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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am blogging and I'd written articles about education and technology almost every day since 2003. In the gazillion of notes, Education & Tech provides you with education news, tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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Don't cry. Just think, think...!

Today before you think of saying an unkind word - Think of someone who can't speak.
Before you complain about the taste of your food - Think of someone who has nothing to eat.
Before you complain about your husband or wife - Think of someone who's crying out to God for a companion.
Today before you complain about life - Think of someone who went too early to heaven.
Before you complain about your children - Think of someone who desires children but they're barren.
Before you argue about your dirty house, someone didn't clean or sweep - Think of the people who are living in the streets.
Before whining about the distance you drive - Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.
And when you are tired and complain about your job - Think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job.
But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another remember that not one of us are without sin and we all answer to one maker.
And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down - Put a smile on your face and thank God you're alive and still around.
Life is a gift, live it, enjoy it, celebrate it, and fulfill it.


Pedagogy of the Oppressed

It's almost forty years ago that this book was written by one of the most influential theorist of education, Paulo Freire. This next May the 2nd. makes 10 years that Freire passed away and Eduvlogs[ES] wants to tribute (TonNet, as well) this great critical thinker.

You might be able to browse some additional information in Technorati but in the mean time remember we are not talking of a educator such as Hilda Taba or Ralph Tyler. The context of this Brazilian educator is more centered with critical thinking same as Henry Giroux and Peter McLaren

I might want to suggest we all educators with this vision of the education establishment begin to write in such an Ideal Educational Blog. I am open to suggestion and if you want this blog can be your space to star it off.

Just in case you've forgotten what the love is all about

Presentation of GI Jennie:

"Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to!"

Much Philosophy behind the short sentences!

Same as Jess says:

"Turns out it's not where, but who you're with that really matters"

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Ecuador Seeks Compensation to Continue with Amazon Oil Exploitation

Ecuador is a country of 13 million people, more than half of whom live in poverty. The government claims that oil revenue is necessary to meet the development needs of its citizens. These revenues account for around 40 percent of the federal budget every year.

Ecuador is burdened with over 15 billion dollars of external debt, including substantial amounts owed to the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank - more than enough to cover Ecuador's ITT compensation offer.

'Ecuador doesn't ask for charity', has said President Correa, 'but does ask that the international community share in the sacrifice and compensates us with at least half of what our country would receive, in recognition of the environmental benefits that would be generated by keeping this oil underground.'

It's time to pay attention to personalities such as Dr. Matt Finer of Save America's Forests, a conservation group based in Washington, DC. who said: 'What are urgently needed now are viable proposals from the international community to present to President Correa.'

Seven new interesting ways to get blog traffic and not to be a liar!

As I said before I am not in the money blog business yet but I've found these five very interesting ways to get visitors and of course get noticed in the blogosphere:

1. The Technorati Favorites Exchange -by RugJeff.

2. The Triple Exchange for Everyone - by Loui$$.

3. The Technorati Exchange Tool - by Better Blogging.

4. Feed my Feed by Blogging Secret.

5. Calcanis linkbaiting rules.

6. Tech Link followed by Rishi Raj.

7. Publish to you blog even if you need to advise on sexual phobias.

The wrong advices

16 Must Read Articles For Bloggers

YouNiversity: Henry Jenkings Toughts

I was portraited in GVO as an Latin American voice. Proud to be in Global Voices Online now in more languages than English.

Mr. Jenkings has written an excellent post about the new configurations in media power and makes an analysis of books, articles and web applications to sustain what will it be the also new YouNiversity.

He asks: "How might media studies, the field most committed to mapping these changes as they affect modern life, be taught in a YouNiversity?"

You will have to elaborate your very own answer. Personally I think this is the spectrum for the next not century precisely but the years to come. As Jenkins puts it, "to educate such students, we don't so much need a faculty as we need an intellectual network." See how Facebooks is playing a very important roll right now and this only one example. It was created as a closed circle at the beginning but now not only college people can access it and network with those students.

