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Writing is different than posting !

Well, I think it all depends of the audience. I cannot write the posts you are used to see in our blog for, let's say a Physics Summit. I do have to write if I have to make a particular presentation about Finite Math or explain in detail how to install a determined script in your theme that way it does not intefere with the other already working in your blog or page.

Blog Bloke has brought to our attention the Jacob Nielsen writings dicotomy:

"... It doesn’t really matter what name you want to call it or how many words your post article post is (to a point of course). Just make sure that your content is up to snuff without any of the fluff. And if you are going to link bait with catchy titles like Copyblogger will tell you (or if you use SEO tricks), please make certain that your readers won’t be disappointed when they click on your link."

It sounds the same as the dilemma: are bloggers really journalists? Now, Nielsen wants to look down our fellas bloggers, just because they are not going to publish in the Science Magazine! I am not a writer. Absolutely. But nobody can say for sure that TonNet can't write. That's a very basic skill we all learned when we were about 7 - 8 years old and keep practicing since then. Voilá!

Jeff Atwood has his very own saying about this matter.

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  1. Thanks for the mention.

    BTW, can you tell me how you made this comment window automatically pop-up maximized as opposed to mine which is always minimized?

    Maybe you can email me the code.
    I would appreciate it. Thanks.


  2. Not clue, but i am woking on it. You will be notified if something is gotten.