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Candidate Harris and Four of Her Stances on Education

Senator Harris during a visit to the King Elementary School in Des Moines 2019. Photo by Phil Roeder 

As customary, vice presidents tend to have a portfolio that is focused on their experience. As expected, for Senator Harris this will be a criminal justice reform to which many Afro-Americans are not so happy about for Harris's practices.

Despite the tighten match up according to polls between both presidential candidates, probably due to the enthusiasm about the national convention to be celebrated by Democrats this week, an ABC poll suggests a double-digit lead for candidate Biden.

How Ms. Harris nomination has improved those numbers? Well, Senator Harris was not initially in the plans to become a vice-presidential candidate, that spot was reserved for Senator Elizabeth Warren. However, last week, Biden finally made a decision to select Harris to be in his presidential ticket because he assumed she has put forth several policy ideas that may help de Democratic campaign.

Educators Excited with Candidate Harris

As a California Senator, Harris already earned an "A" from the NEA, for her focus on attracting and maintaining educators in neighborhood schools, and for understanding how this translated to the success of students in every zip code at a time when America is in the midst of a nationwide teacher shortage" as stated by journalist Amanda Menas.

Here some of the stances on education, that should Kamala Harris get elected, American education can benefit:

  • 1. Harris K-12 proposal is to increase the average teacher salary by $13,500, which makes teacher unions happy but it would cost an estimated $315 billion over 10 years to the country.
  • 2. She has endorsed Sander's College for All plans that would make public college and universities tuition-free for families with a ceiling income of $125,00, the community college will become tuition-free and the student loans will receive an interest cut in half.
  • 3. As an attorney general, she made headlines for securing a $1.1 billion judgment against Corinthian Colleges, Inc on grounds that they committed securities fraud and consumer fraud. Harris as other Democratic policymakers is not so fond of for-profit institutions.
  • 4. Senator Harris has pledged $ 60 billion for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to honor the role she says, Howard University has played in her professional life.

John Bailey, a visiting fellow with the American Enterprise Institute writes about the celebrated immigrant roots of the potential vice president of the United States, "Two immigrants came to the United States, married, and watched their child grow up to become a state attorney general, a senator, and now a member of a presidential ticket. Senator Harris’ story is a distinctly American story of immigration that deserves to be celebrated."

After reading about this shortlist of the strong points on education by Senator Harris, you may also want to read more about her drafted policy on education published by the National Education Association.

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