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Using RSS in the Classroom

I am not quite sure whether RSS is really simple for the average people or even for our educators in the classroom. The problem is once you already know how to play with those kind of subscription you have to learn how to deal with hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of information. It's a necesity to learn How to Read your Feeds.

Mark Wagner trying to explain why do you need RSS, says: RSS saves you time by bringing the updates to you when they are available..

Since our schools are designed to work with projects or small research in my own words, the students also can benefit from the RSS feeds. W. Richardson suggests: Say you have a student that is doing a project or a paper on global warming. He can create a RSS feed that would bring any news about that matter in his aggregator as soon as it was published.

Are you ready to start working with any of the most popular feed readers? How do you plan to read over a hundred subscriptions daily? What about your students[ES], will be able to cope that quantity?

For All Our Fallen Man!

Please do not disregard the courageous ladies in this Memorial Day!

I was talking with a friend o mine yesterday and I started to think that all you need is a great idea. Why after many months writing in your blogs, you can't start monetizing on it? Is it the process that took off YouTube, Friendster, Xobni, isn't it? So, why you don't try to get some income from Payperpost, ReviwMe or Agloco!

Of course as our friend told us we need to optimize our blog in the very first place. You won't need to have more outgoing links than those incoming to yours. Try to link to sources with a higher PR. And follow a decent policy of linking in places like Digg.

We also have the oportunity to go along with those conferences that are becoming more of a relationship with a trusted source, and less of a casual encounter, such as Elearnspacelikes to call it. In order to get income our blogs need to have a very reasonable traffic which in turn needs to be created with such relationships, comments, quality, frecuency, steadiness and length ot each of your posts!

Not to mention the wide diversity of audience you will attend and you'll have to reach!

Now, dear friend of mine it seems like this is a faulty post for our pourposes. Why? Because I have seven outgoing links and only one is incoming...!

Sex is Not the Same as Love. What Do you Think?

Wanting To See Vaginas Is A Crime,Your Honor, Am Guilty!

But please do not do it in your job place or even near to your office. Follow through. See also these statistics.

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Manual To Success

I was reading my Bloglines subscription and I've found pretty much interesting the history written by Nancy Mitchell about the history of an student in Denver which might be a good example of perseverance that many of us lack up. For those ouside the US.these week many Senior just graduated from High School and were having fun this Friday night.

No is the case for Julissa Torrez. This is a poem she wrote to honor her hard working mom:

Parents don't go to games
go home being ashamed
food stamps to Medicaid
parents putting their kids in fame
we are all the same
poor, slang, hustlas
we are all each others customers.

Does she try to answer all these questions?

YouGoogle: Making Google Easy Is Hard

Marissa Meyer in Universal Search:

YouGoogle first saw in Buzzmachine.

Graduates: Innovation and Competitiveness

Ricardo Perez presents an excerpt of the Backbone of American Compettiveness and Innovation. Here the agenda to strengthen U.S competitiveness and innovation through a renewed commitment to graduate education:

.Develop a highly skilled workforce by fostering collaboration among leaders in higher education, business and government.

.Expand participation of underrepresented groups in all fields, especially those essential to America’s competitiveness and national security.

.Create a vision for all US students that portrays careers in the STEM fields as engaging, compelling, transparent and remunerative.

.Produce highly educated workforce with advanced skills and the flexibility to compete in an interdiciplinary environment at the frontier of knowledge creation.

.Attract and retain the best and brightest students from around the world, and

.Enhance the quality of graduate education through ongoing evaluation and research.

All around what is called STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. "With a high percentage of doctorates in these fields being from outside the US, and the increasing problems to get the necesary permissions to go there or stay there, plus the fact that the country wants to focus on those areas and get more interest from young students in the research fields, marks clearly the transition to, what everybody has been preaching for years, to a knowledge-based economy. This new big reality will take most countries by surprise if they are not ready to have a lot of young people ready to innovate and take risks."

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Sudan: Debating Darfur

On Thursday May 24, Reuters will be holding another of their Newsmaker events, this time on the subject of Darfur.

