones to choose the best one afterwards. As far as you understand, a right study technique will let you learn and remember everything much better; that is why do not be lazy to spend some time on choosing the right one for yourself.

#7 Do not forget about fun

It is always possible to find time for fun in a college. Moreover, it is even necessary to do. Free time and breaks are something every student needs, that is why do not forget about it. College is fun, and your task is to make the best here. But make sure you do everything in its best time. No drinking!

You will definitely remember the years of your study, so, try to make its first year really cool and effective. Being a freshman, you will lay the foundation of your future and determine what you really want to do in your life. Do not spend this year in vain: learn everything new, meet new friends, open your mind to new horizons, unveil new talents, and just take pleasure from the process of your study itself.

(*) Alen Strike is a 26-year-old blogger who works on essay writing services – www.writing-help.com, and he is always ready to help students reach their academic goals. Find more works of Alex on

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