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Using Blogs for Conferences: Edublogger Experience

Steli Efti yesterday patronize the Edublogger Event 2007 which in all standards was a success. Someone while commenting in a fellow blog said, we don't need to dress up anymore, we have the chance to attend conferences from the commodity of your home and your computer.

Blogs can also be used for workshops. Even when we will see a hard fight for the Internet Neutrality we will keep moving forward in the educational matters.

I want to thank a old friend not because age (He still so young). Sumesh has made some tweaks for our search box and look pretty and much professional. Thanks again Sumesh not only for the public honor but for the mention. Much power to you as Steli likes to motto.

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  1. Tonnet, thanks for the mention of my CSS tweak in your post.

    One more thing - just add some top padding to the search box, so that the border of the selected service doesn't bump up to the widget border and make it ugly.

    And please take out that CAPTCHA image verification test for the blog authors- it took me thrice.
    Regards and take care,
    Your little friend,

  2. i strongly agree with this...blogging is not available 10 years ago and i am so glad that at this point of age, we have this for free and it is very effective tool....

  3. Sumesh, sorry about the CAPTCHA thingy I would know how to do it I will satisfy your request but I don't. Help!!!

    Navigator, we need to keep the internet free and fight for it. Have you watched the video about Network Neutrality?