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Dealing with Content Filtering in American Schools

A lengthy post and enough time to see and read it is necessary. Content Filtering in Schools: Striving to CONTROL user behaviour by Wesley Fryer.

Imagine you need to perform something and that only thing you get is those annoying screens warning you about 'blockqued pages'!

Digital Equity 2.0

A commenter in a post related to the digital divide was mocking about the concept and application for this paradigm in the Latin American reality. And delivering the understanding you are pretty much familiar with the digital natives, we want to share with you a compelling article from Education Week and written by Andrew Trotter where among other things is pointing out:

Critics of the “digital divide” concept say the problem has largely disappeared as low-income and minority families have acquired computers in greater numbers, and as state and federal money, from such sources as the E-rate program, has been used to redress technology imbalances between rich and poor school districts.

Yes, that might be truth for developed countries but what about those poor ones where not even Internet connection is known or available. The digital divide exists not only in America but in third world countries.

A report that ISTE released at the summit declares:
an exact definition remains elusive, the term ‘digital divide’ generally refers to the disconnect that occurs between those with access to technology and those without, while recognizing the myriad factors that can have an impact on that inequity

We all love the game can be built from our language and then some of the participants in the K12OnlineO7 preferred to talk about digital equity to mention and explain the digital divide discussion. "When considering the role of technology in development of the 21st-century learner, digital equity is more than a comparable delivery of goods and services, but fair distribution based on students’ needs."

Why are the same children losing out, as we keep redefining the digital divide? has asked Sylvia Rousseau. And she added:
In today’s schools,low-income children of color too often are using educational software that has them engage in skill-and-fact drills rather than in creative, “constructivist” experiences more often available to white and middle-class children...

However, in the US. school districts are spending their educational technology budgets on "drill and kill" tools because of the overwhelming pressure to meet federal requirements for test performance under the No Child Left Behind law, another attendant has said.

So, while in the US we have minorities black, Hispanics, Asian, Hindi's, etc the digital equity will be a problem for year to work on, not only because the 100 or 170 dollars computer wasn't built for Americans. Here people (those who think the digital divide is death history) can buy Toshibas, Macs, Ipods, PSP's and still can live 'without' such a inequity!

Feeds showing up in the search results are a bug

haven't time to write much these days but while browsing my Google Reader Subscription I've came across something you all bloggers might be interested, the problem of duplicate content when in search the results come from your feeds. Joost de Valk has being following the trend in Europe and gives some recommendations of how to avoid this problem with your blog articles:
...In my opinion they do lead to duplicate content problems too, so there’s really only one thing you can do, and that’s block ‘em. But I’d like to block those feeds without loosing the nice side effect of their links going into my posts

Now, the duplicate content can be also caused by spam and specially if you're not paying hosting as is the case with Blog spot blogs. In order to understand better the situation I would like to suggest check out the PhD Thesis from Pram Kolari who has plenty of information about this matter.

This post stroked me hard. The problem is that everyone agrees Technorati is on the chopping block but people that were on Technorati’s Top list are not precisely on the Techmeme Leaderboard and now word of mouth is saying that Techmeme threatens Technorati. What do you think? My own experience, I don't like the positioning of my blog from Technorati!

Maybe you didn't come for this library stuff. However, being and educated person as I am thinking you are you cannot walk away without reading what's going on with this new tip, the wikipedia's growing pain.

Finally, this is out of context definitively. This is a blog anyway. Shame on AT&T, I am a subscriber but not for Internet service. What the hell is wrong with these guys. Do they forgot they're making businesses in America? Free speech, duh!

Alianza Pais Wins, Ecuador We Don't Know Yet

Fragment of the article published primarily in Global Voices Online:

The blogger Don Xavier [ES] writes about the different threats and warnings given to voters if Correa was given increased power in the country's affairs. He makes a reference to childhood saying about witches, old men in coats and a cuckoo that would take small children away if they did not do what they were supposed to.
Ahora ya no dicen CUCO, se refieren a el como CHAVEZ, no me amenazan con la BRUJA en vez de eso me dicen que van a derogar la dolarización y que el VIEJITO DEL SACO no es nada mas ni nada menos que el SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI.

Now they no longer say CUCKOO, talking about him like CHAVEZ, they do not threaten me with the WITCH, and instead, say to me that they are going to change the dollar currency and that the VIEJITO OF the COAT is nothing more than the SOCIALISM OF the 21st CENTURY.

Libertad Ecuador [ES] is worried about the results and what might happen to the country now that Correa has increased control:
Solo cuando pierdan su trabajo o una posibilidad de negocio y se les haga imposible enrumbarse nuevamente debido a la recesión económica ya iniciada gracias a las políticas populistas del Rafico se darán cuanta del error cometido.

Only when they lose their jobs or any business possibility and for them it becomes impossible to find a path due to the economic recession already initiated thanks to the Rafico's populist policies, will they realize of the mistake that they committed.

El Federalista [ES] sums it up bluntly:
The winer: Correa, the losers: everyone

El ganador: Correa, los perdedores: todos

Cronica Cero [ES], mocks of two of the most senior parties in Ecuador for not acknowledging their defeat:
En la hora de la derrota, ni Jaime Nebot, ni Nicolás Lapentti acudieron a dar la cara. La historia seguramente los marcará como cobardes, faltos de entereza para reconocer que se equivocaron.

...In the hour of the defeat, neither Jaime Nebot, nor Nicholas Lapentti appeared. History surely will mark them as cowards, without integrity for not admitting that they were mistaken.

El Manaba [ES] author of a very popular blog in Ecuador concludes:
Una leccion para los partidos politicos, o se renuevan o mueren

A lesson for the political parties, either they change or they condemned to die.

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