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Joost: Best SEO Plugin for Wordpress

I am really inspired by what geeks did this weekend in the San Francisco Foodbank and brought my attention specially what Scoble ended up writing in the bottom of his post:"it’s the kind of testimony that reminds us that some people don’t just have jobs, they have callings."

Based on this concept and being a reader of Joost's SEO Blog. I want to support his job in The Best Search Blogs of 2007. I am not a Wordpress user yet but I really enjoy reading the advice Joost had offered in his blog during these two last years. He's a young and talented Dutch SEO and a Webdeveloper. He wrote a Meta Meta Worpress plugin during this year and now he's being nominated as The Best SEO plugin for WordPress.

So, if you still have questions about the SEO concepts and want to keep Joost de Valk working for his field and our interest, please head up to Search Engine Journal and follow the instruction to vote for our dear blogger.

Go straight to the votes page and look out for the category No. 4 (Best SEO Plugin for Wordpress : Run a Wordpress Blog? Which of these plugins do you feel is the most important for SEO purposes?) and pinch the number 5 in front the top first nominee: Vote Now!

Hope great results and the best for our fellow Dutch blogger: Joost de Valk

Cheers in the 2008! Welcome Gen Y.

Be Aware Whether You Are Using Adobe!

This is a trend we will see in the 2008 and end-users must be aware of it. One thing is Google spy on us with our acknowledge, another issue is every business related or not with software wants us to pay for being watched. The same history has been released about another giant as Dell. Adobe is quietly monitoring its software use.

The biggest issue is not the spying on users; the biggest issue is the deceptive server name, It's at least meant to confuse unwary users, and possibly meant to confuse misconfigured firewalls. -75th Trombone

I've read also that pretty much easy to find the passwords stored in Firefox []. So, please dear readers don't let those people victimize you because once someone else got access to your personal info, everything is gone and the only thing they will say is sorry and let you know about the event in much of the cases.

Nowadays the firewalls are kind of obsolete. Why? Because many people are using wireless connections and they forget to secure their networks, everyday we have in a growing scaled the proxies which grant to gain access to private networks even when they have installed firewalls. I don't think so security companies such as Symantec had yet developed something of this nature.

Anyway, not matter if blogs are on decrease [] for the next year we users have to take care of our own safety. For schools it's been said by Jena Johnson we are testing new software that will help those poor unprotected guys web hangout safely.

In America this year will be full of politics. Not matter if Democrats or Republicans both will be forced to hold on top of American economy that practically is crashing and everyone is scared of saying it out loud. Anyone becoming guest in the White House will continue with the though immigration bill and must continue protecting Americans with something for us is scary:The enemy combatants []

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The Best Flickr Photo in the 2007

Damn, It's Cold Out Here  - Cheryl Pedemonti

I've got it from ALT1040 and it's a Flickr Pandemic, not the big issue brought today about a Mac Screensaver but, for sure I know everyone with a Flickr account does have more than a fav that would like to make it the Best Shot of the 2007

Merry Christmas to All of You

From  us at Education & Tech, MERRY CHRISTMAS! We hope that you and your families enjoy a peaceful and happy holiday.

Thanks to Camilla Erikson

I know you might want to share some love or spare some money in these days, so why not pick the right gift for your beloved ones:

Paul Stamatiou has great selection of tech gift picks. has a nice list from you can pick at least one of your gifts.

Being a techie, you will spend some time checking out the 56 Top Holidays Picks at PCMag.

The NYT also as always offer you some advice of how to pick the right Christmas gift.

I wonder if you're a teacher but, still you can head up to check out the ideas suggest for the new 2008.

And of course how can you miss the 'expert' recommendations from Yahoo! people.

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Xmas: Santa Request Letter

The following is a letter my son wrote to Santa just before we left home in Christmas Eve:

North Pole
Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

If you do exist you will deliver the PSP and my other things for it also game by tomorrow, please I really want it badly. I f you can deliver it please deliver it to me or my cousins' house. His name is Endrick. if you can deliver it to me before I leave which will be before 3:00PM. My cousins' address is somewhere in NY, you should know their house.

Your still believer friend

J. H.

Please put your thumb here: _____________________________________________________

P.S. Milk and cokkies in fridge.

Obama Knows How to Fight Hillary

This short video has 150, 413 views at this point and 971 comments. Obama is really good at this. Will he be as President?

More on Barack Obama at []

Bloggeratto Is Back in Blogspot Arena

It seems the next year will be quite interesting again in the blogtech field, not the right now isn't but because having back a bloggers such as Avatar, Aditya, sure you remember other names but as for now I am congratulated to have Bloggeratto back in business and interested in Blogger platform. Go and persuade him to start writing soon. Of course, in order to read his post you better complete the poll he hang up in Bloggeratto.

Now you can make public what we will expect for the next year in the tech world Avatar. In the mean time you can keep reading his documents in Widgets Lab.

Hey! Blogosphere starts to heating up.

Farewell to a Fellow Tech Blogger

The notice was given by Aaron and all his colleagues are posting about the fatal decease of Marc Orchant.

Rest in Peace. Your work will prevail when others think internet is making us dumb!

