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Open Search: Jimmy Wales Says!

Hey, we all love the concept of open source. It excites us. Despite the fact that the vast majority of computer users rely on creations born of a proprietary nature for most. In an ideal world, everything should be “open”. I’m sure you’d agree. If not. please make me eat my words.

From Ubuntu to Wikipedia. I am sure you all are familiar with these names. The brainchild of Jimmy Wales has grow prominently and is one of the most widespread online sources. He also has wikia for business porpouse and lately has being said he's bought LookSmart. Why? Because he's thinking of a Open Search Machine, a new search engine that focuses on quality results, rather than complete and total crawling. "Search is part of the fundamental structure of the Internet and should be transparent and open." says Wales.
According to Reuters, "The new Wikia search service will combine computer-driven algorithms and human-assisted editing when the company launches a public version of the search site toward the end of 2007".

However, according to search analyst Greg Sterling, he has doubts about how successful the venture can be. For Wikia’s open-source search engine to work, he said, the quality of search results will have to stand out. Previous open-source efforts, such as the Linux operating system, have worked and have managed to threaten proprietary technologies such as Microsoft’s Windows. But the situation with Google and an upstart like is not quite the same, Mr. Sterling said.

As for ourselves, we still have confidence in the open source. I will be a prominent user of this new project at the end of this year when it's planned to be launched.

Should Facebook Be Banned? Tell Us What Do You Think.

"...Depending on the field of expertise, I believe that some people's jobs could benefit from the use of social networks. Those who have to keep in contact with clients could greatly benefit from a social network such as Facebook, which provides a central place to communicate and stay organized. Did I mention that it could be a breeding ground for prospective clients and customers with a user base of 30 million active users?"

If you are interested in this history why you don't Digg it!

Educational Matters: Why Don't Scratch Each Other's Back?

Now that we all educators can benefit from Creative Commons for opening not only mistakes as those in Britannica but learn about our conductual changes when we publish or write a blog in terms of Socratic Methods, be good teaching science, how to strive while facilitating the math core, looking for a better educational research, developing a sine qua non skillful teaching or simply find new and better educational blogs not only for reading but most importantly feeding our teachers! We all know then, Education really matters, indeed.

This roundup wouldn't be written if we were not clear that linking and attracting readers is a priority when you blog. As we move up to the evolutive internet triangle we come to conclude that relationship isn't everything when we blog. But it is not about content only. It goes beyond that. Its about attracting readers and more importantly -- keeping those readers as our fellow BlogBloke declares. So, who cares about PR if you don't have enough readers, people who are interested in what you have to say, internauts who happened to cross by your blog and suddenly stop by to read something that caught their eyes (eye candy content should we say?)and then bookmark your page, subscribe to your blog and when you don't even realize they come back to see what news you have written!

Hope you are getting as much visitors (readers) as we have, if not please follow the expert advise and keep working hard not only to play Google PR but publish important information and overall keep and attract readership.

Who cares about new PR?

I know many of you will be thinking why this blog goes into this game. Well, please allow me to say that something everyone loves is to be in head of everything that is good and even when I do accept that this is a bad idea, getting links is fine, just don’t plot to get them. Try to link naturally, not forced. Why is everyone always convinced that gaming the system is the key to success? I don't want to answer but maybe Google will do it for me. (Follow the Q & A section)

Here, two ways to built your very own back links game:

Here are the rules for FIRST TRY:

1. Copy this post from the point where it says “Start Copy Here” to the point where it says “End Copy Here”
2. Add yourself and 5 of your favorite bloggers to the end of the list.
3. Post this on your blog.


Using Facebook Professionally

I've already dugg it but I would like to share this link with you because certanly many people is running to Facebook just to get a piece of this big social cake.

I've jumping around with all socialnetworks that had been launched. I am part of LinkedIn, Peopleized, Spicy not to mention iLike, Twitter or Pownce. But one that make me stop, think and stand is Facebook not only because it's for college students but all people looking for contacts, information and sharing. However, using professionally this socialnetwork application has other connotations:
If you haven’t gotten drawn in by the hype, it may surprise you to learn that many people have already found Facebook to be an essential addition to their web working toolbox. Why? Because the Facebook social networking experience can be precisely what you want to make of it. Think of Facebook as a professional tool, and that’s what it is. It doesn’t matter how millions of high school and college students are using Facebook to get out of doing homework.