The event will take place in New York, starting 9:30 AM Eastern Time, and the event page is here. If any of you happens to be in New York and wishes to attend, here's a link through which you can RSVP. You can also participate sending questions or comments to the "Join the Debate" link on the event website

Ndesanjo from GVO online will be will be attending the event and may also live-blog it. If you want to get a link in GVO you just have to post about Darfur and send the link to:

Kids Not Only Have to Be Good When They're in the Cyberspace

This is the conclusion Sean FitzGerald arrived after reading Thomas Friedman's article where he says that all kids with camera cell phone are paparazzos and everyone with a blog is a journalist(citizenjournalist), so he concludes, all these people becomes public figure and have to be good.

FitzGerald, moves forward and declares that just because a kid or teen becomes a public figure doesn't have to stop having fun, they just need to learn to be careful with the info they hang online. Who's going to teach them? Well, in the very first place parents and after the school. Do not expect nothing from 'society' or even friends of those kids! Can be distracted very easily from journalism to sex, and that's another business.

At this point we can't even let our kids just research online without direction. Google still have a way to go in this matter and the schoolers have to learn how to search efficiently. Scoble has a point about Ruby and Rails and notices that even Yahoo and Microsoft offered better results in this field!

flickSLiDR: Paul Stamatiou Slideshow

"The next time you want to post a flickr slideshow on your website, just head over to flickrSLiDR and provide it with the URL of the flickr photostream, photoset or group that contains the pictures to put in a slideshow. For photostreams and groups, you can specify tags or a full text query to fine tune the type of pictures to be displayed in the slideshow. You can also specify the dimensions of the slideshow."

He only did a limited amount of user testing so please let him know if you have any feedback or see any errors. Please!

Knowing isn't Achievement...

Not only the Internet can haunt us with our memories but thanks to social networks nowadays we are not obliged to remember every person we meet. Much of this doesn't even need to be said in Dan Visel words when tries to associate this argument with Plato's Phaedrus. Do we still need to remember names, formulas, phone numbers? Will it be a solution to start showing skills to our kids at early ages such as Dangerous Books for Boys?

Now back to our title. S. Downes says that knowing isn't achievement...It's a continuous act of becoming! Thanks Mr. Downes. It’s the journey and the process and the questions, not the destination or the result or absolute answers.

For more on education please head up to the Education Stories from The Onion. Also you might be interested in the School's Out Forever!

Flickr in the Censhorship Business..!?

I was looking through my popurls and I've founded quite interesting to follow the conversation about what's ging on with Rebekka's case. It seems Flickr had removed on of her pics because her complains about that money other company is making with her very own pictures. She posted her frustration on her flickrstream and they decided is remove her image from their site. Saying: Flickr is not a venue for to you harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. If we receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we will send you a warning or
terminate your account.

I do respect what Flickr does but this kind of attitude affects the commmunity they have grown. Please, allow more days to see what happens with this matter and if you like to support this cause your blog post are very welcome.

Update: Profy has its own version. Go read it.

Mobile Banking and Why Students Don't Love to Go Online in Cell Phones

Technology is inexorably tied to progress, but when it busts into our lives and subtly tells us that we're doing something that might help "us" in our daily activities we've got think in new ways to use and spend money. Cindy Aleo-Carreira has written an article under Banking 2.0 and is in this post where she is pointing out a new service that I think will change that way the banks operate, besides PayPal, eBay, Kiva and Google itself. She is talking about Obopay or the money transfer by cell phones!

This new service has nothing to do with the research results with the use of Internet in UK youngsters. Students are typically early adopters of services such as mobile Internet, and the trial clearly demonstrates that operators should address such issues as downtime, web page layout and rich web functionality.

Yahoo! is doing some updates for MyBlogLog Just in time...!

Ethan Zuckerman's : Global Voices' Co-founder own History

"It’s hard for me to write about the rationale of Global Voices because the project isn’t my project alone. It began as a partnership and rapidly turned into a vast international collaboration. I know that Rebecca and I have different reasons for our involvement with the project, and I strongly suspect that my reasons are different from David’s, Amira’s, Ndesanjo’s, or those of any of the dozens of people who actually build the site every day. This post offers some of my reasons for being involved with Global Voices; my reasons may be close to, or far from, everyone else’s."

