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Using Blogs for Conferences: Edublogger Experience

Steli Efti yesterday patronize the Edublogger Event 2007 which in all standards was a success. Someone while commenting in a fellow blog said, we don't need to dress up anymore, we have the chance to attend conferences from the commodity of your home and your computer.

Blogs can also be used for workshops. Even when we will see a hard fight for the Internet Neutrality we will keep moving forward in the educational matters.

I want to thank a old friend not because age (He still so young). Sumesh has made some tweaks for our search box and look pretty and much professional. Thanks again Sumesh not only for the public honor but for the mention. Much power to you as Steli likes to motto.

Network Neutrality: Save the Internet!

Paul Stamatiou:YouTube Undergoing Massive Changes

Between the Cyberbullers and the Networked Education

I couldn't post yesterday but I am still on time to endorse the Stop Ciberbullying Day especially after the widely debated Kathy Sierra's case. "...If we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.” cites Stephanie Sandifer. I have a 10 years boy that even in his rides to school every morning had experienced the bullying, now what might happened after they get home and reach their computers? Their parents are hard workers and they rely very little on parents but friends (from school, what a coincidence). Who's behind to check out the behaviour of these kids or teens? Well, keep reading. Andy Carvin writes his own history.

The Edublogger Event07 is in progress and we will be talking about socialnetworking and its impact on Education. You can argue that today we experience a social change, the conversation among bloggers carries out knowledge and experiences. We all are moving forward thanks to the process of learning not in the traditional school but throughout networks.

Some educators are talking about dichotomies and pairs in order to explain the phenomena lying in education: there are interesting concepts about anti-teaching. Change Agency establishes, No Learning=No Teaching , in that order. And others begun to talk about pairs: productivity vs. creativity.

Do you have a different way to explain all this stuff? We would like to know your opinions.

EduBlogger Event07: This Saturday, Virtual Speakers All Day Long

This is part of a Manifesto in favor of a new concept of education. The event can be Digged and all of you are very welcome to join us this Saturday , March 31. All Day. For those in the Eastern Time please update your schedule three plus hours need to be added to the regular times shown in this schedule.

It´s all about new & revolutionary education concepts & ideas - meet speakers and attendees in the comment box for great conversations.

The schedule is as follows:

WHEN: Saturday, 03/31/07
WHERE: Steli Efti´s Supercool Blog
WHAT: New Post and Speaker Every Half Hour
First Session: 10am - 1pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)
Second Session: 2pm - 5pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)

10:00 - hj barraza on Decentralised Learning Services for Developing Countries.
10:30 - Jon Bennett on Differentiation for Dummies.
11:00 - Florence Meichel on New technology and knowledge accessibility.
11:30 - Peter Haslam on The Need for Self-Directed Learning
12:00 - Liz Strauss on The Ergonomics of You.
12:30 - Michael Beck on Long Term Memory / Human Computer Storage Techniques.

- break -

02:00 - Joshua Hwang on Zen of Studying.
02:30 - TonNet on Socialnetworking Phenomena & the Impact on Education.
03:00 - Pat Aroune on Community of practice as a model for change in today's schools.
03:30 - Steve Dembo on Is anonymity critical to the success of the edu blogosphere?
04:00 - Steli Efti on The 7 lessons we learned at school that could possibly ruin our lifes.
04:30 - Tiara Shafiq with a bonus post.
05:00 - Open discussion about education...

Why We All Making Websites?

This is a very interesting question brought by J D Wilbur. Every time we need to start a project the very first thing we think up front is a website. And then the author keeps on "I realized that I have a strong predilection for websites because I love the web, and I know what I'm doing when it comes to sites. But that doesn't mean a site is always the right form for every project. It prompted me to reconsider two things: the benefit of Sophie books, and the position of print in light of the network, and what transformations we can make to the printed page."

This last transcript ed part can be associated with the issue about traditionalist journalism and online journalism, many even have come to the conclusion that in short time we won't have any more print editions for very well positioned newspapers. Can this benefit the new tendency and habit of new consumers such as Mobile Play. Here in the U.S almost everything goes mobile, even youtube is starting a new design only for smart phones.