"Blogs represent a powerful tool for engaging in these larger public conversations." he continues. And on purpose I am focused only in students rather than teachers because we also think that responding to wildly divergent backgrounds and expectations requires us to constantly redesign and renegotiate academic course expectations as we try to give students what they need to push themselves to the next level of personal and professional development.

Will you be part of the next YouNiversity? We are! Welcome aboard!

Search Engines Optimization

I am not an expert on this matter but I want to share what we've been talking with the webmaster of Techzilo. He's a very young man but very much interested and prepared for the next round in the Internet matters. Sumesh, was telling about SEO (News to me, not for the meaning though!) and of the things we discussed was not to link very much everything but do a relevant linking. If you start linking to everyone you blog or page might be confused as an spam farm. You know what the price is. If not it is a good time to go and read InstaBloke about Google Blog Search. No matter whether you are the new kiddo.

I am an advocate of the Open Source and I was reading carefully this post about the Open Source Billonaries. Way long ahead of what we would like to say or comment. Go and follow this interesting conversation all by yourself!

Some of you are asking me, why I am not in the business of blogs. I mean why I am not making money with this blog. Take care easy, I might losing money right now but in the meantime TonNet is getting more worth than ever! So, give TonNet some time and you will hear of him not at the level of the Best Bloggers Practitioners but rolling money in a way not everyone is prepared or trained for. Learn to be generous as LOUI$$!

Weekend Round Up

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I have so much going on in 'life' that I don't know what to write about here. Grandmother's pending departure has been such a blow to our lives and we've been doing a good bit of effort to called them and be updated with everything going on back there in our mother country.

Once in a while I read interesting report about progress of immigrants and makes me feel proud to be an immigrant, too. You don't even know my resume but you might be distort to think we are not even close to a superior education.

Anyways, proud to present these educational bloggers: IB a Math Teacher, Buckhorn Road and Technology for Teachers. Pays to visit them.

I am not writing and posting for money. The credit I deserve is sharing experiences and knowledge. I am not saying I am not thinking in any ways to make money online but definitely every blogger with enough standards should be set himself expensive. What do you think? We will really appreciate your input in this matter.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity, rather than undermining it. 'We are educating people out of their creativity', Robinson says.

Pedagogy of Content: Mobile Classroom?

Wesley Fryer:

"I see a strong need in education to provide learning opportunities and experiences for students which involve both “the new read-only” and the “read-write” modalities of the twenty-first century"

Read complete article.

Why do you need an online identity?

Paul Stamatiou has written a excellent post about the answer to this matter.  I can't do more than certify that Paul's exposicion is correct and certanly true.   More and more people is getting online and when they need to find something, in this case YOU, your person or your name, the very first thing that comes to their mind is to google it to see what it comes.  Google does  its searching and voilá, there you go.  Zero results or myriad of information about yourself.

In other ocasions we had discussed the oportunities for people who are looking for  moving up in the labor stairs, we had also linked to articles about the cons of having an online identity. However, our own experience tell us that it's a good thing to have your own website, especially whether the domain is your name or if you at least can have your blog where on a daily basis publish and let the internauts know about your interests and opinions.

There you go then, keep it up!


Virginia Tech: One Day Blog Silence...!

One Day Blog Silence

Silence can say more then a thousand words. In honor towards the victims of Virginia Tech University. Time to support the idea.

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Meet Educational Bloggers

This is a special event which is being channeled by Weblogg-ed and The Infinite Thinking Machine.

Edubloggercon2007–This first-ever, international, one-of-a-kind “meetup” of educational bloggers will take place on Saturday, June 23rd, at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta just before the start of NECC.

All are invited–whether you yourself blog, are just an educational blog reader, or even just want to hang out with an interesting group of people. The event is free, and you can indicate that you are coming (and see who else will be there) at the Edubloggercon wiki. This event will be unique in that it is going to be organized by the participants in real time at the wiki. We have access all that day to the large Open Source Pavilion room at the Conference Center and there will be free wi-fi: beyond that is up to you. So come join the discussion and help us plan a fun and stimulating experience.

