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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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You might lose your blog forever if you hosted it in Blogger!

I am sad after reading Hackosphere post about a mistake that presumably Blogger had made with one of our Recommended Blogs: Deniz Akay (aka Protesto). It was confused as a splog and now Blogger has been denying his iMessengr hosted at ( You can support him (he's nothing but a truly and hard working blogger) sending an email to (also cc:denizDOTakayATgmailDOTcom)? If you wish, you could use the following text that Hackosphere sent:

Subject: disabled as spam blog incorrectly

I have been reading the blog iMessengr ( and recently the blog has been disabled because it was wrongly identified as a spam blog. I can assure you that it is not a spam blog and so, please re-enable it.

Or if you have a Blogger account try to use this form.

To avoid this kind of situations it is crucial you get a back up of your blog. You don't want to be in the Deniz's shoes, follow then my recommendation and probably you will be a little relieved, at least.

The 2000 Bloggers Project get mad InstaBLOKE and he has enough reasons to be angry. What about Z-List are they playing by the same rules? Let's move a little bit forward. What happened with Gmm 5.0. Are they going to be penalized? InstaBLOKE, I guess you have many more reasons to be angry with.

No everything needs to be sad this weekend. Why don't you take a walk and say hi from Science & Technology to Arpit Agarwal and please, do not forget to write to Blogger about Deniz issue.

Have a great weekend!

Fighting for a better life in our families

It has been a way long time that I am reading  and subscribed to Trivium Academy. Today,  Jessica has posted something that has to be  lot with our way of life not only in America but worldwide. I've transcripted the following paragraphs for your delight:

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, the Olsen twins- this is what the daughters of America have as role models? Turn on the tv, what do you see? Reality shows that are edited to show the worst of people, the outrageous, the people hungry for money and fame. At what cost? Do we really enjoy watching others in pain? To watch others fail, does it make us feel better? Does it truly?

YET, parents that wish to shelter their children from the above are considered extreme. I can't even listen to Talk News Radio with my children nearby anymore, the steady stream of sex crimes, violent crimes, foul language are unbearable. Nevermind the gross amount of attacks of anyone with any kind of political responsibility that we elected. We chose, we voted- these are the people that the nation choose, at least support the person that was elected while they are there. If you don't like them, vote for someone else next election- the attacks are unnecessary and only damage the already fragile patriotic integrity of our nation.

When did the "pursuit of happiness" become about everything under the sun at the expensive of anyone and everyone? Are we headed toward destruction? A new government? Honestly, I'm not as afraid of the world's terrorists as I am what is going on in our country. Parents' rights are being attacked everyday in some court around the nation. Have you heard about the proposed spanking laws? Did you know some states already have these?

The Web 2.0 explained in a video

Now! What's going on with the 2000 bloggers? After Ian Kallen note, we need to correct the shut down of this meme. What the are doing is a change in the way the will be indexing this meme. But this had brought in a new question: if they can arbitrarily filter out your links at their whim, where will it all end? Who is in control - Technorati, or the Blogosphere?

After a long time as beta and with invitations only, Gmail is now open to all. Wait. Do not go yet. Many bloggers don't know how to include Delicious or Digg in their blogs, here is how you can perform this tweak.

I'm done. Come back soon!

Bliki and a trip to very readable blogs

I couldn't post earlier today because I felt like staying home. The temperatures are so cold that you want to stay home the whole day. Who doesn't love the warmness of home. The bad news I've found is Technorati just shut down 2000 bloggers even when I love the hilarious definitions of memes. The good one is that Steve Jobs is the best linkbaiter! Will it be another lesson of good linking?

I didn't know about this new term or concept if you prefer to call it that way. Bliki, defined as a web based collaboration and publishing system that marries the concepts and benefits of a blog based publishing software and a wiki based collaboration system. No bliki, no love.

PurpleMoggy has a new way to offer your feeds but not through Blogger syndication itself but using a direct procedure with Feedburner. You should give it a try. I am not using it but I trust Purple when he comes with discoveries like this one.

I am fond of socialnetworking and this new system comes to Change the traditional way we are doing it (non-profit organizations. Among all this pages and blog I've found of my interest, I guess yours, too; I have to talk about a beautiful new design of a blog to which we are subscribed, it is Basang Panaginip, in terms of blogging, she's a pretty good example of neat blog design. And speaking of designers, in Ecuador is working in this field Michael Muller, his name doesn't look too much 'guayaquilenio' but what we are pleased he is working from Guayaquil(Ecuador).