If you looking to move up in the social pyramid then is time you start earning an MBA. What does mean? It means, the Online MBA Degree Programs are a Smart Education Investment. Why? The answer is here but remember it is a conclusion after research that shows those involved in a MBA Program had received job offers with an average annual salary of $92,360 or may give you leverage in achieving a better balance between work (read: fewer hours working) and life outside work.

I like videos and love Internet. So maybe you would like to know those winners of YouTube Awards. Here we go.

Blogging Might Be Dangerous Nowadays

Wesley Fryer posts about  the cyberbulling and death threats to Kathy Sierra. Every blogger deserves respect and needs to be protected for Free Speech. What is happening is really scary and again honest, descent and professional bloggers should write about this issue.

Fryer writes: "What a sad thing it is to see digital tools used to incite fear and bludgeon the psyche of any human being. When that person is someone we know, even if our “knowing” is at an intellectual level due to the virtual window blogs provide into the mind and thinking of that person, our feeling of sadness can be even even more acute."

Scoble also posts about the topic and says: "It’s this culture of attacking women that has especially got to stop. I really don’t care if you attack me. I take those attacks in stride. But, whenever I post a video of a female technologist there invariably are snide remarks about body parts and other things that simply wouldn’t happen if the interviewee were a man."

What do you have to say?

Did you know? -Karl Fisch

Thanks to W. Richardson I am trying to root this video where Karl Fish works to demonstrate some facts and as Weblogg-ed holds it has been seen more 2 million times and that this is only a 'rough estimate'. More on this video is in I want to believe it. Enjoy!

Welcome to Edublogger Event 2007

WHEN: Saturday, 03/31/07

WHERE: Steli Efti´s Supercool Blog

WHAT: New Post and Speaker Every Half Hour
First Session: 10am - 1pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)
Second Session: 2pm - 5pm Pacific Time (GMT -7hrs)

We are pleased to announce with the direction of Steli Efti the first eduevent online.

It´s all about new & revolutionary education concepts & ideas - meet speakers and attendees in the comment box for great conversations.

12 blogger related to education will post each one a thread hosted on this blog. After each post there will be a Q & A session with the author in the comment section.
Each author will have 30 minutes for his/her session. After that the next post will be released ( which didn´t mean that the conversation has to end ).

Hopefully a great day with lots of special conversations all around education and new technologies.

If you are an educator please let other people know about this meeting. Post or redirect any link to the Edublogger Event07.

Dead: Both Newspapers and American Health Care

Scoble again put his finger on traditional media and no surprise, says his predictions remains true: Newspapers are dead if they don't see besides of print world (online world). Good exmaple of what's going on in journalism is GVO, that just grew millions of readers and now you can read it more than one language.

Another interesting post is written by Martin Varsavsky who makes a case on health care and goes in detail to compare the french in front of American services. He points out: "Americans spend the most in the world on medicine but live much shorter lives than most in the developed world. They rank 48th in the world in life expectancy. France is 16th."

Pre-K Teachers Have a Long Lasting Impact in Education

Thanks to Richard Lee Colvin who presents a link to Martha Barnett which explains in detail why and how well trained teachers matter especially in the pre-K level. Here the extract of the most important paragraphs:

"Qualified teachers are the backbone of any educational system. Teachers guide their students' personal and mental development and make them want to achieve. Most of us can point to that special teacher who made a lasting difference in our lives."

"The emerging research clearly shows that better educated pre-k teachers with specialized training are more effective, respond more sensitively to children's needs, and provide more positive feedback and encouragement. Their students score better on language tests, have higher self-confidence, are more sociable, and present fewer behavior problems."

This document was written as an analysis of what will happened in Florida after voters passed the pre-K amendment. The Legislature should adopt a plan during this session to mandate that every pre-K child in Florida has a qualified degreed teacher in every pre-K classroom!

He's married, He has a child.. I love him.

Netvibe is back in business and I've found a portion of philosophy in this particular text:
Go on and cry until your tears run dry.

Go an and cry at broken dreams, it's alright.
Let sorrow have its day and when its gone... will go on.

What will you do. It's matter of heart, brain or plain love?

