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Layoffs Planned in the Newark Education District Are Being Protested

Cami Anderson, Newark Superintendent
The Newark school system has asked the state for permission to base the job reductions primarily on classroom effectiveness instead of seniority. The request has been placed by Cami Anderson -- the Christie administration’s state-appointed superintendent in Newark public schools and a graduate of Teach for America.

Anderson would upend longstanding "first in, last out" rules governing upcoming teacher layoffs. The lay off of more than 1,000 teachers over the next three years, has raised concerns and protests not only among union officials but the community.

It it unknown if this is part of the One Newark project, but if approved by the state Department of Education, it will only come into effect within months. The superintendent will not attend anymore School Advisory Board’s monthly meetings, due to intense protests over Anderson’s plans for reorganizing NJ state’s largest school district.

Journalist Naomi Nix reports about protests against Cami Anderson's proposal to base planned layoffs of teachers on classroom effectiveness rather than seniority, replacing them many or most of them with TFA.

She cited Joseph Del Grosso, president of the Newark Teachers Union by saying: "Teachers who have been rated effective could still lose their jobs,...If (Anderson) is granted the waiver, who would oversee (the layoffs)?"

Since no more board meeting will be attended by the superintendent, the district will continue to communicate with the Newark community, including posting a monthly update on its website and on Channel 77, the Newark community cable network.

Many residents are voicing they are feeling offended by Anderson's decision to the way she wants to lay off teachers and by no attending in person the board monthly meetings.

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