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I'm an American Goddammit!

This is not about April's Fool Day. This is a fact. Why the surveys need to have too many options where to choose from. Kathakali Chatterjee makes her point and says, "In reality, the idea of identifying oneself just by nationality is pretty amazing but probably a bit utopian. It’s almost impossible for me to identify myself as an Indian without connecting to my ethnicity because as a concept the word “Indian” is nothing but a concoction of various cultural mix."

I can speak, read, and write two other different languages than my own (Spanish). I don’t like any other food except what I am familiar with, I enjoy the literature in my own language, not only English, I mostly listen to salsa, reggaeton and modern songs which are not sung in Spanish precisely. I enjoy reading quotes and I am not a professional writer!

Would it be a coincidence that keeps linking to Indian people? Not sure but sure I deeply respect what they do and how they think. This is to honor to many of the Indian people who happened to work with us. I don't know how is it written but, should I say Aslam Maleykum!

Greetings Prateek, wherever you are!

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  1. Well, Tonnet, thanks for the 'Indian' tribute(I am an Indian, myself!).

    And yes, Aslam Maleykum is right, nice to know that you know about other religions. I am learning too(I hate to be religious, but I am not a Muslim...)

    And you seem to have modified my CSS for search box. Well done...