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Inspirational Videos Enhance Creativity in the Learning Environment

If I had the time, I could end up doing my own list of the best educational videos. The people over the site about online education worked towards their goal and had prepared a useful collection of 100 videos to enhance creativity and learning.

Here is the list of the first 1O Informative & Inspiring YouTube Videos for Educators:

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A 'Core Team' Is What it Takes to the Edchat to Be Heard in Washington

Every government, due to political convenience or good intentions focus its attention mainly on two things to the people: Health and education.

Since health is not a matter of this blog, I am going to try to open up some questions that I have in mind and that very few times I feel like a good outspoken person to present. Last night, as almost every Tuesday, I joined the edchat discussion over Twitter. As much as I enjoy reading lots of tweets, I am bit disappointed for the large number of ideas flowing on the online meeting. Every person says something of interest, others comment and a few others retweet it.

This Tuesday, May 4th, we were speaking about education reform. It wasn't the first time. And that's precisely the point. How come 400 participants can't make their voices heard over there in Washington? Now that pay cuts, closing schools and terminating teachers is only justified by the mishandling of the very few in Wall Street. Teachers can gather, they can think, create and use social media but nobody cares about what they say.

My concern was timely brought by @doctorjeff who also posted his concerns, to which I asked to be him the one to lead the core team as a colonel, paraphrasing his tweet. We agree with him, it is time to stop talking and start 'doing things' to make our thoughts to be considered by the Secretary of Education and President Obama himself.

Politicians decided what education needs to be in the past years, teachers are to follow their guidelines. Doesn't look awkward that the people who really spend time practicing education, cannot decide about what they think is the right path to a good education in America? Who says a lawyer or economist (career does no count for this matter) is better prepared than a teacher to plan, design and run a whole educational reform? Don't they, the teachers, were asked to go to the university in order to get their credentials?

Too many questions, I know. But I think we need a core team to begin working on the plans to address a fair educational reform. If you are interested in conforming the the team shot a DM to Dr. Jeff Goldstein or leave a comment here.

Steven Anderson(@web20classroom) has a follow up of the edchat in reference.

We Are a Society of Multitaskers

We? I cannot handle at once: cellphone, computer, TV, iPad and any other gadget you might want to bring into discussion. However, that's an apple pie for this generation and for most of our students. That's the reason why we teachers need to be prepared to deal with cellphones in the classroom.

Colleen Ruggieri has the background and the experience to pay attention to. She wrote a guest post about cellphones, telling us that they are impossible to monitor. Wait. Do not walk away just yet. She's not against its use. Ruggieri invites colleagues to allow and use cellphones in classroom, either to complete surveys or for the joy of learning.

This is only one example of how she is using the so prohibited cellphones in her English class at at Canfield High School:

    This year, while my students were studying The Scarlet Letter, the media coverage of Tiger Woods’ infidelity hit the world by storm. My students made real world connections with their phones and Ipods as they read online news sources about the scandal. Learners analyzed articles for sensationalism and bias and then went on to make text-based connections with the novel. And guess what? They actually had fun doing it.

And you? Allowing its use in yours?

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