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The Democratization of Scientific Knowledge

Under Why we should aim for universal technical literacy, not more Ph.D. Edweek (registration required) publishes this interesting article:

We have framed the problem almost exclusively in terms of producing more scientists and engineers, practitioners at the highest levels. This raises, for me, two main fears: that we will return to Sputnik-era solutions and fail to take advantage of the accumulated wisdom of the past 50 years, and that we will focus on immediate but short-lived solutions. If our goals are to avoid job losses to other countries and produce the largest number of Ph.D, we are entering an impossible race. Simple mathematics tells us that we won’t win by the numbers when our population is one-third that of India and one-fourth that of China. And economic theory tells us that wage pressures on international corporations are simply too great.

The country’s primary goal should be to train the majority of its citizens to be technically competent. Technical competency—being familiar with and able to use the critical analytical skills of mathematics and science—is the key to the creation of jobs. These are not jobs that require terminal degrees; they are for the entrepreneurs, biotechnology-lab technicians, plant engineers, medical workers, traders, and even politicians of the future. Our most powerful asset as a nation is that we have tried for many years to educate every student in mathematics and science, and have learned much from that experience—even in our failures.

Forget Ph.D.s, concludes science educator Dennis M. Bartels. The country's primary goal should be universal technical literacy.

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Wikipedia and Blogspot Policed

An outstanding post had been written by Wesley Fryer and it has to be with his own experiences about how Wikipedia is a citizen controlled database. With screenshots he explains the process to gain the right information and how in only 60 seconds a page can be reverted as correct as possible. The case is presented with a project research about Albert Einstein and if you are a parent or an educator you should go and read this interesting post.

For those who are not following Blogger policies, is time for revising those procedures. This is probably the first time when the Blogger team has censored selected posts from a blog hosted on Blogger rather than banning or deleting the entire blog. The case is presented by Labnol and has to be with CYFSWatch. Also take a look, as the Labnol's Author says, at what can you do when people copy your content on Blogger hosted blogs without permission.

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Kids Exposed to Online Porn More than Ever

Forty-two percent of Internet users aged 10 to 17 surveyed said they had seen online pornography in a recent 12-month span. Of those, 66 percent said they did not want to view the   images and had not sought them out, University of New Hampshire researchers found. Their conclusions appear in February's Pediatrics, due out Monday.

Online use that put kids at the highest risk for unwanted exposure to pornography was using file-sharing programs to download images. However, they also stumbled onto X-rated images through other "normal" Internet use, the researchers said, including talking online with friends, visiting chat rooms and playing games.                                         

Lindsey Tanner

Follow the thread in Google.

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Why You Still Keep Blogging

No need to say all bloggers are human being with feelings and the ego everyone carries in a different levels. The central question is, Why Do I Blog? Change Agency sum it up, I open up myself — my practices, my thoughts, my questions, my mistakes (my “lessons learned”) — to others… and I open up the opportunity for others to call me on all of these things — to push my thinking — to hold me accountable for the changes that I say I will make in my practice…. I doesn't matter you write properly (as you should always) you still might want to tolerate yourself your own mistakes, but if not, then of course other fellas will jump in and are going to let you know. I am not for the popularity but ideas like these kept me trying hard almost everyday.

In Kearny (NJ) a teacher was caught by one of his students with a practice not allowed in this location; now some New Jersey school districts have announced a new policy banning students from recording their teachers after an incident occurred at one of their schools this fall. Does anyone has ever asked about the Education Industry?

Practical Theory is one of those blogs that I try to find and dig into. It is said that contents in this blog are very close of what we call Web 2.0 Patronage is provided from The School District of Philadelphia, through its Science Leadership Academy.

Laptops are no much help for our students a new study says, students who brought in laptops to class spent considerable time e-mailing, surfing the Internet and playing games, posing a "significant" distraction to both users and fellow students. I don't completely agree on this but certainly a laptop in a teen hands wouldn't be much academic help. Same is happening as you all know with the powerful cell phones with all the stuff that they have included, which is more than music, though.

I've subscribed long ago for Zoho. Never came back. However, I am thinking to back off Microsoft Office after watching this demonstrative video about the Goodness of Zoho. Speaking of school tools, please take your time and check who is trying Lulu and why should keep an eye on this free online book publishing.

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