Knowledge Strategy

Mark in Anecdote makes a list of generic knowledge strategy objectives that includes:

1. Attract and retain the best people
2. Minimise the impact of people leaving – or better retain our knowledge
3. Build better relationships
4. Enhance collaboration
5. Build skills and know-how
6. Improve innovation
7. Improve how we learn from mistakes and successes
8. Improve ability to find relevant expertise
9. Better deal with complex situations
10. Improve ability to search for and find information
11. Avoiding reinventing the wheel
12. Finding and applying good practice
13. Encouraging people to call for help.

I am experiencing some changes in my place of work and I've found these objective quite useful. What about you? Do you think it will help in focusing your knowledge strategies?

Researchers need curiosity

I've been reading this post and made think twice about what are the skills needed to be an analyst include writing, public speaking, interacting with clients, listening, clear thinking (analysis) etc. . . . and those can all be taught. But more important than all of those is curiosity (Somebody disagree with Mr. Rubel?. And it can't be taught (at least not to adults already set in their ways.) Luckily, for analysts, attempting to satisfy one's curiosity IS the job. Yes, it's a great job.

The other unteachable skill analysts need: courage.

We're researchers. Other researchers (medical, scientists, sociologists, etc.) need curiousity too. Are you one of them? Do you need your curiosity in order to keep up with the blogging business and make your ranking grow?

The cure for boredom is curiosity; alas, there is no cure for curiosity.

Online Buzz: What's Going On Outside this Box

First of all the big hit is that Microsoft released Windows Live Hotmail. Nothing to do with the unlimited storage Gmail has to offer, though.

I've just downloaded Snap Links for Firefox and that whole history about the $ 55 million dollars is registered in the interview of Mitchell Baker, CEO of the Mozilla Foundation.

This is big. MySpace has bought Photobucket (and some are saying Microsoft is doing the same with Yahoo!). I know many of you still love MySpace but even when they became stronger buying Photobucket I still love Facebook.

If you're still struggling with your posts you better head up to Lorelle VanFossen' blog. She had written 101 ways to create original blog posts content! This is a way to know where can you get your readers.

Finally, AOL goes mobile (I am still waiting for YouTube to go also mobile) and another way to make money with your blog, selling text links.

Network Proximity to Everything is Miscellaneous

You and I pretty much know how important is to get into networks nowadays. The contacts you have will determine the level of success you get and while more connected you are the most chances you have. Explanation no necesary if you take as example what's going with Twitter, MyBlogLog, Explode, Spicy or Virb.

Today elearnspace starts talking about the learning side of social software. However, the study presented by Ideant shows deeply understanding of networking as it's a transitioning process from being merely a way to describe social realities to serving as a model for organizing them.

Others like Webblogg-ed are interested in new books about the new Theory of Digital Disorder, Will makes a good introduction of Everything is Miscellaneous written by David Weinberger.

Teacher Magazine will be read online only. I was expecting to go there and try to understand bette the concept explained through a meme: Differentiation.

Ahh... Do not forget to check out the The Best of the Blogs brought by Alexander Russo.

Beyoncé: Irreplaceable

Thanks to Yahoo Lyrics you can now learn your very own lyrics as this that I like very much, indeed.

To the left, to the left
To the left, to the left
To the left, to the left

Everything you own in the box to the left
In the closet that's my stuff, yes
If I bought it please don't touch

And keep talking that mess, that's fine
But could you walk and talk at the same time?
And it's my mine name that is on that tag
So remove your bags let call you a cab

Standing in the front yard telling me
How I'm such a fool, talking about
How I'll never ever find a man like you
You got me twisted

You must not know 'bout me
You must not know 'nout me
I could have another you in a minute
Matter fact he'll be here in a minute, baby

You must not know 'bout me
You must not know 'nout me
I can have another you by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you are irreplaceable.

... more.

The Z-List Network

I do really love links (not memes precisely. So, I've decided to promote the well know Z-List.

How can you participate? Please, follow the numerals and try to publish it in your blog as soon as possible:

1. Create a new post on your blog.
2. Copy and Paste the entire list of blog links below
3. Add any blogs that you want to include near the top of the list. (This isn’t compulsory, so you can either add as many blogs as you want or none at all.)
4. Include the blog where you first got the list from, on the list in your post.
5. Do not include your own blog links on the list in your post.
6. Make sure that all links point to each blog’s homepage.
7. Publish the Post.