I’m thinking about coming! Sounds terrific!

Argentina: Scholar Networks

Latin America is joining to the educational changes after the Internet has been grow up to this point. Argentinian educational system has been a good example for the other countries in the region, Sarmiento is one of the most important educators who worked hard to change the educational model in Argentina but Scholar Networks (Redes Escolares) gathers blogs maintained by teachers from Buenos Aires schools, and they’re managed with Feevy.

Jorge Gobi writes by Global Voices Online and says "the site is divided in three sections: School blogs, teachers blogs, and recommended blogs. We hope this kind of initiatives are more common in other places of Latin America."

Make your Blog Work...!!

This is a list of the 20 Tips That'll Make Your Blog Work, written by Tom Johnson. We think every blogger should have this in mind in wanto to keep up in business. Please add suggestions and make this list complete.

1. Pick a topic for your blog.
2. Encourage comments.
3. Make it easy to subscribe.
4. Include an About page.
5. Present your ideas visually.
6. Keep posts short and to the point.
7. Use subheadings for long posts.
8. Link abundantly. (Love link).
9. Make headlines descriptive.
10. Archive by topic.
11. Include a list of related posts beneath each post.
12. Allow users to contact you offline.
13. Present your real viewpoint. (Way to go).
14. Write for your future employer.
15. Include a Top Posts section.
16. Provide an index.
17. Get your own URL and match it to your blog’s title. (Mmm... still thinking of the money).
18. Include a Recent Posts section in your sidebar.
19. Reward commenters for commenting.
20. Post often.
21. Give credit. Do not steal content without at least linking back!!

The World is Talking. Are You Listening?

I won't even try to explain what I mean with this title. You better go and see for yourself.

Gloval Voices Online [New Design]

FeedRaider [GVO Core Blogs]

GVO en Espaniol [GVO in Other Languages]

Do you have any questions?

These Lessons Could Ruin your Life

Our fellow blogger Steli Efti presents his book about those 7 Lessons You Learned At School That Could Possibly Ruin Your Life. This is a eBook about the most important 7 Lessons to unlearn in life. No successful and happy human being has managed to become successful and
happy without unlearning the following 7 Lessons: download it!

Are you still thinking that blogging can be a factor to get into the labor market? If your answer was YES, you better take a hard look in Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job.

Tired of reading about sex and all that 'dirty' stuff! Please, do not go away, learn how to help your family and the reason why our girls are being sexualized.

I am among those first six thousand blogs that Technorati monitors. However I still find interesting this post related to Successful Blogging.

Are you being a successful blogger? Why don't share any input for our readers.

Please, Pay Attention!

Thanks to Wesley Fryer

Ethics: For Academics and Bloggers

I've spotted three post from Ken Smith who is writing about The Role of the Public Intellectual where Alan Lightman speaks about the style of writing and communicating of scientists in order to get understood for the average citizen.

'There is no need for this public writing to take place on blogs, but blogs do greatly increase the number of places for academics to practice communicating with a general audience, and they may also help us learn how to do so -- which may largely have to do with unlearning some of the ways of writing and speaking we've been rewarded for in our fields.'
Now these aren't news but must be considered. Parents with the highest literacy levels are more likely than other parents to be involved in their children's education, according to a report on adult literacy by the National Center for Education Statistics.

I am not sure if this will define Web 3.0 but again I have good reasons to rethink the mathematical equation: Web 3.0 =(4C + P + BV) [ES].

This has nothing to do with the Imus scandal but the Blogging Code of Conduct should come from bloggers themselves. I don't like to told what I have to do so when I am perfectly able to decide what is good and healthy for me better than nobody else. O'Reilly has a point but I will subscribe for the Anything goes. 'I do find disquieting the social pressure to get on board with this program.'