Dealing with Cellphones in our Classrooms

This is an issue all teachers and administrative have to deal with these days. By one side is the students that argue they really need to be in touch with the outside world while they're in class and by the other, the teachers that think they are being violated in their privacy. Nobody is unaware of the bullying among students and of course the mocked teachers what what we have here is a new generation of grow ups and teen who had been born in techie environment. Most of schools are banning the use of cell phone while in its grounds, some other have strict rules for such devices.

The problem is some of our students are tapping teachers activities for very short period of time which creates a (distortioned) image of the classroom teacher. Let's look at the experiment conducted by Kevin Metcalf who happens to be teaching at North Rockland High School in Thiells, N.Y. He tries an experiment with his students. He asks them to whip out their cellphones —whose use is otherwise forbidden in the classroom under school rules— while he puts his head down on his desk for a second and acts as though he’s doing nothing. He then asks them that if they were to take a picture and put it on YouTube, what would people think of his teaching?

He'd got answers like ‘lazy,’ and ‘doesn’t care.’ He tries to explain his students he would be judged by their peers on one second of a 45-minute class. The experiment, he says, brings home to the students how such an action could misrepresent the truth and have serious consequences for someone. And this is not a threatening situation. Imagine how distorted might become an issue inside the classroom if an student just tapes seconds of a disruptive class?

Now, I am not against use of technology because we already are way ahead of the counterculture of the 6O's where the youngsters were thinking the computers were about to replace men. I am part and I am living the cyberculture generation (G-gen) and of course we have to learn and teach how to use technology in classrooms, we've moved beyond projectors and VHS. Now we have very small and reliable devices to register any kind of information. We do have to allow our kids to use their cell phones but we have to teach them no how to operate them because they might the teachers in that particular situation but, show them the consequences of not using it properly. How their very own safety is involved, their families, their loved ones and even their friends.

Once they learn the consequences it will be up to them. We all know (they too) the consequences of violating safety regulation, the secrecy of our personal acts and the power involved in having a device emitting short waves to highest frequencies. Unfortunately, according to Vaishali Honawar and his post Cellphones in Classrooms Land Teachers on Online Video Sites points to two cases in Court: Evens v. L.A. Unified School District; and, Roberts v. Houston Independent School District.

From those two cases we can conclude that only whether students refer to threatening comments, a Judge will pay attention to a teacher's complain. Legislation vary according to each state but the variety of issues with cellphones in schools, the United States, legal experts say, school districts tend to ignore videos that are simply embarrassing to a teacher, but do act when they find that the taping is a threat to the school or teacher or is disruptive to learning. The court holds that a teacher must always expect public dissemination of his or her classroom
communications and activities.

A have a kid in 5th grade and he's not using a cellphone yet but I am about to give him one for Christmas and he knows how to use the lap top and links perfectly with YouTube. My question is: Will a fellow teacher feel ashamed if my kid shoots a photo and posts it on YouTube, modified or unmodified? It will be hard for the school to show disruption just because of it. We are talking about First Amendment speech here.

For more contributions read: [] or []

LATER: How digital kids test teachers and why they have got to find a way to incorporate the cell phones into the educational system.

When Talking About Google, Size Really Matters

I am a old subscriber of this blog in Spanish and today the author came whith a interesting idea about Google. He's Jaime Roca and I had to translate his original post titled: Google. El El tamaño sí importa.

Reading Eduardo Collado, crossed my eyes his post in which he explains his decision to switch to Windows Live, when times come to "search". The truth is that Google is accumulating power at very high speed.

This growth and accumulation of power does not conform to the typical pattern of growth in a conventional market economy . To begin with, we are talking about an economy based on the attention, who gives the revenue to Google is not the one who uses the service. In a conventional market economy, there are some conventional natural limits to the accumulation of power, that comes from the market capture. The natural but well-known limit is the geographic distance. Another important natural limit is the relation price - spending power of that one who acquires the service. But ... as well as we cannot use the best restaurant if it is more than a reasonable distance, we can use the best finder, wherever it is, so the first limit is neutralized. Secondly, who uses the service, he does not need spending power, he acquires it because of its attention, that is becoming a change currency. When these limits do not exist, the rules that govern economic [un]balance, have changed. And in the new scenario, other risks, other fears fit and demands another criterion of regulation (or contemplation).

I think that in the short term, all this begins to be debate subject, but in the medium and long run, it's a very serious problerm, as the economy is getting divided. Alvin Toffler already warned in its Power Shift, that the new Capitalism, which is based more on knowledge possession than money possession, it was going to be (or could get to be) much more wild that the previous one.

But in the attention's economy, based on digital goods and services, occurs another characteristic: the capital possession, the intellectual capital - knowledge- by an economic agent, does not imply necessarily the dispossession by another agent. This, and the lessons that are come off the evolution of the models based on, for example, Microsoft on the one hand and in the Open Source on the other, I believe that they will light some clues on acting in the generation, management, possession and property of those huge repositorios of knowledge that are the search engines.

It is also possible that there is another problem - I guess - and is that all this requires an implemented legal frame from politics and, we already know that the politics are incapable to take the pulse (rationally speaking) in real time.

Glad you've reached this point.

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