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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am blogging and I'd written articles about education and technology almost every day since 2003. In the gazillion of notes, Education & Tech provides you with education news, tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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Education: Helping New Society Deal Creatively With Reality

The importance of blogosphere is it's changing and mutating every second. Many starts-up had flourished and some others had perished but bloggers still alive and now they have a powerful influence in traditional media. A survey conducted by Brodeur, a unit of Omnicom Group, had concluded that "blogs are not only having an impact on the speed and availability of news, but also influence the tone and editorial direction of reporting." That's what has reported.

As part of what our intentions are during this year, we've planned to work harder making this blog more reachable and has to be with putting yourself at risk. How is it going to happen? Whoever who has read the 16 most effective strategies to expand your blog reach in the 2008, must be aware that it takes not only writing to pursue this endeavor.

We already are bloggers and even when we have to change gears, still we all have a niche or 'market target' to publish and sell our content, no wonder some are pushing hard to sell feeds in exchange for one dollar! Yes, we are mature people but the central thing comes right now. What about the new society we are growing, those kids or teens are living the tech era and they learn and behave differently that we used to do. Are we going to keep teaching our homescholers that advocate open source software is a new good behaviour. That social networking is a way of life, the only thing you should be aware of is safety.

Miguel Guhlin, makes a very ed-resistance round up where he presents the pro and cons of advocating copyrights, civil disobedience and Paulo Freire's thoughts. Do we want critical thinking students or do we want a new society who obeys his boss, don't ask questions and ever denied something others ask to be done.

As educators new and experienced all know the learning and teaching it's not a free ideological field. Our kids are taught social studies by teachers who are either Republicans or Democrats in the best cases, because other group will hate politics as many in the society still do. Guhlin, ends his post with a very strong question: "Are you about freedom, helping children deal critically and creatively with reality to transform their world, or are you about reality bytes?"

Society and education really matters!

RSS: Exchange Feed With Us, Please

More Cartoons from Dave WalkerIt may sound hilarious but it's truth. We are open for feed exchange, just leave a note or email us your interest. I've found quite interesting what Kumowai has posted today and I think you might be interested in some exchange, as far as your content is good, related, and traffic are alike ours. Why not give it a try.

If you re-post it, please mention the name of the blog where you've found it. Let's make it viral. Yes, I know, nothing to be with education and technology but what about if we don't have readers? We don't collect money, our only single satisfactions id to be read or to be seen. Don't you?

Here, the transcription of Toast & Egg & Me:

Would you like to exchange feed?
Exchange feed please.
Do you want to exchange feed?
Come and exchange feed.
You subscribe my feed, I subscribe your feed.
Please exchange feed with me.
I hope to exchange feed with you.
Can you please subscribe to my feed?
Feel free to subscribe to my feed.
Subscribe to my feed if you like the post.
Let us exchange feed.

Small bloggers can also have a descent readership!! Don't just pile feeds as you can see in the right corner of this post. Share it, spread it, enjoy it.

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Microcelebrities: How to get heard without being rich!

A few days now, I was reading some posts about a new term that it's becoming viral in the Internet: The Micro celebrities. At least, that's how Scoble define a blogger with a deep knowledge in particular field of expertise. You all know, we have millions and millions of blogs and in all different languages, but how is it possible to become a celebrity just being a blogger?

First of all, you need to have guts to keep up with your writings and the process of searching new and updated information. Not the info you can get from the very first blog, but trusted sources that respect privacy and copyrights where is necessary. No wonder your reader don't leave comments, they will leave them after you show expertise or authority. Watch out the Lazysphere.

In order to be heard, first thing you need to do is host a blog. Yes, that's easy you might say. What it's hard to find is the name and the field you're going to cover. You don't want a simple personal blog for such a celebrity. So, consider Kyle Eslick's advice, as to how find a good domain name. Look for these topics: The Domain length, Memorable, Easily Spelled, Includes Keywords and Avoid Plurals. Then, if you still need help, subscribe to a wide community bloggers where you are going to get support for keep going. A good resource is Bloggst.