Here are my adds

SuperCool Blog
Technical Bliss
Blogging to Fame -I've got the list from here

Thi is the list that I've got

Taking Over The Web One City At A Time
Irish in Denmark
Franciov Weblog
The Thinking Blog

Connected Internet
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Flee the Cube
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Relationship with your Readers Matters

Susan Wu writes a blog about Web 2.0 and Venture Capital. What caught my attention is this post applied mainly to the market but pretty easy comparable with what you are doing with your blogs. Weblogs are the single most valuable piece of real estate for people who really thinks blogging is a serious activity.

She is talking about avatars and endorse MyBLogLog because it facilitates passive and serendipitous discovery. She also talks about the emotional relationships among users (in our case readers). How avatars are undervalued right now and why identity matters because you're more likely to invest in an avatar identity that is fun and cartoony than one that is photorealistic, given the current state of where blogger sentiment is.

In this post that I like a lot, Susan is asking for some answers. Will anyone of our readers might be able to answer at least one?

1. What happens in an online environment when there are absolutely NO cognitive barriers between our online and offline selves?
2. Why does an avatar matter at all?
3. What types of relationships do people have with each other online and how can an avatar make that more or less meaningful?

Boss Not Always Might Be Honest About Praise!

70 Percent Of All Praise Sarcastic

Twitter: Not only a way to communicate but make networking

I had received a lot a buzz about Twitter (now also in your cell phone or mobile). But I hve discovered is that many twitters also have their personal pages or blogs and you come to meet very interesting people or facts. This is the case ( and I am not for any interchange of links or being paid) of Shake Well Before Use which I've found interesting, funny, smart and sometimes ruthless. But I like the most is the way she handles the technological issues.

You better head upt to Ariel Waldman page and check out her posts about Technology or healthy sex.

Want to know more about Twitter? Follow up the conversations in Slash Chick.

Looking for more geek blogs?

Not too late. Check out the elaborated list in Computerworld. It doesn't show our blog but you will see many of those we read almost daily.

And if you like gadgetry, head up to abhatnagar. See what he's saying about the Google phone buzz. He's an expert in the cell phones field.

And if you like this blog design, do not hesitate to pay Ramani a visit. Now you can get NEO for Free! Kudos Ramani!

Did you hear that... new profile change of one of the most respected guys in the tech world, Guy Kawasaki?

I know you will be asking what is this all about, 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b -d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0. Well, keep reading to learn about this censorship.

Blogger: Things I Haven't Written in a While

I am being a little bit lazy in about the tech title of this blog I've concentrated in educational and social matters but today I've decided to move a little to the new Blogger which has been buzzing lately not only because of its final changes but also the authorities in this field.

One of my favorites is always Beautiful Beta. In this occasion for those following his work, shows how to display more than 100 posts (an update to this tweak) But not only that, Hans has created a Wiki where he compiles all his experiences, tips and tricks about Blogger.

Freshblog is not updating so frequently as before but the last week he wrote a long update about the presentation and use of Yahoo pipes in sidebar of your blogs. If you check his blogroll you will find a neat organization of those links and of course much information related to blogtech and webtech.

Once in the top list of my readings (today is he's not posting steadily, PurpleMoggy has developed a calendar widget which looks interesting if you like to browse your archives through a calendar of if you were thinking to switch to Wordpress just because of a calendar!

I am not sure how many visitors understand programming or web development but for those who really do you better step up in Ecmanaut' blog. Here, he tells you how to scope user scripts to HTML pages.

Our mentor and designer Ramani has not being writing steadily either but last weeks he asked for an update to his Neo Template. I've implemented withouth harsh and I hope everyone who's being using it already updated their Neo.

Phydeaux who takes the credit for our label cloud has released a post where he discuses the idea of Heading Image Uploading. No more really bad tutorials on how to get an image in your header, let Blogger do the work (ok I'm just hoping that means no more really bad tutorials, I suspect they will continue).

And Consumer Experience just jumped in to let us know that PNG and GIF uploads slow down your blog. She says: "If you upload a pic or photo to Blogger via the post editor, Blogger creates a thumbnail picture of your original, which is then displayed in your blog post." Awkward because what you've got in the New Blogger actually increases the file size of the thumbnail displayed on your blog, to bigger than the original file's size - and even bigger than the full size versions!

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