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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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From Kids to College Students, All Are Rushing Into the Online Worlds

Not a surprise Facebook has been elected the socialnetwork of the year, even when My Space still holds the most number on registered users. More than one person also has said that what it was the benefit of socialnetworks created and seated in communities like Facebook or Friednster, but whatever they say, socialnetworks has a great impact in the daily life of Gen Y people.

And companies had realized that and now they're pushing hard to get kids into the virtual worlds with websites masked as socialnetworks when the reality is they only are looking for promotion of consumerism. Look out for example at, or pixiehollow from All of them aim to a 'quick growth' in our kids. What would happen to our kids if Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at the research firm eMarketer, estimations are truth; that 20 million children will be members of a virtual world by 2011, up from 8.2 million today!

I know you all read about the Gen Y but let me tell you that those youngsters are getting to the college right know and for them (not for us) almost everything it's been done online. Not we are those microcelebrities now blogger are talking about but certainly most of us, familiar with the Internet had googled our names and why not 'observers' who are looking for more background about our personal life. This is the case with applicants for college(pdf); high school students accustomed to social-networking Web sites have flocked to new online sites that let them send information about themselves to colleges in hopes of gaining an edge over fellow applicants. Websites such as,, or are playing a great role in the registrations this year. Scott J. Sech from reports that more than "20 percent of colleges and universities sometimes review students’ social-networking profiles, and that more than a quarter sometimes look for information on students via search engines."

So, be careful what you have online. And please, before you google your name get to know what's going on in the blogosphere(

Obama Surprises Hillary: Caucus Winner!

The lessons, Democrats inside home are learning. America needs change and this could be granted by the minorities leader: Barack Obama.

In NH he will repeat the victory for second time in a row. He's 12 points ahead of Mrs Clinton!

What else should we expect from the 2008

Soicialnetworking will keep growing and advertiser are glad things are coming this way. According to Suzzane Vranica from The Wall Street Journal this year firms will be spending over the traditional 5% of their online marketing budgets, so as she mentions with the growth of online video and social networking, ad experts expect that 5-10% percentage to jump significantly this year.

Economists had already predicted a recession for the American economy around first quarter and living in New York will more expensive than before now that the gasoline is overpriced as ever before in the States. This will get thing worse when neighbor states as New Jersey are experiencing a constant demographic outflows. Not that new jerseans are coming to NY but, people are increasingly leaving the high-cost Northeast and economically-challenged Midwest regions for destinations primarily in the lower-cost South, and secondarily to the Mountain states of the West.(James W. Huges).

In the big revolution approaching around music and wireless services, its being said Jay-Z is partnering with S. Jobs to start a Record label (
The wireless services providers need to watch what's going to happen at the Sony CES 2008 and the predicted alliance to provide calls services between Skype and Sony. Any other partnerships to get afloat the Sony blue ray?

Users trying to take advantage of Facebook need to think twice, not even authorities in the A-list bloggers can get away with the policies violations. Scoble got suspended and after clarification, reinstalled, his account because he was trying to test a Plaxo script to pull and match e-mail addresses. Is Robert Scoble a corporate spy?

It came to my attention after reading my today subscriptions a great wiki that it's being managed by someone very well know in the educational field. We are talking about the Digital Dialog ( which aims to be a social network created to "provide parents, educators, and other care-givers with resources, ideas and links related to encouraging regular communication between younger and older learners about safe, appropriate, and fun uses of digital technologies."

The Scoble mess and data portability.

Trends And Tendencies for the 2008

Is customary at the beginnig of each new year to make wishes, perdictions and promises. In Education and Technology, first of all we want you to have a prosperous New Year and that all your wishes come through.

In this blog you will find more content filtered and sumarized in some cases of the tendencies in technology and of course our core knowledge, education. You can, beging this year follow or subscribe to our Shared Items in Google Reader. We've updated the way you can subscribe to this page. Now you're going to be able to get notifications by email, Skype, AOL Messenger and Twitter, thanks to the good guys at FeedBlitz(Pinch the blue email icon at the top right corner).

We are not changing gears but this year you're going to be able to advertise in Education and Technology, on any of our other blogs, websites and Squidoo lenses. Not that were trying to get rich but we will try to bring up the number of visit per day, RSS subscribers, Technorati and Alexa ranks.