Make yourself noticed online, but most importantly, don't get discouraged if someone comes to tell you that your writings 'stink', that they disagree with you in many points or in the worst case scenario they steal your postings. Muhammad Saleem, gives a good sample of what's going on with Bloggers exposure:

"...the problem you start having is that if there is a relatively young and insightful blogger who is going up against an already established blogger with an extensive audience, it’s incredibly difficult for the younger blogger to break through."

It's terrible hard to become a millonaire but it's as hard as a blogger can be a celebrity, knowing the millions of millions are better than you and similar quantities are worst than you. YOU are the best blogger, ever! Keep that in mind.

Aditya Mukherjee also writes about two different things bloggers should be watching in the blogosphere: "It’s about time we differentiated between popularity and quality."

ReadBurner: Will GoogleReader Come Up With Something Better?

After tracing back the visit of Louis Gray, I encountered he was introducing a new feeds aggregator. It's the ReadBurner created by Alexander Marktl in his free time as himself pointed out in the About page of ReadBurner.

ReadBurner Revamps writes Luois after he acknowledges his page hitting the 92 score on TechMeme LeaderBoard. What still don't understand though is, how come his page is only PR4 with all the important content he publish and all updates he offers.

Let's go back to ReadBurner. If you visit the page you're going to meet very visible bloggers over there, counting that the Google Reader aggregator is only two weeks old! Now, Marktl tell us how it works:

...Works by constantly updating RSS feeds of currently several hundred linkblogs. In order to filter out the best stuff ReadBurner counts, whenever an item is shared by multiple persons.

It's time to subscribe to GoogleReader, make share some of your links and go and burn your link blog in this very useful new aggregator.

Does anybody in Google realize that? Well, let's see what they come up with.

GIMP: Best Brushes. The Title Says All

GIMP is an open-source image editing program. It is supported by a huge open-source community that is open in every aspect. As the author of this post quipped: "what better way for me to admire GIMP than by presenting a list of some amazing, beautiful and stunning brushes?"

Support Techzilo and his hard work in favor of Open Source, heading to Digg and make his job well known.

Please, go and Digg it now.

Global Voices Online It's Not Only About Human Rigths

Global Voices Online holds in the media by itself and it doesn't need any support because its own team, the editors, bloggers and translators worldwide are doing it. GVO aim to get information spread where normally the heavy media doesn't have access or doesn't want to get to it. Today, we were reading a post from Scobleizer where he respectfully says that Global Voices Online "is the right blog to keep up with human rights blogging from around the world". We want to say, being part of the authors of Global Voices that citizenjournalism goes beyond Human Rights. Yes, we do concern about what's going on with poor and speechless people but GVO certainly explain plain clearly what are their goals. Why you don't spent a few minutes and please read the About Page of the website.

So, why some bloggers don't have a say about Kenya incidents? Is it only the Tech blogs that are being quiet?

Click to participate in The 2008 Education Blogosphere Survey...In the education arena, David Warlick remind us of The 2008 Education Blogosphere Survey. This is the second annual survey Scott McLeod has designed and it's online and for all those educators linked to educational matters, please head up and spent some worthy time completing such a valuable bank of information.

Hurry up! The deadline for this years participation is January 26, 11:00pm, (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) See last year results here.

Google Isn't a Source!

And we should add, Google is not the Internet or a browser (although many still use it as such), nor the only search engine, etc., etc..

Picture credit to Unshelved & uploaded by milt

In Education: Quality Counts!!

High quality teaching really matters. Education Week brings the last week Report and says: "Although student achievement is linked to good teachers, there is no system for attracting, training, and supporting the best people for the job."

The Economist: Social Networking: does it bring positive change to education?

Last of three The Economist selected education-related propositions for debate laid out on Octobre 2007, are being aired: Social Networking: does it bring positive change to education? So, please go over, have a read through the opening articles and the rebuttals and closings later this week. You can make comments, as well.

