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Top 3 Free and Cheap Plagiarism Detectors for Teachers Topics

By Afrasiab Ahmad *

Plagiarism is an important issue that teachers find in an assignment. They deduct marks when there is plagiarism. It is essential for the students to pick material from different sources and convert them in their own words to show their skills. Moreover, by writing in their own words also show that students have learned and understand the concept of assignments they have done. So, it's important for the teachers to check plagiarism and do grading accordingly. 

If you are looking for the plagiarism software so you should know how your students worked on the assignment. You may want reliable software that perfectly identifies the copied material. If so, then here is the guideline through which you can find the right software that quickly picks up the copied material that your student added in the assignment. 

Why there is a need to check plagiarism? Teachers prefer to use a Plagiarism Checker that is reliable. It is important to search for the right platform to avoid any spam. If you are still in doubt and don’t know which plagiarisms software is ideal for you or your college does not provide you one, then look below for the top three free and cheap plagiarism checkers. 

1. Copyleaks. It is known to be one of the best plagiarism software that meets all your demand. The thing that makes this platform exclusive and a helping tool for teachers is that it uses artificial intelligence. Through that, it detects the paraphrased content, plagiarism, and texts that are similar. After finding the result, it shows the content that seemed to be copied. 

It cross-checks the documents from all the academic journals all those files throughout the Internet. Therefore, students cannot feel safe now, if they copy verbatim some paragraphs their teacher can find out.

  • Furthermore, the software works in different languages so people from all over the world can use Copyleaks to utilize its features. The supported languages are English, German, French, and other 100 plus languages.
  • Another exclusive feature is that it helps the teacher in grading assignments. It incorporates reviews from previous journals and by using AI technology, it provides a grade to the documents submitted.
  • Even if you want to compare two files and want to check whether students have written their own, Copyleaks will help you find such duplication. 

  •  How to use it?

    It is very easy to utilize Copyleaks' features. Follow the two steps below: 
    - First, create your account and log in https://copyleaks.com/account/login
    - Now check your documents for free and see how your students are working. 

    A point to ponder 

    One thing you have to remember is that Copyleaks allows you only 10 free checkings of the assignments. For more reviews, you'll need to subscribe. But don’t worry prices are economical that you being a teacher can easily afford or your institution can even pay.

     2. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker.  This is another of the well-known online tools that detect every single line if copied material from journals or web sources. Students must do hard work to write a paper. Its characteristics are:

  • The online tool has the ability to compare the document within seconds with billions of journals, blog posts, and social media on the internet.
  • The best thing is that it is absolutely free.
  • This plagiarism tool works in more than 140 countries and many different languages.
  • Although it is free of cost, teachers can use the premium version as well to get more accuracy in papers. They can share accounts with students so they can check their documents before submission to save them as well as the teacher's time. Highly recommend for the educational organizations.

  •  How to check for plagiarism? 

    - The plagiarism checker is not difficult to use and has fast rules to check a document. 
    - Open your browser visit https://www.prepostseo.com/plagiarism-checker
    - Paste the text in the text box or upload your file.
    - Within seconds you will get the report with the percentage that your text is copied or unique. 
    - Check the report and if any level of plagiarism is present return the file back to the student to remove the copied content. 

     3. Scan My Essay Plagiarism Checker. It is important before checking any files that the teacher identifies whether one of his students is really working on a project or just copying the material.

    The software has the ability to check about 5 million journals. Moreover, it can detect general content from websites as well. 

    My Scan my Essay supports multiple languages that include English, Spanish, Italian, and many more. It is the free plagiarism checker that works efficiently and provides a genuine report of an academic document. 

    How to use it? 

    Just like the other best and free plagiarism checkers it is very easy to use. 
     - Visit  the website https://www.scanmyessay.com/
     - Copy the text you want to check and then paste it on the box.
     - Click on submit to get the final plagiarism report with percentage. 

    It is an amazing software that is completely reliable and most teachers trust it because of its perfect plagiarism checking features. 

     Final verdict 

    All three-plagiarism checkers are best to use when checking documents, if you want to get a research document authentic and reliable, then it’s good to choose the premium version of this software, assuming you University/College does not have a subscription. Don’t worry you don’t have to pay too much rather a small investment will save you time as well as it will be helping you find students who are working and those who are lazy in their studies.  

     (*)Afrasiab Ahmad writes SEO articles for online business marketers and SEO tools users to make their Google rankings surge. He contributes articles about digital marketing, SEO techniques, and tech regularly to Prepostseo.com. He tweets at @afrasiab_5 and you can contact him at afrasiab.ahmad.5 [at] gmail.com

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