Follow up all others interesting post Judi Sohn has written in Web Worker Daily. As for me this is one of the most important ones.


Facebook is so over.

Math lab experiences from a doctoral candidate

I am reading frecuently the Jenny's blog who proclaims to be called very soon Dr. Jenny!! She's being observing a class of rising 5th graders in a two-week math lab class in a district that struggles in terms of student achievement. The class is made of 27 fifth graders and her dean is working with them as a laboratory for learning about teaching and learning.

One of the problems to get solved is: 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8. Where the goal is to get students to learn this in a way that lets them think flexibly about any base they work in, rather than just learning base 8. Want to try? Remember this is 5th, graders stuff.

In other period she was confronted with a number arrangements in order to arrive to concept of fractions. After 30 minutes on the train problem, students spent an hour on fractions.

Jenny points out the problem of conceptualization about what it means to be teaching, she says:
...Teaching is an active practice involving everthing from the teacher's words and physical movement in the room, to the quality of the notation on the board, to the type of homework (completed every night by math lab students)...

And this candidate finishes her report about Math Lab saying that she felt constantly amazed at the level of work it takes to be a great teacher. "For here, it takes deep content knowledge of mathematics, as well as the knowledge of how to prompt learning, how to present new problems and encourage students to use knowledge they have to begin to solve new problems. This isn't easy."

Dear reader, do you think is an easy procedure try to explain a kid nine years old the propieties about adition or substraction?

Learning: A Holistic New Vision

Many years now I've been trying to explain myself why the process of is so powerful and what are the reasons why step up and always start with the concept of teaching as if our brain will first show knowledge than absorb information. The following ideas are based in three post published by W. Richardson and reflect our very personal experience.

It’s not just about the Read/Write Web. It’s more than that. It’s the Read/Write/Connect/Reflect Web as well. It is, in the words of Jay Cross in his book Informal Learning the “Learning is Optimizing the Quality of One’s Networks”. Richarson quotes Jay:

'What can you do' has been replaced by 'What can you and your network connections do?' Knowledge is moving from the individual to the individual and his contacts.

After all I wasn't so wrong as I've stated in this post.

Is it just such a focus on curriculum delivery that 'learning' is all about how to do that job better? Is changing the way we do our own business just too darn hard? Or is this such a huge shift, this idea that we can actually learn through the use of technology that most people just don’t think they have to go there, that they can just keep using it as a way to communicate without the surrounding connective tissue where the real learning takes place? Does anybody want to answer this crucial questions David had brought to us?

I love being taught but I also enjoy learning new things everyday. And that is where some of my thinking really solidified, that passion part. I know this sounds corny, but I was really wishing that every one at could have experienced the same connection that some of the participants felt to this community. The one here where we’re just all talking about how we figure out what needs to happen, what we can do, what the world is going to look like, and how we can help shape it. Where, yeah, we ooohhh and ahhh over someone’s iPhone, but a minute later we’re back to talking about where all of this is headed. Thanks Mr. Richardson for such reflexions and the formal/informal way you present topics related to education business and learning communities.

Productivity with Google Reader

Thanks to Tim Ferris. More about Google Reader here

Not Server Found -Error 404

I was trying to change my lay out that I've got, thanks to Diddy, and suddenly this scary message showed up. My blog still is in Blogspot but what it seems to happen is something went wrong with Godaddy, the host. If for some reason you are lucky to read this post, I will gladly appreciate any input. I can't be holding all day for my blog, but I will be back very soon!

I am not using anymore the GoDady hosted address, it seems that something went wrong while trying to move up from this blog and follow our friend's recomendation, BB. Now, check out the message I am getting from the old and the supposedly look out I've got when switching to Obviously, I must made a mistake.

Anybody able to help me out on this one? I will pay 10 linkbacks for such a great service. What about it? And if it is free, God will throw you many blessing on yourself!

Technorati: , ,

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Googlerati, Gotechnorati or GoogleTechnorati?