The second, Governments and universities everywhere should compete to attract qualified students, regardless of nationality or residence, was overwhelmingly ACCEPTED, says The Economist.

And first one, The continuing introduction of new technologies and new media adds little to the quality of most education, was deeply debated but OPPOSED!

Have a word on Education!

Comics: Friends 2.0


Thanks to & ryanbretag

Steve Jobs: Following his MacWorld Watchers

It's being sad that precisely today when Steve Jobs was to deliver his speech Twitter let down all its users. I wasn't affected because I had no time to follow up this event live but people in the other side of the world, they even went to sleep in order to catch up Jobs intervention. Check out what Mike Bogle in Sydney had to suffer (

As I said, many people was anxious to hear what Steve Jobs had to say. We wait patiently and read the Keynote Live hosted by Duncan Riley.

In San Francisco though, Louis Gray spotted eight types of MacWord Watchers:

1. The True Believers.
2. The Mac Rumors Psychos.
3. Ye Olde Macolytes.
4. The Corporate Spies.
5. The Windows Bigots.
6. The Secret Mac Wannabes.
7. The Bloggers and Rumormongers.
8. The Curious iPod/iPhone Owner.

Ha!. When watching Apple events, think that not only Big Dad might be watching over.


License to Sell and Consume Genetically Modified Food

After quick search what I've learned is that genetically modified food is the same as genetically engineered food. It's the very same term for the very same thing, just this term doesn't scare away consumers.

Just today, The Washington Post says that FDA reports no evidence of risks while eating cloned foods. Way back in 1990, first President Bush started with the Four Principles of Regulatory Review for Biotechnology where using legal terminology it was written no regulatory word for such production. Many people protested countrywide and specially when the BIO's had its summit.

The war is not only about cows and sheeps. Despite what other people in other countries think, not all corn grown in the US is genetically modified. Do we consume this corn? No word on this. The only think do we know is that for every biotech corn we grow, we also grow a non biotech corn!!

Rick Weiss, writes an extensive document on this 'milk and meat' cloned safe food to eat. And he quotes the Director of The Center for Food Safety, "One of the amazing things about this, is that at a time when we have a readily acknowledged crisis in our food safety system, the FDA is spending its resources and energy and political capital on releasing a safety assessment for something that no one but a handful of companies wants" has said Joseph Mendelson.

Not much surprises here. Remember that so many people in DC are lawyers. For scientists it will take longer to decide something is safe, let's say five years. The first level of science has been performed, the cloned animals worked out what it was 'designed' for. But as for the impact on humans and why not the environment, that's another level of science. Contrary to the law, in science we don't have an 'innocent until proven guilty' . Should we say something like 'safe, until it's proven unsafe'?. The FDA has made its decision, what about USDA, and EPA?

The "final risk assessment," not yet released but obtained by The Washington Post, according to Weiss, concludes that foods from healthy cloned animals and their offspring are as safe as those from ordinary animals. Yes! Welcome to the engineered food not right now but in the years to come...

USDA Recommends That Food From Clones Stay Off the Market.

Firefox: Downloading Free Access Plus!

Firefox is said to be having problems to attract money and compete with the IE of Microsoft, which pours lots of money to keep their browser running. Even when Firefox doesn't offer technical support for the enterprise circle, the add-ons are one of the most strongest arms Firefox browser does have.

It's been over one month in the playground of the add-ons for Firefox , and today has more than 35 thousands downloaded. Its name is FreeAccess Plus! (download [Windows, Linux] and use it at your own risk , not before reading some of the reviews). But why is so important and why in such a short time this utility has received such a large number of hits? Well, if you take a look at this map built up by the Global Voices Advocacy, you can easily notice that many countries had banned the Internet access and that's precisely the point, this add-on allows Firefox to work as a proxy and bypass censorship of YouTube,, Flickr, Technorati, FriendSter, livejournal, MySpace, Hi5 and even some other Persian (farsi) sites in Iran and other countries where they decided to blocked these sites ...

