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Here’s How to Effectively Deal With Online Blackmailers

By Jessica Barden*

This is an unfortunate reality that many online blackmailers are active over the internet and threatening people to make money. According to a computer security expert every year a large proportion of internet users especially students become the victim of online blackmailers. Therefore in this article we would discuss some effective tactics that can empower students to effectively deal with online blackmailers. Here’re few effective tactics that you could learn to get secure from online frauds.

Keep Calm

If you have received a message or call from a blackmailer who is threatening you and demanding money, then you must keep calm and develop a plan to deal with him smartly. It is observed that teens who become stressed very quickly not take good decisions. Thus keep yourself and think about the ways by which you can provide a tough time to the blackmailer so that s/he will never commit a crime again. Otherwise you will strengthen the blackmailer to keep on threatening teens to reap more money.

Record Everything

The first step that you will need to take to effectively deal with online blackmailers is to collect evidences against him. Try to keep the screen shots of all the emails, chat messages and anything that s/he sends to you. In addition use a call recorder to record every call as well as voices messages in which the fraud person had spoken to you. By collecting solid evidence you could legally challenge the fraud in the court to put him behind the bar. So stay calm and collect as many evidences as you can to punch the person blackmailing you via a legal process.

Report to Authorities

Once you gather solid evidence then spend some time to figure out concerned authorities that can help you to put blackmailer behind the bar. One of the best ways to figure out departments that take actions against blackmailers is to research online. Internet is the best resource to learn about anything in an easy and speedy manner. By using the power of internet within a minute, you could easily create an extensive list of departments that could help you to punish the blackmailer.

Never Fulfil the Demands Of The Blackmailer

Normally blackmailer demands a hefty amount of money from teens to get out of their life. If the person who is blackmailing you is demanding monetary value or anything else, never fulfil his/her demand as there is no credibility of such type of people. The best solution to get the blackmailing person out of one's life is to report the matter to police. This way you will not only save a hefty amount of your hard earned money but also punish the blackmailing person in the right way to secure others.

Protect Yourself

Consider everything online as a public property and never share your stuff with any strange person. A lot of blackmailers use public chat rooms and dating sites to cheat teenagers. Thus, avoid the use of platforms that can provide you tough time as well as negatively impact on your career. Surely this way you will secure yourself as well as your friends by sharing this post with them.

(*) Jessica Barden is an invited writer to this blog. She loves to serve students at Dissertation Club who need to grow their careers. Nowadays, she is writing advice blogs to facilitate students.

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