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10 Current Proyects Bill Gates Has to Change Education

Bill and Melinda Gates put a hefty portion of their billions into philanthropic efforts involving development, healthcare, and – of course – education. The foundation that bears their name sponsors a number of amazing opportunities for impoverished or otherwise marginalized individuals to thrive academically and vocationally, whether they be accessible inside the walls of a classroom or a library.

Here are at least 10 of their current projects and strategies that they have in place to ensure that more students across the world obtain the education they need in order to thrive and help build and reinforce their communities.

1. Sponsoring Thrive by Five.
2. Calling for Financial Aid Reform.
3. Providing Access to State-of-the-Art Technology.
4. Promoting Flexible Postsecondary Education.
5. Building and Promoting Libraries Worldwide.
6. Providing a Multitude of Grants.
7. Intensive Partnerships.
8. Access to Learning Award.
9. Providing a Multitude of Scholarships.
10. Sponsoring the Native Lens Program.

For an explanation of each one of the projects and strategies, please head over Online University Lowdown.

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Happy Spring Break to All Our Students

Spring break is something that many children look forward to, no matter what shape or size, or even grade. This break is the beginning of the end of the year for most students and teachers. The school year is zipping by and it’s the last break we have in the year, so the children make it count.

Break is a time where all students do exactly what you think they do, be lazy and go hang out with friends. Work is hardly ever done during this time and it’s not for the best, it should be done but not the day before. A little bit every day will help the finished products, which will also teach children a healthy working habit.

A lot of your students always have a Facebook status saying, “Oh God. I have to finish (a project/homework assignment/ etc.), I shouldn’t have procrastinated.” What I do not understand is that this happens every time the day before a vacation ends. If you realize that procrastination isn’t going to help why you guys didn’t you do your (homework/project/etc.) before? I myself ask this very same question sometimes.

When you really think about it, You're the only one to blame for not doing your work. You were so caught up in having fun with friends, playing games, and being lazy, that time just passed by. You hadn’t a care in the world until that very day before the end of vacation. Sometimes you do your work before the end of vacation, sometimes you don’t and you get really angry at yourself.

Although us teachers may be on break the work does not stop here, oh not by a long shot. Being an eighth grader, for example, you may feel like you're at the top of the world because you're graduating this year. However, there is much work to still be done and things to learn. An entire marking period is left to go through and no student should forget that.

Although students may not always make the best decisions, they try to make the best of it. Even though their vacation have just started every one of them plan to make a good one and also to do their work. Let this be a year where students like you and all your other students, realize that procrastinating isn't the way to go but doing a little bit at a time.

Vacation is a time to relax a bit but no one should forget that there will be always something to go through after it. No matter what, never forget that students all like fun and games, but there is a time and a place.

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