The Anti-Intellectualism in American Schools

As always I've browsing my subscription and today there is a very interesting document published in Education Week Magazine by Nel Noddings who is professor of education, emerita, at Stanford University and her latest book is Critical Lessons: What Our Schools Should Teach. What she is doing is to work around these questions: All students need more mathematics today than people did in previous generations? What sort of mathematics? Must it be traditional algebra and geometry? Why?
In a bow to analytic geometry, the distance formula is memorized, but with no mention of the Pythagorean theorem. In many geometry classes, no proofs at all are done. (Reducing the emphasis on proof is justified, but eliminating it entirely casts doubt on whether the course should be called geometry.) The end result is that many students have “algebra” and “geometry” on their transcripts, but they can’t pass state tests in math, and they need remedial courses in college. They have had pseudo-algebra and pseudo-geometry. This is pedagogical fraud, and such students are doubly cheated. They do poorly in the required courses, and they are deprived of courses in which they might have done well

We are not promoting intellectual habits of mind. Her objection is to the virtual elimination of intellectual content in many of today’s academic courses.

The second signal is that the overuse of specific learning objectives in all subjects works against the development of intellectual habits of mind. We should expand the possibilities, not narrow them. Intellectual life is challenging, enormously diverse, and rewarding. It requires initiative and independent thinking, not the tedious following of orders. It should not be reduced to mental drudgery, she says.

Take a walk and what are the Best of Blogs in a summary presented by Alexander Russo. So, we can help our students o little one understand better what a blog is and try to help them better.

Now, a little quiz. Do you know who created the very first blog? You might want to start here. No matter what Scoble has said about his former employer: Microsoft sucks!

History of the Blog: Evolution of Blogging.

Wikipedia as Style of Curriculum

Are we still thinking of obsolete curriculum?  Well, probably  we will need to look it over, specially nowadays with infinitesimal changes not only in education but in the information field.  The following is a extract from Remote Access of how Wikipedia without being 100% accurate is foundering in an ocean of rapidly changing times.

"We may have trouble with Wikipedia; it is certainly not a flawless system. But it is good enough for now, for here. As a first source of information that needs to be backed up by more research, Wikipedia is a fabulous starting point that I encourage kids to use.

But the same is true for our official curricula documents. They are good enough for here, for now, but they are certainly not infallible and they will need to change over time at an increasing pace to keep up with our changing ideas of what counts as knowledge".

How long does it take before our officially mandated outcomes need to be updated?

Contest of Ideas for Web Applications

I have received a note in my MyBlogLog network and I had to pay a visit to Juan Fernando who's the person behind this new project.

As himself put it in his own words: The main objective of the contest is to obtain as many ideas for web applications as possible (maximum three ideas per contestant) and then a team of judges must select the ten finalist ideas for the contest.

He promise to launch the very first winner application. But of course in first place you need to contribute and become a winner. The process will consider among other the following characteristics: design, development, marketing, legal.

If you still need further information please visit the homepage of iDeoApp. Just for the record, I am not being paid for this post.

Have a wonderful beginning of the week!

Undocumented Students Might Hold the Key to Impending Economic Crisis in Next Decade

Marisa Treviño from Latina Lista writes about the results of a research conducted by the Boston College where they conclude that  undocumented students will save the aging workforce from a  very rude awakening by 2012.

There are literally thousands, if not millions, of undocumented students who have the excitment and the grades to go to college.

"What is unfortunate is that too many states have only short-term vision and can't see what the future holds for their particular state workforce. Otherwise, they wouldn't be doing their best to penalize these students, who more than likely grew up in this country, by making college overly expensive for these kids and not giving them any hope that they can put their degrees to work once they receive them.

Kids who want to go into education, medicine, engineering and other service sectors are being forced to waste their intellects rather than put them to use to help this country in the future".

Spending on Professional Development

I really loved this post about a The Senator Call. W. Richardson again shows his good style and prompts to a interview that should happen nowadays among politicians in America. Here the most interesting points:
First, in a world where we can learn anything, anywhere, anytime, we need every kid connected to the Internet. Second, we’re going to be throwing good money after bad on all this if we don’t start having a conversation about learning, not more content and skills

Here in America same as Latinamerica we still have way to go in terms of education and good spending of money in this area.

Vagina Is Still a Taboo Word

I am not in the list of the 100 Most Prolific Bloggers but I have the right to speak in name of our costumes and our society. Rose DesRochers has ponted it out in a situation where three high shool girls from Lewisboro, New York were suspended for using the word vagina at a public reading of the Vagina Monologue. We are pushing and asking the same as Saskboy. The challenge is every blogger to use the word 'vagina' in a blog post title! Please for those visitor coming for porno, this is not a Telus place!