[...Does Google aspire to be the next Technorati? Remember, Technorati attained notoriety for rearranging their “Top 100″ list of blogs,favouring some bloggers, while manually removing some others. John Chow was at the receiving end of that too! It was even criticised by the A-listers.

Now, Google, the search engine that we all love, seems to be heading the “Technorati way”.]

Quoted from   TechZilo

Another blog is already hosted in this address!

If you're like TonNet who had to spend many hours trying to understand how the hosting thingy worked in Blogger, then this is your lucky day (for those slow minded people as myself, though).[ES] just pass me the solution that I would like to share with you. From now on you will see a new address in this blog: You don't have to do nothing because Google itself will redirect everything from our old address.

Google Apps and Blogger use the same So what happen is Blogger sees another file hosted in Google Apps and produces an error as the 'title of this post'. What we should do? Wolo explains: Simply, go to, sign in if necessary, input your domain and disable web pages (later you will enable back with another address) or change the web address (now is
-our case-) for or the second by default (my case)

Await around 5 to 10 minutes until all changes have taken place (this is the time for me) and voilá you can start using your new domain.

I've been just tagged!

I don't think many people tag me except Silvia a few months ago. I still owe you that one Silvia. But as for today I've been tagged by Angie. (Eight things about me that I haven’t revealed in this blog).

The rules:

- Each player must post these rules first.
- Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
- People who are tagged need to write about their eight facts on their blog.
- At the end of your blog post, choose eight people to get tagged, list their names, and link to them.
- Don’t forget to contact them telling them they’re tagged. Also, point them to your blog post so they know what to do.

Eight Things About Me (Education & Tech)

1. I don't really like to type very much.
2. I love to drink something while writing.
3. While sleeping my wife (I am not sure) says I snore!
4. I don't like to cheat but the nature is pretty, you know!
5. I love to read at least a book per week.
6. You know what? Don't mess with me, I am very bad tempered.
7. If you need help or advise, I am not the last person to reach!
8. My wife thinks I love more the computer that herself. (Red point)

These fellas I think should be tagged:
1. BlogBloke.
2. Aditya Mukherjee.
3. Claudia Peña.
4. B@b@.
5. Carmen UBH
6. Sonia Tejada.
7. Carlos Jumbo.
8. Catuxa & Vanesa.

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Am I wrong about socialnetworking?

I've always believed that a product gets better sold if it is very well known or advertised. But this is the market and real products. What happened when you have to sell content, knowledge, information?

The market, by 2011 will grow to a whopping $4.3B, Steve Rubel quotes but, it will be very hard competition to grab a penny of that market. There is when the comes just in hand. If I have a circle of friends who happen to visit this blog at least one hundred times a day, that means something for a advertiser or any maketing expert. I do belong to many social networks and the intention is precisely grow the circle of people who can at least see our blog, read our content and eventually buy something from this blog.

Is socialnetworking a waste of time? Please, think twice and let us know we all are not wrong about the buzz.

Writing is different than posting !

Well, I think it all depends of the audience. I cannot write the posts you are used to see in our blog for, let's say a Physics Summit. I do have to write if I have to make a particular presentation about Finite Math or explain in detail how to install a determined script in your theme that way it does not intefere with the other already working in your blog or page.

Blog Bloke has brought to our attention the Jacob Nielsen writings dicotomy:

"... It doesn’t really matter what name you want to call it or how many words your post article post is (to a point of course). Just make sure that your content is up to snuff without any of the fluff. And if you are going to link bait with catchy titles like Copyblogger will tell you (or if you use SEO tricks), please make certain that your readers won’t be disappointed when they click on your link."

It sounds the same as the dilemma: are bloggers really journalists? Now, Nielsen wants to look down our fellas bloggers, just because they are not going to publish in the Science Magazine! I am not a writer. Absolutely. But nobody can say for sure that TonNet can't write. That's a very basic skill we all learned when we were about 7 - 8 years old and keep practicing since then. Voilá!

Jeff Atwood has his very own saying about this matter.

Feedburner integrates to Blogger

As you all know, Feedburner now is owned by Google. This made happy all Blogspot/Blogger users. Why? very simple:If you want detailed stats on who is reading your Blogger blog, it’s now easy to do. The integration also works with blogger blogs not hosted on the Blogspot domain. (Sumesh, still waiting for the script!)

