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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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Ecuador: Churutes' Mangroves

I was surprised to find out all by myself the Proyecto Ruidoso which is managed by Samuel Perichon(Can be read in Arab language, as well). I've ever heard it before but this post about Loja. If you browse around and type in Churute in google you will find that this is an Ecologic Reserve that belong to the National Patrimony of Natural Areas protected by the Ecuadorian State, it is also enrolled in the Ramsar International Treaty to be one of the most important humid forest zones for Ecuador. Its extension is 49,383 hectares, which:35,000 are manglar zone, and 5,500 hectares in the hills of Mate, Cimalon, Perequete Chico, Perequete Grande, Pancho Diablo. 8,883 hectares include the denominated Lagoon of the Canclon and the agricultural zones of the communes who are inside the reserve.

Sorry but being an ecuadorean, I've missed this Reserve and feel compeled to report it like it is. See pictures of Proyecto Ruidoso (Noisy Project).

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Highlights about what it means to be a blogger!

I've been writing while ago. I don't mean the scholastic writings that our teachers used to asked for, but the professional writing. When I was a teen I always dreamed of being an anchor or at least a person with strong network in the media. That was my dream! After many year spent in College, struggling to learn French and Russian I've ended up learning English! OMG. Things happened and nowadays I am fluent in both languages: English and Spanish. The French and Russian have flown, I don't know whether from my tongue or from my mind!

This personal disclosure is brought to you because I wanted to thank all my readers, those visitors that fall on any of my post and kindly drop a note or a message to tell me I am doing good or even to let me know that my grammar sucks! All due respect, for mild language. I've been plugged for a one of the best citizen journalists, David Sasaki. Much appreciation deserves Claudia Peña who has being kindly enough to include our blog in her blogroll.

Alexis Rebolledo a chilean teacher and blogger made a generous review of our Education & Tech. You will notice how the Education & Tech (former BPLE) had gone from time to time, changing not only in design but in contents. Our dearest Carmen from Spain also made a very short but provocative analysis of TonNet's blog and BTW, everyone is entitled to belong to UBH Spanish Bloggers Network). And just yesterday a professional, very familiar with the Mac's World, wrote a presentation for our 'second son' a blog which is written in Spanish and that is focus on my mother country issues: Carlos Correa has a way, way generous presentation for Voces Lojanas

Thank you all and promise to keep doing things better!

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NEO Education & Tech and A Blogger Worth Modeling

It pays to be patient. Finally and with the great help of Ramani, Education & Tech has a different look for the 2007, it loads quicker and has a professional design. I wonder how many of you can give your opinion about this new look, what you don't like or what should it be changed. Comments are open!

A good example for all bloggers to follow is the good work of Lifehacker, Steve Rubel says:"The three bloggers who write for the site are always nice and above board". Personally a part of Lifehacker we also like TechCrunch which is a very good example of Good Blogger!

Remote Access point out:a) Blogs are not an educational panacea which will make us all smarter and our kids to be independent learners with a global perspective and, b) Blogs are only one piece of the ever - expanding puzzle that together makes up what is often called web 2.0. We all agree on that but what come next and what will it be the new environment where we as learners can be laid out?

I have my own Linked In but if you didn't know the importance to be Linked In probably you should pay attention to what the PR Gurus are doing. Today, I've found this post of Guy Kawasaki.

Now is time to finish this post. Paul Stamatiou makes a good review (his not being paid for it) of a new application that works as socialized homepages, we are talking about Webjam. Why not give it a shot!

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Digital Citizen: A Educators Community

The blogosphere has raised to over 60 million blogs according to Technorati and the power of bloggers also has been evident lately, however we can't fall in this kind of fighting which take us down as professional bloggers, mainly when those bloggers are educators who should try to answer question as this brought in by Any Carvin:Does the advent of all-star bloggers in education help, or hinder a broader conversation about the role of education technology?. Teachers need to have their eyes wide open when blogging issues are being watched not only for colleagues but big media.