What would happen if you suddenly stop blogging

I've found quite interesting the conclusions Loren arrived after being inactive in the last couple of months, more concentrated in reading than writing. These are the four conclusions that make her think to blog each day than not:

1. YOU will miss the technical tips Bloggers used to share. Return the favor more often(link love).

2. YOU won't have the opportunity to cross check the perspectives people have on various news items. Every one of us must have at least two or three Thinking Bloggers which make us go back and analyse what they say.

3. YOU will discover not to rely 100% on aggregators (Digg, Slashdot, Techcrunch). 'Either the stories seem too arbitrary and disinteresting or they appear too homogeneous and tangential.'

4. YOU better start writing your very own content!

The Good Friday of Robert Scobble

After a long advocate of PC's and Windows it seems like the famous Scoble is moving to Mac.

In the US is Easter but for other cultures is the celebration of Good Friday, Jen has brought this magnificent idea already spread between Helen Mowers and Wesley Fryer. Please, remember cybercompliment is the clue!

I don't think this is because of April Fool but certainly Blogger will be shortly a Pro service. (Will this blog jump on Wordpres?) So sad for Google bloggers now that we have better tools and Google Search Box has been enhanced to be used in your blogs and as an administrator you can also learn how your visitors navigate your site. OMG.

Many ways you can get visitors to your blog but try something else, why don't you start promoting your content is forums or with original projects as this offered by an former blogger:

You can also get into business speaking, writing and talking about sex. Any other ideas? Please leave note if you want to contribute with your very own experience.

Spanish: language of living in a ghetto?

Newt Gingrich. Thanks to Hispanic Tips

Sonopia: Make your own mobile network

This week was launched Sonopia, a social mobile network which allow you to connect with others who share your interests such as photos, mobile blogs. Sonopia works with Verizon to handle calls and data transfer, and lets anyone from a rock band to a church group set up their own mobile network brand(MVNO). Now anyone can set up their very own network. Want to spread a word about a new song release, an special event or keep everyone posted about what's going on in your personal business.

Since Sonopia doesn’t charge set-up costs, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up your own mobile network today. It might not make you a telecom mogul, but it could provide a nice additional stream of income. Give it a try.

It is very important now we can enhance our social networks beyond English speakers. The English has being supplanted of his throne[ES]. We used to think that majority of blogs were written in English, as if the Eastern civilizations were not important and central in the present world. All we know that there are tons of things in the network written in Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, Thailander, Korean, Malayan etc, but the concrete data just begin to appear.

Japanese the #1 blogging language at 37%, English second at 33%, Chinese third at 8%, Italian fourth at 3%.

State of the Live Web

Blogging has not peaked, it's just morphed into something else and has taken a different form (and will continue to do so) respect of the original concept of a blog.

Also, take into account the difference between “journalistic/trade/opinion” bloggers versus the 'OMGZ! Sanjaya is awfulz!' bloggers. My bet is that the amount of 'personal' bloggers is dying off as they move to social networks laden with RSS and other types of blog-like CMSes. So, blog consumption and usage has merely changed, morphed and evolved, not peaked.

The more people begin to blog, the more interesting conversations can take place. With this being a tool that can lead to dialogue vs. pushing content through, we are often engaged in writing thoughtful comments as well.

Hold up! Think Before You Post

Thanks to Christopher D. Sessums

Wednesday E&T Round Up

I am not in a good mood to spent time writing today. So excuse me for today but take a look of all this jewels already apread around the internet.

. You might be able to read Global Voices Online in Twitter. Kool!

. You surely like to subcribe to many blogs, but do you know what it will be the future of RSS. Now at least a have a clue.

. Are you a teacher? Well, then think twice when your teaching either English or Math. Wow! Tell this to a HS Teacher!

. Becareful Hillay. We already have evidence Obama has raised 25 millions!.

. Love to check out the buzz on searching? There you go, Live Search adds Firefox 3D support.

. I don't blog or link for money, status, pagerank or any other silly crap like that, because I have a life. So, 'Many talk the talk, but only a few walk the walk.' Share the love.

. Are you still jealous of Google develompent? That's nothing. Check its Global Domination Project.

. Don't always hate Windows. They've got better with those Automatic Updates.

