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9 Blogging Perks for Only Committed Teachers!

By Frank Wilson*

In the modern era of technology, teachers have multiple roles to fulfill. Apart from teaching and managing the classroom, they have to get up-to-date with latest information about the teaching and learning methods. At the same time, they have to interact with their students outside the classroom to help them out on any issues related to their assignments.
Math Teacher Writing on Chalk Board by cybrarian77 on Flickr

Fortunately, today’s teacher has the blogging platforms to communicate with their students and voice their opinions on any matter. This helps them stay in touch with their students and provides them with feedback on any aspect of their studies. To know other reasons that make blogging a savior for teachers, you need to read on the article:

1. Expose Them To the World of Academia and Intellectuals

Blogging provides a platform to teachers where they can speak about issues related to their profession. Similarly, they can invite opinions of others who have a huge influence on education sector like social commentators. This helps teachers broaden their intellect and grow as a professional. At the same, they are able to accumulate knowledge from intellectuals and opinion makers from diverse fields.

2. Freedom for Teachers

Blogging makes teachers no longer dependant on time and space to educate their students. Blogging dramatically alleviates the burden of teachers and give them a sense of freedom. So, if a student bunked a class or if your demonstration class is cancelled, there is no need to arrange extra classes as you can share video link of the materials on your blog and make it available to your students. In this way, teachers have more control over their class and they are able to enjoy more freedom.

3. Engagement For Students

When students interact with teachers on a blog, they feel more motivated to know about a subject. Teachers use videos, images, slides, articles and references to other learning materials which activate their interest and thus increase their knowledge vault.

4. Give Voice To A Teacher

Blogging gives teachers an opportunity to communicate with their students and share insights across the faculty. It provides a podium for teachers to exchange ideas to their network of educators and students. This gives them a more powerful way to voice their opinions and bring out any significant change regarding education sector.

5. Teachers Can Efficiently Manage Their Life

Gone are the days when teachers have to go through entire lengthy sessions of lectures to impart knowledge to students. Now, busy teachers have more efficient methods in the form of web blogging which significantly contribute to their profession. Blogging serves as a personal assistant that helps busy teachers manage their resources and teach students in a time-paced manner. With professional blogging, teachers can manage their lesson plans, organize classes and share any learning materials on the fly.

6. Teachers Can Host A Classroom Community

Blogging can serve as a tool for classroom community. With blogging, teachers can set up a web portal where they can add educational materials, news, reports or discussion-forums for students. In this way, teachers can communicate critical information with student and inform them about any upcoming event.

7. Learn Advancements in Technology

With blogging, teachers can benefit from the modern advents of technology and invite the students in the process. Students would feel more than happy to accompany them in this journey. In this way, both teachers and students can avail the benefits that technology has to offer to them.

8. Ensures Healthy Relationship With Parents

Teachers often have issues tackling with parents of students. However, blogging gives them an effective way to report progress of their kids and pinpoint areas that require improvement. Similarly, parents can make comments, share feedback and respond to queries of teachers. Blogging helps teachers establish a strong understanding with parents.

9. Teachers Can Educate Wider Aspects of a Subject

Being a teacher, there is always a race against time. No matter how prepared you are for your next class, there is always something that you miss during the lecture. This is why teachers can use blogging to share additional knowledge about a subject. Teachers can also use blogs to inform students about different aspects of a subject and answer their questions. In this way, they are able to facilitate learning process and help students who cannot solve problems on their own.

(*) Frank Wilson is an experienced and keen blogger. He loves to write for travel, career, technology and education topics. In his spare time, he prefers to read fiction books and watching action movies. He is currently a regular blogger at Coursework Experts.

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