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10+ Smart Educational Apps Incorporated In Google Apps For Education!

By Brendan Rowan*

Google is not only renowned in the cyber world, but it is equally popular in the academic world as well. Although Google is widely used among the masses, there are certain features which are particularly beneficial in the classroom. Google apps for education are such tools that offer various smart apps for the teachers and students to improve the learning process.

Google apps have the potential to help the academia that aims to enhance the teaching experience of educators and the learning experience of students. Here I will discuss those smart apps that stand out in the product line of Google that academias around the world can benefit from. Here they are:

    1. Gmail: Gmail is the most widely used service for emailing. Using this efficient emailing service, students can correspond with their teachers, share informative materials with fellow students or follow up with the faculty for different projects. They can perform all these tasks in an enormous space of 25GB.

    2. Google Calendar: Google Calendar is yet another important app by Google Inc. It allows students to organize academic activities and schedule day-to-day tasks. They can also schedule dates for performing activities related with a project or set notifications for important tasks.

    3. Google Drive: Google Drive is a cloud-storage system that allows students to create, store and manage files. This provides one platform for the students where they can share information, exchange knowledge and access projects. Students can avail up to 15 GB of free space where they can maintain all their assignments, homework, etc.

    4. Google Sites: Google Sites is another vital tool that students can capitalize on for making interactive websites. With this feature, students can create a website where they can collaborate on projects, share files and discuss issues related with their academia. Besides, students can easily build a website without doing the tedious coding and scripting.

    5. Google Moderator: Google Moderator is a universal tool for crowdsourcing. It allows students to vote for the best topic, question or methods related with a course. This enables the teachers to choose the most popular and favored way for educating the students and in turn maximizes the interest and productivity of the learners.

    Google apps • swirl 6. Google Docs: Google Docs is a useful app for students to create, edit and present documents. It is like the student’s online office tool where they can create an assignment, modify a draft or view their completed projects. Needless to say, it is a very handy tool for students!

    7. Google Slides: Google Slides lets the students create slides and publish them online so that both educators and fellow students can view their work. With this interactive tool, students can add videos, animation and text into their presentation that they can edit later.

    8. Google Sheets: Google Sheets is like an online spreadsheet that makes it possible for the students to organize data and statistics. It allows students to create lists, tables or charts using calculator and formulas. This allows the students to analyze results, track data and examine projects in a time-efficient manner.

    9. YouTube for Schools: YouTube for Schools is an exclusive feature by YouTube that allows the users to streamline educational videos and share them with others. By availing this tool, students can be exposed to the world of education where they can engage in endless learning. Teachers can also use this tool to inspire students with the latest developments in a field.

    10. Google Scholar: Google Scholar is an online search engine for scholarly journals. It indexes academic papers published by the most popular and largest publishers in Europe and America. It helps students gather the available information about their area of subject for the purpose of research and analysis. This helps students review the available literature on the subject before starting an assignment or project.

    11. Google Books: Google Books is a helpful tool for students for finding academic books on any subject. Using Google Books, students can preview a book and order its print version without going to a book store. In this way, students are able to seek relevant resources at the comfort of their space.

    12. Google Translator: Google Translator is an efficient multilingual translator for translating words or phrases in other languages. This app facilitates the students with understanding texts in foreign languages. Students can also use this app for building and improving their vocabulary arsenal.
(*) Brendan Rowan is an author of many educational blogs. He is also a professional coursework writer at courseworkhelppros.co.uk. You can follow him on Google Plus.

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