The note has been taken from GVO(Global Voices Online) and according to the article, the add-on author, MohammedR has said, current version of FreeAccess Plus! does not support the option to add websites to those currently listed. However, this feature — an editable and configurable list — will be added in a future version of the program.

Study Shows Culture Does Influence Brain Function

In a study released yesterday and conducted by MIT researchers among which is John Gabrieli, a professor at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, together with Trey Hedden, lead author of the paper and a research scientist at McGovern; Sarah Ketay and Arthur Aron of State University of New York at Stony Brook; and Hazel Rose Markus of Stanford University; people from different cultures use their brains differently to solve the same visual perceptual tasks. American culture, which values the individual, emphasizes the independence of objects from their contexts, while East Asian societies emphasize the collective and the contextual interdependence of objects. Behavioral studies have shown that these cultural differences can influence memory and even perception.

They asked 10 East Asians recently arrived in the United States and 10 Americans to make quick perceptual judgments while in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner--a technology that maps blood flow changes in the brain that correspond to mental operations.

The researchers went on to show that the effect was greater in those individuals who identified more closely with their culture. They used questionnaires of preferences and values in social relations, such as whether an individual is responsible for the failure of a family member, to gauge cultural identification. Within both groups, stronger identification with their respective cultures was associated with a stronger culture-specific pattern of brain-activation.

Gabrieli, had pointed out:
Everyone uses the same attention machinery for more difficult cognitive tasks, but they are trained to use it in different ways, and it's the culture that does the training,[...]It's fascinating that the way in which the brain responds to these simple drawings reflects, in a predictable way, how the individual thinks about independent or interdependent social relationships.”

I wonder whether Moira Gunn might have as guests to this select group from Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.


Bloghology in its final countdown!

What Bloghology is? According to the director of this project it is "...a collection of bloggers, their profiles, photos, and links to their best posts. It is a PDF e-book which can be easily circulated throughout the blogosphere for personal branding and marketing of selected good quality bloggers."

About one month Merr Erkal launched this project called Blogholohy and at the time I am writing this post we only have 12 hours remaining for the big event. Yes, he says in his blog, long waited Bloghology is almost ready including a few surprises for you. I am quite sure you will like it. As i said before, if i succeed in the first edition, i will keep on creating Bloghology every quarter. Will it be successfully created, you bet!

But why you blogger should join in to this Bloghology thingy? Let's ask again Mr Erkal to list some of the practical benefits:

1. One quality link back from Search For Blogging blog
2. Your biography will reach to hundreds of thousands bloggers all around the world.
3. You will be represented in a fancy way with your biography, photos, and links to your best shots!
4. You will be highlighted. It is your time to show up now!
5. You will join one of the most promising social networking community;
6. Your interview will be presented on the frontpage of

So, wait no more and promote your blog with these big ands promising network dedicated not for A-blogger but for small bloggers who happen to stop blogging, because it seems almost impossible to overcome those rough obstacles, and succeed in the end.

Greetings Mert, sign me in!

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RSS Footer Options for Blogspot Blogs

I've reading a post related to RSS optimization written by Joost de Valk and himself already has created a scrapper for WP blogs. I don't know yet about this plug in for Blogspot hosted blogs but I obviously think will be great to have it.

Patrick Altoft, explains what are the problems with scrappers and why we should have one in our blogs in order to make sure search engines know the source of the post and guide your readers to find an extra place to click to visit your site.

...Having internal links within the post as well as maybe a link to your homepage in your feed footer isn’t going to be the best solution. What you really need is a link to your blog post from within the feed content. Obviously your feed will already have a link to your post anyway but most scrapers tend to remove those links and just keep the title and the content.

Is anyone from Blogger Draft reading our blog?

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Get Backlinks for Free and Start Being Less Lazzyblogger

Thanks to our dear RugJeff's Blog. it came to our knowledge a new program called Qassia. We all bloggers are looking for comments, links and maybe money for the professional or so called A-bloggers.

"Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better your websites will rank. And you get a backlink to your website for every intel you add - only Qassia gives you unlimited quality backlinks."

So, why not give it a try. Sign up, validate your email and start sharing your vast knowledge right now. You can also visit our newly created profile at

But I just remember something, blogosphere is about contents, it's about social networks; nothing to be with the lazysphere. If you still haven't word about what Steve Rubel is claiming, please head up to his page:

The Lazysphere... rather than create new ideas or pen thoughtful essays, they simply glom on to the latest news with another "me too" blog post. Their goal is largely to land on Techmeme and sometimes Digg - perhaps Google in an archival/Long Tail perspective. These sites - and Twitter too - have perpetuated a lot of lackadaisical writing. The Attention Crash is another factor at work here. People don't have as much time to think.

Will you keep up with the Lazzysphere? Will you please, start producing rather than consuming info? Rubel just spill the beans!

A Slide I Can't Hang in Wordpress

Free hosted blogs in Wordpress still can have google docs embed in their templates. That's what I've discovered after trying to upload a gift my sister sent to me for Christmas. For those bloggers leaving Blogspot, I have to tell them, this is one of the reasons I still 'survive' in Blogger.

Learn how to do it: []

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Did You Get Your iPhone This Christmas? I Didn't.

I refrain to buy this gadget, the most nominated the 2007 but certainly I can not avoid to keep watching it every time I walk around Best Buy (as today) or any store you can mention. Openculture makes a list of the 10 ways to make your iPhone a better learning gadget and not only to call your pals and hear mp3s from iTunes:

Put Wikipedia on Your Ipod.
Watch DVDs on Your iPod.
Load YouTube Videos to Your iPod.
Make Other Video Formats iPod-Ready.
Convert MP3 files into One Big iPod Audiobook File.
Create eBooks for the iPod.
Record Web Audio and Move it To Your iPod.
Get a Civic Education on Your Ipod.
Load Maps onto Your iPod.
Study Foreign Languages, Take University Courses, and Listen to AudioBooks on Your iPod - All for Free.

After Mr. Jobs considered it was an expensive gadget and cut almost 200 bucks, now you can pay between 299 and 399. I am still holding up to get the second version and keep myself busy playing with Kokito's PSP 2001 Series.

Can you please, list the best ways a PSP can be used as an learning improvement gadget?

Support Freedom of Speech

No post today in support of this fellow blogger

From Kids to College Students, All Are Rushing Into the Online Worlds

Not a surprise Facebook has been elected the socialnetwork of the year, even when My Space still holds the most number on registered users. More than one person also has said that what it was the benefit of socialnetworks created and seated in communities like Facebook or Friednster, but whatever they say, socialnetworks has a great impact in the daily life of Gen Y people.

And companies had realized that and now they're pushing hard to get kids into the virtual worlds with websites masked as socialnetworks when the reality is they only are looking for promotion of consumerism. Look out for example at, or pixiehollow from All of them aim to a 'quick growth' in our kids. What would happen to our kids if Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at the research firm eMarketer, estimations are truth; that 20 million children will be members of a virtual world by 2011, up from 8.2 million today!

I know you all read about the Gen Y but let me tell you that those youngsters are getting to the college right know and for them (not for us) almost everything it's been done online. Not we are those microcelebrities now blogger are talking about but certainly most of us, familiar with the Internet had googled our names and why not 'observers' who are looking for more background about our personal life. This is the case with applicants for college(pdf); high school students accustomed to social-networking Web sites have flocked to new online sites that let them send information about themselves to colleges in hopes of gaining an edge over fellow applicants. Websites such as,, or are playing a great role in the registrations this year. Scott J. Sech from reports that more than "20 percent of colleges and universities sometimes review students’ social-networking profiles, and that more than a quarter sometimes look for information on students via search engines."

So, be careful what you have online. And please, before you google your name get to know what's going on in the blogosphere(

Obama Surprises Hillary: Caucus Winner!