Now that everyone is trying to make money throughout Social Networks, such integration came just handy.

Feedburner’s instructions: "log into your Blogger account, select Settings | Site Feed, enter your FeedBurner feed address and click 'Save Settings'."

Tired of doing the same thing everyday?

Jay White has written a list of 12 interesting ways to jumpstart your daily life:

Here they are:

1. Take a break.
2. Create a personal mantra.
3. Set one goal for this year.
4. Identify the essentials.
5. Eliminate the rest.
6. Start small.
7. Make a commitment.
8. Find inspiration.
9. Try exercise.
10. Think positive.
11. Do it now.
12. Make time for yourself.

Yes, I know. You will be saying. Same list I've seen many times! Well, not the very same but the only chance you can start all over again if today for some reason you're feeling like 'this is not my day1' Heck!

Pownce Review: Ramani and his Adobe Captivate

As all you know Pownce just came and is playing hard with Twitter. That only disgusting thing about it is that my gmail account is getting full with Pownce notifications. I still don't know how to shut notifications down. But what I love is the chances to interchange files. If you still don't have an account just drop me an email or leave a comment asking for an invitation and I'll gladly spare some of those left.

Ramani is the person who designed the theme for Education & Tech. Now you can get it for your blog for free (he's revamping the new NEO). Thanks Ramani. Don't get to Hackosphere without checking first his review of Pownce using Adobe Captivate.

Succesfull Blogging: Dirty Job!

Originally uploaded by Scoble
"If you’ve got a friend who thinks they can make money with their blog, get them to read this piece. Like all people who rise to the top of their profession, it demonstrates a simple truth: good bloggers work like dogs. You better believe it! Making a blog successful and making people want to come back for more everyday is more than a full time job that not only needs dedication but it needs a certain amount of eccentricity and obsessive devotion."

So, don't think of the 7 Wonders when you want to reach the top of pinacle and be an authority in the blogosphere!

iPhone: Josh Quittner doesn't like it anymore

This guys has decided to return his iPhone and many Mac fonds cry and don't understand why? However, he says iPhone will have to wait until its primetime. Its'n not time yet and list the reason why he's taking advantage of his 14 days policy return:

1. Verizon's coverage is far better.
2. My Treo's battery lasts longer and won't cost me a bundle and three days to replace.
3. The iPhone keyboard needs improvement.
4. Without Flash, too much of the Web is off limits.
5. The WiFi connectivity was flaky and not as fast as I had hoped.
6. It's too expensive—both the device, and the monthly service.

Hold on! Don't leave yet without reading Jonh Gruber's refutations, point by point!

Multiple Intelligencies

Take the Test: I bet you will love it!

Debugging your iPhone

Brilliant the Joe Hewitt's work that has been developed now that teachie guys are playing with the 'future', their iPhones. The Firebug he is talking about has being tried on Mac OS X, but it should work on Windows or Linux, says Joe. I have only tested the console in Firefox, but it should work in other browsers, he continues.

The instruccions for using Firebug for iPhone, are detailed:

1. Download and unzip it somewhere, anywhere on your computer.
2. Make sure you have Python installed - if you are on a Mac, it is already there, if you are on Windows, download it here
3. Open your terminal and cd to the ibug directory that you just unzipped
4. Run python launch - it will start the web server and open the console in your browser. If you don't want to open the console, remove the launch argument.
5. Copy the snippet of HTML that you see in the console and paste it into the head of any HTML pages you want to debug on your iPhone
6. That's it! console.log() calls on the phone will now show up in your browser, and you can use the command line to enter JavaScript commands that execute on the phone. To stop the server, just hit Ctrl-C.

Wanto to give it a try?

Commited to a Water Bottle?

Want to do something help stop the climate crisis? Stop buying bottled water. Last year Americans spent $15 billion "for a product we have always gotten, and can still get, for free in hour homes. Consumption of bottled water is clogging our landfills and contrary to popular advertising, the great majority of bottled water is just filtered tap water (Aquafina and Dasani, for example). Only 12% of all plastic bottles are recycled in the United States... each day in the US more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away. That's a lot of waste and just think of the energy used to create those plastic water bottles!