At what level the Open Source had influenced on education? The answer is in this post which mentions what's going on in the MIT fields: Open source and open access resources have changed how colleges, organizations, instructors, and prospective students use software, operating systems and online documents for educational purposes. And, in most cases, each success story also has served as a springboard to create more open source projects.

Please, pass this post and help our society understand that the problem are not the words but the meaning of such words as in vagina. Open Source for this matters? No need but we still have a long way to go in education and particularly in sexual education.

Ecuador: Congress Gets a Clean Up!

You should heard a lot about Ecuador politics this weekend. It's not the very first time but now comes along with the visit to Latinamerica of President Bush. It seems pure coincidence that just now President Correa has to be judged for the CIDH(Interamerican Comitte for the Human Rights) as manager of a 'broken institutional country'. I guess, ecuadoreans deserve better not for the congressmen but their hard working people in and out Ecuador. The following are the heads up for the big mess in ecuadorean politics:

"Ecuador’s top electoral court set a date for a national referendum and on Wednesday voted to ax nearly 60 legislators that were deemed to have interfered with the referendum measure." -The Latin Americanist.

"I am angry about this situation but not surprised. Most of the Ecuadorian political leaders think of the country as a personal enterprise." -Watching Quito.

I(President Correa) would make it clear: "The political mafias defenestrated by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal that there is no going back, that we will not allow any more abuse."

"Under the election law, the court has the powers to expel those lawmakers,...But we are going to see a fierce battle over its legality. -Simon Pachano.

"The April 15 Referendum constitutes a fundamental milestone in the process of institutional recovery. The General Secretariat has decided to accept an invitation extended to the OAS by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to observe this vote." -OAS.

"The Ecuadoran Congress is a unicameral body with 100 members. As such, the firing of the 57 means that the Congress has been effectively dissolved." -Poliblog.

"Mr. Correa has a lot of reform to perform with regards to the military and the police force, a task that befalls the replacement of Guadalupe Larriva and Lorena Escudero." -Colonos.

"He (Correa) would be acting illegally if he ignores a potential unfavorable ruling by the Tribunal on a controversial exercise of authority by the country's seven-member Supreme Electoral." -Jurist.

"...Los diputados lloriquean con el escudo de 'fuimos elegidos por votación popular, somos la representación del pueblo'. ¡Vamos, el pueblo no es cojudo!" -Cero Cuatro.


Blogger 'Next Blog' Help and Social Networks

I now there are plenty of tweaks to play with in the new Blogger. W. Richardson got stuck with it and he's asking for input. Many visitors and reader of this blog would be able to help him. Why you don't give him a try?

Two Spanish blogs had published interesting notes about what it means to menear, frisquear and diggear to express similar ideas about what is expected from Digg and the rest of socialnetworking applications such as Twitter and Virb. Do you know what's going on at Spanish Bloggers Union? (Spanish version).

I spent quite of time reading online but I can't let The Economist just past in front of mine. That's why today this post caught my eye. What does Web 2.0 mean? Paul Glazowski put it in a very simple way: Web 2.0 is just a simple progression of the Internet.

I kind of enjoy the field trips not only to geographical locations but for online weblogs as well, check out this field trip to Teacher's Blogs. Meet one of special correspondents in NPR, Larry Abramson and if you still want to keep digging in the education arena, please go and say hi from us to Alexander Russo and his best of the week educational blogs round up.

How Do You Read your Feeds?

Micropersuasion mentions this blog where the author explains how he's organizing and reading his RSS feeds. This is our personal contribution.

I don't use Google Reader but hung it in this blog, especially for tracking the updates in web tech hacks.

I do use Bloglines and I do have folders for personal categories such as: Education, WebTech, Technology, etc. I try to check it up daily but when I am short of time I just open those where my interest is the particular day. Let's say I don't want to know anything about education then I don't even worry in open it up.

I keep an eye of new events and bookmarks through Delicious. I have created a folder which is called 'Draft', meaning that all links that of my interest are saved right there and they are cleared up during the days to follow usually into 8 or 15 days.

What do you do with your subscriptions?

Update: Scoble has posted his answers.