The lessons, Democrats inside home are learning. America needs change and this could be granted by the minorities leader: Barack Obama.

In NH he will repeat the victory for second time in a row. He's 12 points ahead of Mrs Clinton!

What else should we expect from the 2008

Soicialnetworking will keep growing and advertiser are glad things are coming this way. According to Suzzane Vranica from The Wall Street Journal this year firms will be spending over the traditional 5% of their online marketing budgets, so as she mentions with the growth of online video and social networking, ad experts expect that 5-10% percentage to jump significantly this year.

Economists had already predicted a recession for the American economy around first quarter and living in New York will more expensive than before now that the gasoline is overpriced as ever before in the States. This will get thing worse when neighbor states as New Jersey are experiencing a constant demographic outflows. Not that new jerseans are coming to NY but, people are increasingly leaving the high-cost Northeast and economically-challenged Midwest regions for destinations primarily in the lower-cost South, and secondarily to the Mountain states of the West.(James W. Huges).

In the big revolution approaching around music and wireless services, its being said Jay-Z is partnering with S. Jobs to start a Record label (
The wireless services providers need to watch what's going to happen at the Sony CES 2008 and the predicted alliance to provide calls services between Skype and Sony. Any other partnerships to get afloat the Sony blue ray?

Users trying to take advantage of Facebook need to think twice, not even authorities in the A-list bloggers can get away with the policies violations. Scoble got suspended and after clarification, reinstalled, his account because he was trying to test a Plaxo script to pull and match e-mail addresses. Is Robert Scoble a corporate spy?

It came to my attention after reading my today subscriptions a great wiki that it's being managed by someone very well know in the educational field. We are talking about the Digital Dialog ( which aims to be a social network created to "provide parents, educators, and other care-givers with resources, ideas and links related to encouraging regular communication between younger and older learners about safe, appropriate, and fun uses of digital technologies."

The Scoble mess and data portability.

Trends And Tendencies for the 2008

Is customary at the beginnig of each new year to make wishes, perdictions and promises. In Education and Technology, first of all we want you to have a prosperous New Year and that all your wishes come through.

In this blog you will find more content filtered and sumarized in some cases of the tendencies in technology and of course our core knowledge, education. You can, beging this year follow or subscribe to our Shared Items in Google Reader. We've updated the way you can subscribe to this page. Now you're going to be able to get notifications by email, Skype, AOL Messenger and Twitter, thanks to the good guys at FeedBlitz(Pinch the blue email icon at the top right corner).

We are not changing gears but this year you're going to be able to advertise in Education and Technology, on any of our other blogs, websites and Squidoo lenses. Not that were trying to get rich but we will try to bring up the number of visit per day, RSS subscribers, Technorati and Alexa ranks.

TonNet will pay more attention to the uniportant bloggers, some of them might become stars and examples I do have more than one. I will stick to the quality of contents, that's all. More attention will be paid to the edition of our posts, as others bloggers think, the ones where I thought about the post for minutes or maybe hours turned out to be great. The ones I banged out really fast without thinking too much, were not good at all.

I emulate what Scoble has written in his 'What I've learned in the 2007' particularly points 10 & 11: "The one who has the most friends on Facebook, Twitter, Upcoming, Yelp, Plaxo, Flickr, etc does NOT win the game. But, the one who FOLLOWS the most people on each of those DOES have a better life! When people were courting me to join them invariably they’d pitch me with 'do you want to make a lot of money?' I always hesitated on that question. Why? I know lots of miserable wealthy people. The right question? 'Do you want to have a ton of incredible experiences and great friends?' Now THAT I can say yes to, and do often."

I want to thank all of you dear readers, visitors, subscribers and bloggers. Without YOU, this blog won't exist and TonNet won't pursue his happiness. Let's hope economy gets better in the States and the prognosis made at Searchblog become 99% certainly true. And that before all birds fly away, Blogger works hard to bring up its positioning from the 9th to the first level.

In the meantime, have you all a great day and a Happy New Year!

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