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Speaking of Social Networks, What Came First – Chicken or Egg?

On these days many people claim to be an expert, a tech savvy, a connector or any name you want to create. You should also remember that practice makes perfect and even Marx was to believe that solely practice was the criterion of truth.

Having a Twitter account is not difficult but tweeting is a different story. For some inexperienced users or people not very technical, it may look like shucking oysters. Twitter, however, it is not the only most known/used social network (or microblogging platform for some), there are others which wouldn't be mentioned because most of you already know them.

Our point is, tech experts no need only to intercat in one or more social network. To be a considered a digital fluent, you have to design, create, and remix, not just browse, chat, and interact.

Manish Mohan calls everyone to be patient. He writes in his blog: "Most people don’t get benefit of social networking because they don’t have a large enough network. And then they don’t build their network because they don’t get the benefit."

I still recall someone saying that it just takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Yes, but have you contributed to your social networks, if not, you can have zillion links and have spent hundred of chatting hours and I, personally, wouldn't look at you as such expert and I'll be doubt of your expertise.

How can you expect to get benefits from social networking by simply creating accounts on various social networking services but not actually using them? Is the closing question posted by Mohan over his Lead and Learn.

What comes first the social networks or the contributions.

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