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Is American Education Brainwashing our Kids?

I've found interesting the post written in Refugees From the City, not only because they generously picked a post we wrote back in the 2005, but the lengthy explanation about what John the Scientist calls, Edumacation and the Southern Man.

This "L" republican libertarian, after traveling around the globe cannot say our educational system is brainwashing kids. "The educational system in this country was not set up to brainwash people." And he continues:

The US educational system was set up to cram facts down throats before kids dropped out in 8th grade. It evolved from that in the 50s with the push after Sputnik, but only slightly. In point of fact, the educational system has been dominated by liberal progressive thinkers since Thomas Dewey started preaching child-centered education and denigrating content knowledge back in 1916. Businesses have been calling for better educated workers for most of the 20th Century, and never more so than now. To claim that the Dewey-inspired system of today with its emphasis on self-esteem and lack of emphasis on content is designed by business to create docile factory workers flies in the face of evidence. In fact it’s a level of thinking akin to that of conspiracy theorists. We have a term where I’m from for people who create mental models based on stuff they read in books and never question with real observations: “educated beyond your intelligence”.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Is your educational system doing something ins this direction?

The Urgency to Hold Teachers Themselves Accountable

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Stephanie Hirsh & Joellen Killion wrote a post in Education Week a few days now and they wrote something that all teachers must be concerned. Certainly, for almost a decade, efforts to raise student-achievement levels have been mostly about driving standards through the schoolhouse door, they say. In other words, accountability has meant putting pressure on educators to raise performance. But ensuring that educators have the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to help all students achieve has not been approached with the same urgency.

Teacher qualifications will work to improve the teaching force in the nation’s low-performing high schools, particularly, but at the same time it will be more challenging than closing the teacher gap at other levels of schooling, for example, in part because out-of-field teaching is more common in high schools and under this cirncumstances makes no favor to minority students.

Hirsh and Killion, continues and add, "common policy and practice focus on individual professional learning, rather than team-based and schoolwide learning; on increasing the number of staff-development days, rather than restructuring the workday; and on isolated professional-development plans, rather than those that are embedded in school and district improvement plans. This approach ensures that only some teachers and their students benefit, not all teachers and all students."

However, our fellow Kim Cofino, an international school teacher has felt and experienced that isolation and comes up with suggestions of how to help teachers become more proficient not only by instruction but experiences of what she calls the 21st. Century Educator. After putting into action her tips and tricks she declares:"I have learned more in the last year and a half than I had in the previous six and a half years combined."

The question is, how teachers can hold themselves accountable, and not only to respond to the government or the Boards of Education. Kim has created an excellent post where among other things she's doing and she's asking to do the following: join a social network, set up a RSS reader, attend conferences for free, become a Blogger and a Twitterer, develop social connection through socialnetworking and socialbookmarking.

So, unload yourself of all the pressure to get only great performances in your students and focus on your personal training, taking advantage of what now it's being labeled as Web 2.O tools.

Q&A: Have you ever tried it before?

I have loved reading some of the questions and answers from A Tipical Thoughts. While blogging and after reading so many stuff from my reader I have learned so much about fellow bloggers and the idea of bloggers like Tipp are of encouragement because they have opened up to have anything asked about them.

How much you know about a fellow blogger you read almost every day?

So, in Tipp's words "let’s have a go at it!

Ask away people. Any questions. You will get a straight answer, if I choose to pick yours.

Anyone, anywhere can participate!

Friends and family from “back home”, Bloggy friends, Real life friends.

You will probably never get this opportunity again so do it now!

Those of you who are out there who are lurking, show yourselves! I don’t care if you are an old enemy (really there are only about two people out there that would qualify for such a title so what are the odds they are you, no really, try me!), a stranger, someone from way-back, whoever- ask away!"

Just in case, I've wrote something related here.
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