I already published more that once about the RSS concept but I will keep trying it until everyone, no only educators see the benefit of follow thing throughout a RSS Reader. See an Introduction to RSS.

I've found interesting all the stuff about linking. For example today I've discovered the Z List game which can be extrapolated to the Spanish Go Meme list. If we still need to move up some steps in Technorati then you might want to try any of those memes or what Kottke is doing or even follow the steps of Blog Bloke who has promised himself during the 2007 to write posts about lesser known bloggers out there who deserve the accolades.

The Live Journal Petition was linked to in 801 posts by 786 other blogs from January 1-November 30, 2006. So, it is the Top Post of the Year!. Other interesting blog that I've found is The American Democracy Project which is managed for Indiana University from very different perspectives and refers to the quality of American democracy.

Now, do you want to know who's reading and at what frequency your post? Try MengTracker(Only for Wordpress based blogs).

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Pimp His Educational Blog

Must be interesting to be called to participate in a recognized Magazine as is the case with Alexander Russo who's moving his blog from Blogspot to That's the best gift a blogger can receive for Christmas or New Year! Congratulations Alex.

The fenomenon of Socialnetworking could be better understood if we pay atenttion to the next big shot; while we bloggers are using laptops o maybe desktops, teen are way ahead. They are already using a different system of communication: phones, PSP's, iPods and other devices! Should we Network once but socialize anywhere?

If you are still not being listed in Google them please pay atention to Rose DesRochers and what she has to say about getting your blog listed in Google Blog search.

I guess, you've missed this one. Yes, Gmail is now a Mail Fetcher. In other words, you are now able to read your e-mails from inside your Gmail account up to five POP3 accounts. The bad thing is not yet enabled in all Gmail accounts!

Before I go, please do not forget to visit and read the lecture of Wesley Fryer. A must if you are a parent or an educator.

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Does Google punish webpages with more than 100 links on the same page?

Let me put this straight up. I am promoting the GoMeme 4.0 in a Spanish page known as UBH and someone wrote a comment where the person says Google may be punishing me for having too many links on the same page, which means the GoMeme have gone over two hundred members. Any ideas from your own experiences or any tip about it?

I've following the Ecuadorian blogosphere since a while and I couldn't find relevant information -at least to me- and I couldn't see also David Sasaki pick anything from the Ecuadorian blogosphere. Could it be that I and GVO are both wrong or it is only matter of another issues. Let's see what's going on.

There in a southern Ecuadorian blogger that is working hard to keep the local bloggers kicking, he is a very well informed person and if you are well prepared to to talk about Mac's then Carlos Correa is the right person!

I guess I've already mentioned this blog in other posts but today he's trying to show to us a new way to leave voice comments in our blogs. You better take a look in Library Clips.

Thanks to the great Ramani, Education & Tech (former bple) has another face, I am still working to make a little changes and what I've learnt today is the NEO design is not compatible with the Table of Contents proposed by Hans. Maybe our new fried from Blogger Hacked can lent us a hand a help to solve this matter. Or perhaps Aditya Mukherjee who, by the way, had just updated his Native Blog Search. Kudos!

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NEO for Education & Tech and a revamp for this weblog

First of all, I hope you had a very Happy Holidays! This blog has been set quiet during these days because of the celebrations but also for the changes we have decided to implement beginning this 2007. As you can see we were using Neo, a asynchronous design used and promoted for Ramani. What you can see in education & tech from now on is a single post in the front page, and an additional navigation kind of OutlooK in the left side, where you can access our most recent posts but also look out for the most frequent categories. We are still working to give a better quality of information and keep you updated as quick as possible.

The other big change in New Year is the change of language in which we are going to publish. I love Cervantes language and do love the Spanish language (do not forget that this is my first language as well) but the Web conditions makes me take this no easy decision. So excuses for all my readers who usually comes looking for information in Spanish. You still can get it using the Translation icons just in the outter left column and of course I will gladly answer your question and comments in Spanish if you want to. But from now on this bple changes its voice and language to English, as well as its home name: Education & Tech.

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