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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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American Students Seen By An European

The following is a translation from a blog post of Borja Ventura and we've decided to include it in our blog because this is a evaluation of the students time not elaborated by an insider but an Spaniard

Aside from the erroneous perception of Europe on the American policy, there are other major differences between this portion of the pond and the other (no, I won't speak about the use of weapons, or of patriotism or other things known). One is certainly education, so battered and discussed in our country. And to sample this button.

This is the time's distribution of the time American students:

They sleep 7 hours per day
Watch television an hour and a half a day.
They are on the Internet three and a half hours a day.
Listen to music two and a half hours a day.
They talk for two hours a day through cellphones.
Three hours a day in class.
Three other dedicated to the study.
Use two hours to eat.
They work on average two hours per day.

Altogether, 26 and a half hours because there are things they do at the same time other stuff. They are part of the findings of this video, created by Michael Wesch in cooperation with 200 students from Kansas State University. In principle it does not seem so different customs huh? Now, look what's happening in their classes and how they run.

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True or False: Now An Activist But He Couldn't Read

I want to resist to believing this story run in first place by and then replied at a good place I've found today. Kool design and a very different way of presenting news and interacting with netizens. The story I am about to comment was written by Gimundo.

He's been appointed to the National Institute for Literacy by President George Bush, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, and subsequently served on the Board of the Institute under President Bush and President Clinton. He's John Corcoran, creator of a Foundation under his own name, Jonh Corcoran Foundation.

What id can be explained by me, at least, is how such a prominent person can't read while in school and how he found his way around such as the history says. Put it in this way, we'll love to have students like Mr. Corcoran. The original post deserves to be quoted:

When I was a child I was just sort of just moved along. When I got to high school I wanted to participate in athletics. At that time in high school I went underground. I decided to behave myself and do what it took. I started cheating by turning in other peoples' paper, dated the valedictorian and ran around with college prep kids

He learned to read anyway when he was 48. And after his long run of cheating he's an education advocate and has two books written, "The Teacher Who Couldn't Read" and "Bridge to Literacy."

Is this story embarrassing in any way or is it a motivator for the 'M' generation?

Experience: An Online Continuing Education Case

I've been reading few interesting blogs about librarians and what their work is in this field. Examples of good blogs are or and today I just 'discover' and one of the authors wrote a post that brings our attention to something all professionals in Education need it and lack of most of the times. It's the professional development and the advantages of continuous education programs.

Meredith Farkas, share with us how hard is for him to find time and schedule a continuing education advancement. Being a Professor or a plain educator requires lot of dedication time, it's not only the time you have to 'speak' in class but the reading and research it takes for you to be updated and on top your subjects.

This is the time when reading blogs needs to be graduated and simplified; setting time for reading books is extremely hard. Could it the reason less and less young readers find pleasure in flipping the book's sheets? Continuing education is the key. As for librarians he mentions two cases of professional development: Learning 2.0 and Five Weeks to a Social Library.

Those are their cases, I wonder how can regular teachers get updated on the change of trends in technology in the classrooms, new pedagogical conceptions, efficient methodologies for each subject and comprehensive understanding of web 2.0 My take is all teachers need to create social networks that point to one single objective: Get a better educational system.

When I just finished my studies in the university I just to go to almost every seminar, course or anything that will make my career as important as I thought it should be. However, after years I can barely assist to anything that it's not online and then, again I have to say you can keep up with your professional development at your own peace even when you can catch up things as quick as many would love to do it.

Old School: Catching Up Super Fast Machines

This is a great post and you will need a couple of minutes to read and understand the magnitude of such a powerful projection into thirty years now.

Learning should be an invitation, not a mandate. The question is how to make our invitees confortabel and willing to comprenhend valuable information. is the place for you to start a blog ! was launched and as any start up the beginning was kind of slow, but as for right now is one of the best places to open a blog (free hosted). This is a niche dedicated for educators and all related matters; however there are not restrictions as for who can open a free blog. We’ve already made a reservation that can be seen in here but being this an educational blog we would like to recommend all teachers to open their blogs just here at What are the advantages? They just launched the Forums Feature which is generating a lot of buzz because this will change the approach many teachers were having while hosting their blogs in; now they are going to be able to attract student and not only make them open an account but get them to participate in any issue that will be showed in a particular forum. Isn’t that great, when we all know students enjoy spending time online?

These are some reasons why you should open an account in this Wordpress platform service:

1. Experiment with contemporary, customizable themes.
2. Simply embed videos, podcasts, images and a whole lot more.
3. Import from other blogging sites – or export back to them.
4. Great support and community.
5. These are not just blogs you know… it's a Wordpress technology.
6. It’s not (just) the technology, it’s the pedagogy too.

While you click away, please, feel free to drop any comments whether you know a better place to host free blogs in an educational commitment. Enjoy!

Hillary Thinks: MacCain Will 'Gut Obama Like A Fish'

One of the things I hate about politics is that in this arena everything is acceptable. Today I saw a magazine where the subtitle said 'How Hillary will win' this democratic nomination and immediately it pointed it out, is better to ask 'How Hillary lose' the nomination?. All media is talking about how all the political machinery of the Clinton's has failed, many reports even say the same advisers are not happy about themselves because they don't know (they weren't prepared) to fight the Obama phenomenon. Just today is circulating a picture that nobody knows how come it hit the net, surprisingly now the Hillary feels behind even in Texas where Hispanics that regularly were loyal to Clinton are jumping ship according to an interview to a member of Davila's family over the south of Texas, he had pictures showing in his terms, that one third were white, the other third Hispanic and the remaining black. In Ohio, workers need answers and they think the Clintons already had their opportunity and now it's time for a change, no more outsourcing jobs from Ohio manufacturing plants.

CBS and the NYT poll found Obama ahead of Hillary nationally, 16-points ahead. Now they want to stop Obama telling Americans that cultural heritage is bad. Everyone already knows the spiritual origins of Obama ancestors, Muslim. So, what is wrong about to wear something is part of their spirituality and culture. What American living in another country can be diminished just because he/she likes to celebrate Thanksgiving in the very American way?

Why they don't show and comment about The Clinton Chronicles? I want to save your time, just click the video and make your very own conclusions.

eBlogTemplates Wants To Convert Wordpress Themes

This is our gratitude for the person who's made this blog not only look nice but very professional (not money down). eBlogTemplates is holding a contest from now until March 16th, 2008. As the post says, all bloggers are in call just make sure your Wordpress selection are under Open Source and it is a in a blog-style format.

After finding what you think is the winning template, paste the template name and url where it can be demoed and downloaded from in the comments box below. Make sure there’s not already the same template suggested otherwise the person who first submitted it will only be considered. If you’ve designed your own template feel free to suggest it as well. Just make sure it’s really cool and high quality otherwise it might be removed from the list

So, join in David W Cowhill and help him help others to get a nice Wordpress theme converted into Blogger code. We have plenty of time to participate and choose among those thousands of nice looking Wordpress designs.


I've noticed many hits are coming to this page, looking for templates to be switched into Wordpress. Here a good place to place such a requisition, it's not for free but very, very affordable.

A shake up before we fall asleep

I've reading lots lately and no time to publish on this beautiful place, our blog. The american politics is becoming so interesting as to see who's going to compete for the White House position, next to McCain. It seems to me the political machinery from Clinton's family is lost. At this point, is Obama who's the front runner; I might be wrong but let's see what happens after March 4th.

In the mean time why not give it a try. Entrecard allowed to meet very interesting bloggers at the same time we've got some visibility on the net.

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