TonNet will pay more attention to the uniportant bloggers, some of them might become stars and examples I do have more than one. I will stick to the quality of contents, that's all. More attention will be paid to the edition of our posts, as others bloggers think, the ones where I thought about the post for minutes or maybe hours turned out to be great. The ones I banged out really fast without thinking too much, were not good at all.

I emulate what Scoble has written in his 'What I've learned in the 2007' particularly points 10 & 11: "The one who has the most friends on Facebook, Twitter, Upcoming, Yelp, Plaxo, Flickr, etc does NOT win the game. But, the one who FOLLOWS the most people on each of those DOES have a better life! When people were courting me to join them invariably they’d pitch me with 'do you want to make a lot of money?' I always hesitated on that question. Why? I know lots of miserable wealthy people. The right question? 'Do you want to have a ton of incredible experiences and great friends?' Now THAT I can say yes to, and do often."

I want to thank all of you dear readers, visitors, subscribers and bloggers. Without YOU, this blog won't exist and TonNet won't pursue his happiness. Let's hope economy gets better in the States and the prognosis made at Searchblog become 99% certainly true. And that before all birds fly away, Blogger works hard to bring up its positioning from the 9th to the first level.

In the meantime, have you all a great day and a Happy New Year!

If you want to receive my future posts regularly for FREE, please subscribe in a reader or by e-mail. Follow me on Twitter. For other concerns, Contact Me at anytime.

Joost: Best SEO Plugin for Wordpress

I am really inspired by what geeks did this weekend in the San Francisco Foodbank and brought my attention specially what Scoble ended up writing in the bottom of his post:"it’s the kind of testimony that reminds us that some people don’t just have jobs, they have callings."

Based on this concept and being a reader of Joost's SEO Blog. I want to support his job in The Best Search Blogs of 2007. I am not a Wordpress user yet but I really enjoy reading the advice Joost had offered in his blog during these two last years. He's a young and talented Dutch SEO and a Webdeveloper. He wrote a Meta Meta Worpress plugin during this year and now he's being nominated as The Best SEO plugin for WordPress.

So, if you still have questions about the SEO concepts and want to keep Joost de Valk working for his field and our interest, please head up to Search Engine Journal and follow the instruction to vote for our dear blogger.

Go straight to the votes page and look out for the category No. 4 (Best SEO Plugin for Wordpress : Run a Wordpress Blog? Which of these plugins do you feel is the most important for SEO purposes?) and pinch the number 5 in front the top first nominee: Vote Now!

Hope great results and the best for our fellow Dutch blogger: Joost de Valk

Cheers in the 2008! Welcome Gen Y.

Be Aware Whether You Are Using Adobe!

This is a trend we will see in the 2008 and end-users must be aware of it. One thing is Google spy on us with our acknowledge, another issue is every business related or not with software wants us to pay for being watched. The same history has been released about another giant as Dell. Adobe is quietly monitoring its software use.

The biggest issue is not the spying on users; the biggest issue is the deceptive server name, It's at least meant to confuse unwary users, and possibly meant to confuse misconfigured firewalls. -75th Trombone

I've read also that pretty much easy to find the passwords stored in Firefox []. So, please dear readers don't let those people victimize you because once someone else got access to your personal info, everything is gone and the only thing they will say is sorry and let you know about the event in much of the cases.

Nowadays the firewalls are kind of obsolete. Why? Because many people are using wireless connections and they forget to secure their networks, everyday we have in a growing scaled the proxies which grant to gain access to private networks even when they have installed firewalls. I don't think so security companies such as Symantec had yet developed something of this nature.

Anyway, not matter if blogs are on decrease [] for the next year we users have to take care of our own safety. For schools it's been said by Jena Johnson we are testing new software that will help those poor unprotected guys web hangout safely.

In America this year will be full of politics. Not matter if Democrats or Republicans both will be forced to hold on top of American economy that practically is crashing and everyone is scared of saying it out loud. Anyone becoming guest in the White House will continue with the though immigration bill and must continue protecting Americans with something for us is scary:The enemy combatants []

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