Do Not Unsubcribe from Education & Technology

Darren Rowse after classifying his blog comments has decided to share 34 of the reason why readers unsubscribe from your blog (I've picked only the first 10 in descended order):

1. Too many posts (the post levels are too overwhelming).
2. Infrequent Posting (or the blog is effectively dead).
3. Partial Excerpts Feeds.
4. Blog Changes Focus (too much off topic posting).
5. Too many posts that I see elsewhere (Redundant, Repeated or Recycled News).
6. Uninteresting Content.
7. Irrelevant Content.
8. The Blogger’s Ego - Too much self promotion.
9. Low Quality Content.
10. Too many posts that are too long.

Mea Culpa. I have to accept. I've been struggling so hard for not being between numbers 4 and 5!

Do you need more info? Do not hesitate and give him a visit. Follow the thread!

EarlyStories: Hispanic Children Underserved in Pre-K

Thanks to Richard Lee Colvin, I've found this report that says Hispanic children are underrepresented in state pre-kindergarten programs.

Colvin writes: "The report from the National Task Force on Early Childhood Education for Hispanics says there are too few affordable seats in Hispanic communities, parents are uninformed, and there are language barriers. Journalists in cities with large numbers of Hispanic children might venture out into Hispanic neighborhoods on Wednesday and find out what parents know about pre-kindergarten and what they've tried to do to line up a spot for their kids. Or, they might talk to kindergarten teachers and principals and schools there to ask about whether children are showing up at the school door ready to learn."

Now it seems that we know what is happening with the early education of our kids. Does it has do with Not Child Left Behind? Absolutely not. It has to be with coverage and incentives. Don't they say our kids are our next future?.

Real Identification Card: Freedom to Track You All

It has made top on Digg under Stop the National REAL ID before is too late!

Ecuador: Human Smuggler Sentenced to Eight Years!

Yesterday, I was in Maryland and had the chance to read The Washington Post. Chris Kraul brought in the interest of something that is happening with the poor citizen of latinamerica. Everyone should remember the huge wave crashed down of a vessel like 100 miles off the Colombian cost. On August 2005, ninety-eight Ecuadorans were drowned, leaving behind 170 orphans and many grieving relatives.

The 15% of Ecuadoran population have migrated to the U.S.( Total is about 2 million). Half of them since a devastating financial crisis in 1999. Most of migrants come from Azuay, Tungurahua y Loja. They have to pay between $8,000 to $10,000 to the smugglers or 'coyotes' in order to arrange a five-day, 1,000-mile voyage from Ecuador's cost to Guatemala.

Almost after a decade that Ecuador turned blinded to coyotes, the nation had taken a harder line with the human smugglers. Paul Vasquez is a special migration prosecutor with the province of Azuay and has said:'The coyotes deceive their victims from the beginning, promising visas, that they are friends of ambassadors or consuls, and that they will make it easy to get to the U.S...Once they have their money, the tricks become obvious and they take them on these highly dangerous trips'.

Milton Bautista Guzman has been sentenced to spend eight years in prison for his part in the scheme of August 13th voyage. He was one out of ten alleged coyotes in the business. In comparation with sentenced Tyron Willimans who was driving the truck that suffocated 19 illegal immigrants in Texas, it may sound too light sentence for Bautista, considering he was indicted for the death of 98 people!

We must be clear the 'coyote' is not only one person, it is a network said attorney Auquilla from Cuenca Lawyers Board. 'It's a network that includes lawyers, congresmen, bankers and police, who have been bribed or blackmailed and who remain hidden from view'.

Those among other reason of why the emigrants are losing to coyotes their houses and farms. Many Ecuadoran cannot make payments on the usurious loans they take. Let's say they borrow $10,000 they need to repay 8% monthly which makes nearly 100% of repay after a year! But hold up a second! Coyotes are not devils in everyone's eyes. If they do their job and the human cargo arrives happily to the U.S. the smugglers are seem with appreciation.

Lorena Escudero, a sociologist from University of Cuenca says that in some homes, there is a picture of the coyote next to that of the Virgen Mary. That's Ecuadoran culture. There are gratitude for those in business for decades who happen to be helped generations of families get to El Norte. Same history must be written about Ambato's people or Cariamanga y Macará ex-residents!
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