Still Don't Know How to Use RSS

Arc90lab: 25 New Ways To Use RSS

Time Wasting Habits of Bloggers

I think it deserves to give credit Quick Online Tips for work out on this ten list. Are you wasting time while try to catch up with everything you've found in the Internet? Think twice from now on:

1. Unsubscribe from common or unnecessary feeds.
2. Leave the Template Alone, you don't need to change it day by day.
3. Test Ads Longer, at least one week.
4. Beyond Statistics. No more than once a day.
5. Turn IM Offline, stay connected only when needed.
6. Email twice a day, you are not in the Costumer Service desk.
7. Forget Akismet Spam Comments.
8. Turn Off Adsense Notifier.
9. Reduce Keyword Alerts.
10. Stop Thinking. Start blogging.

Is there any particular way you personally think you've been wasting time while blogging? Why you don't share it and make blogging more effective and efficient.

Picasa Mobile

Happy July 4th, for all those living in America. Today is the National Day for all U.S. people.

Google has launched the first version of the photo software for mobile devices. Like the desktop version, it conveniently groups together all your images into easily browsing groups. You can also click ‘My Favorites’ from the main screen to connect to the Internet and see the latest photo albums that your contacts have posted to Picasa Web Albums, and leave comments. I am not a Picasa user yet, but I am feeling like trying it now.

Google says there’s no messing around with resizing either - all images are automatically re-sized for your device’s screen so that they download quickly. There’s also a built-in search that lets you retrieve any photo you’ve posted online, find photos posted by your friends or simply just have fun exploring other people’s photos. Note that you’ll need a phone with a web browser and WAP plan to access the service. The convenient blogging function that allows to those using Blogger to post photos directly from their phone is one of the interesting options. The mapping function it offers allows you to link photos to locations. It also might be another important feature.

What do you think?

Pownce or Twitter

All depends of how you're going to use them. As for me I guess I will stick to Twitter. Why? Very simple has more time in the market and the socialnetwork that has been built is enormous. I haven't play enough with Pownce (I also have invitations if you want to give it a try, thanks Luis) but what I miss a lot is the not integration with SMS which to me is very important because you can publish on the go!

I also believe that Twitter is working already undertable to implement the thigs they don't have so far and compete with the new kiddo. I don't think they can afford to lose such a great traffic. What I do like from Pownce is the chances you have to create groups and the posibilities of upload and tranfers files, which is a plus!

But as the iPhone, let's see what happens in the days to come, maybe I am wrong but only users can decide what's the best for them. For more about this post, please go and chech Kevin vs. Evan.

Men Still Very Hard To Please!

The problems with GUYS:

* If you TREAT him nicely, he says u are IN LOVE with him; If you Don't, he says you are PROUD.

* If you DRESS Nicely, he says you are trying to LURE him; If you Don't, he says you are from KAMPUNG.

* If you ARGUE with him, he says you are STUBBORN; If you keep QUIET, he says you have no BRAINS.

* If you are SMARTER than him, he'll lose FACE; If he's Smarter thanyou, he is GREAT.

* If you don't Love him, he tries to POSSESS you; If you Love him, he will try to LEAVE you.

* If you tell him your PROBLEM, he says you are TROUBLESOME; If you don't, he says that you don't TRUST him

* If you SCOLD him, you are like a NANNY to him; If he SCOLDS you, it is because he CARES for you.

* If you BREAK your PROMISE, you cannot be TRUSTED; If he BREAKS his, he is FORCED to do so.

* If you SMOKE, you are BAD girl; If he SMOKES, he is a GENTLEMAN.

* If you do WELL in your exams, he says it's LUCK; If he does WELL, it's BRAINS.

* If you HURT him, you are CRUEL; If he HURTS you, you are too SENSITIVE!!& sooo hard to please!!!!!

* If guys read this, they will swear that it's not true.......but if you do, they say you are selfish.....

Hey girls and guys ...tell me what u think of this list?

Geeks: Will you get an iPhone?

Personally, I will hold on based on these reasons. Fortunatelly, the news come in a very different way!
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