. Can Podcasts or Videocasts ever challenge or replace the power of the written word online? Mmmm...Does readership really matter?. Too many questions but no answers.

Challenge: Get Out of Information Illiteracy

"We need to go beyond teaching learners how to 'recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.' That's a start. The bigger challenge relates to understanding what our new method of information access means to us - as individuals, as a society. Information literacy skills are important, but shouldn't be seen outside of a meta-understanding (implications, how information flows, how changed flow forces a re-creation of our institutions) of information and knowledge." -George Siemens

And now what's going on with the relationship blogging:

"It reminded me that I used to bookmark a favorite for everyone who has ever linked to me or commented on my blog. I did it with the intention of keeping track of these blogs and visiting them once in a while. But it was just a static file and most of the time I would forget it was even there so I've decided it's time that I took it to the next level." -Blog Bloke

What -You- Call The News

JibJab: What We Call the News| See Micropersuasion note

Thinking Blogger Awards!

I don't remember when Ilker Yoldas posted about his Thinking Blogger Award but looked pretty interesting and even when I am not being tagged on this one I would like to keep with the networking and propose my 5 Blogs That Make Me Think: Sorry, Ilker I am in violation of the very first rule, hope you don't mind:

1. Geekaholic by Adytia Mukherjee.

2. Weblogg-ed by Will Richarson.

3. PaulStamatiou by Paul Stamatiou.

4. Elearnspace by George Siemens.

5. InstaBLOKE by Blog Bloke.

Quoting The Thinking Blog, That was that! Please, remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all - blogs that really get you thinking! It is the first time I am starting something with my blog so I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.

Happy link-love-sharing, whatever it is!

Jenny Ryan's Awarded Blogs.

I'm an American Goddammit!

This is not about April's Fool Day. This is a fact. Why the surveys need to have to many option where to chose from. Kathakali Chatterjee makes her point and says, "In reality, the idea of identifying oneself just by nationality is pretty amazing but probably a bit utopian. It’s almost impossible for me to identify myself as an Indian without connecting to my ethnicity, because as a concept the word “Indian” is nothing but a concoction of various cultural mix."

I can speak, read and write two other different languages than my own (Spanish). I don’t like any other food except what I am familiar with, I enjoy the literature in my own language, not only English, I mostly listen to salsa, reggaeton and modern songs which are not sung in Sapnish precisely. I enjoy reading quotes and I am not a professional writer!

Would it be a coincidence that keep linking to indian people? Not sure but sure I deeply respect what they do and how they think. This is to honor to many of the indian people who happenen to work with us. I don't know how is it written but, should I say Aslam Maleykum!

Greetings Prateek, wherever you are!

This is the price of a traditional education credentials

I was amazed after reading the six pages report that Webblogg-ed mentions. It all has to be with the elite education, yesterday we were talking in Edublogger Event07 about some topics that not necessarily apply to this case but must be considered in the wide spectrum. This is how our traditional school had been evaluating, grading and scoring. We already arrived to a new stage. The new, modern or after 20 century school. We don't need those traditional buildings in order to learn. Yes, I know . You will be saying, but who's going to certify that knowledge? The practice, showing up your expertise, proving yourself you are able to solve a problem!

The experience related in the NYT, is about Senior life in one of the best High School in Boston, the Newton North and what is takes to move up in get enrolled in the Ivy League. Where you are supposed to do well in class but still have time to go out as a normal 18 year boy or girl.

You have to get a elite delivering message if you want to pursue high standard and get accepted in named colleges in America. There is a lot of emphasis on nonconformity and those youngsters need to learn how to live with jam-packed schedule, multitasking and focus in a very narrow group of the most selective colleges countrywide.

The bar for achievement keeps being raised for each generation, the father of one of those girls said: 'Our children start where we finished.' And Sara Rimer, the author of this article in the New York Times adds: You have to be fluid and highly educated to survive in this new economy.

Should we be slaves of our fate? You have the answer!

Education Week also has its artcicle College Concerns.
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