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Big Daddy to Track Socialnetworks

I happened to visit ebiquity and found a post from Tim Finin, where he says the American Government if funding the Rutgers Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science in order to keep an eye over all online social networks, looking for potential terrorist activity.
Among the initial projects are two involving social media. One will study the problem of analyzing large, dynamic multigraphs that arise from blogs. Another will develop algorithms for identifying hidden social structures in virtual communities with a goal of finding hidden groups, coalitions and leaders by non-semantic analysis of large communication networks.

American Senator Murphy (Illinois) has a blog as everybody else but what brings our attention is the projects he's working on, especially the SJRCA18 that has to be with the safety of our kids, protecting them against online predators at public libraries and schools. Yesterday, after I watched Lockup I've started rethinking about our own safety not from outsiders but those detainees all around US.

This has nothing to do with current politics but beliefs. I am a catholic and hope not offend nobody of my readers being a roman catholic confessed but what TIME magazine holds is critical for all those millions of catholics worldwide. If Jesus and his family have been founded dead in their graves in Israel then, Christianity become an empty vessel! Why? Because there is not Resurrection, the myth of all Christians.

Please allow me to go back to my home country, how come a company can make money with such a high pay in OT to the management only and not to the people who really do the Service? Alt1040 put his finger on Pacifictel and says $ 3.71 millions were paid as over time! My God! Besides, between the 2003 and 2007 the Ecuadorean telecommunication's company (Pacifictel) had eight CEO's and that during such a period those directives rose their salary 977 times! Want to invest in Ecuador? You're just in time. God Bless President Correa.

10 Secret Google Earth Spots [video]

Thanks to Mikitrix.

Learning 2.0: Learners of all ages are discovering the amazing power of publishing formats like blogs

I haven't writing very much and I won't in the next days to come. I am into something new in my daily business. I am not an engineer but I have to master autoCAD and Bryce just because of my duties in the QC Dept. where I am working right now. Does anybody knows the shortest and easiest way of learning those applications? You will help a lot!

Not being able to take a trip to educational blogs let me introduce you to some topics of your interest. It seems that we need to get deep on some definitions and concepts related to foundation technology. As many educators are proclaiming themselves adepts to the value of openness...but are predominantly using closed tools. Or as Elearnspace put it: "Content tools with great functionality and ease of use...but which are closed in format. Openness and free are being confused."

This is not an opinionated issue brought in by any current array of ideologues, know-nothings or self-promoters. This something that is flourishing in the Web era, the actual concept social media literacy, the influence of not only the scientific circle or even the educative theorists, all the big talk about Learning 2.O rely on ideologies and metanarratives that explains the impact of new media on our society. Sounds complicated but we need to go (again) deep in our research about what it means reassembling the social.

Those who create content for others (Citizen Journalism) also bear some responsibility for the ideas and the effects of those ideas when they are shared with others, however. A teacher using creativity and available resources, would be a good example to open doors of learning not only for the homebound student, but also for every other learner in the classroom, that wouldn't have been open otherwise!

In other words, we all need to move to the new era. While owning the network, we all are entitled to start using and getting educated at the youNiversity. Does it look like youTube? Maybe. May be not. This is only a heads up for all educational issues readers! Hope you dear visitor have a great weekend.

Does the public really want to know how gadgets run and how organisms work?

Statement: There are200 million Americans out there who cannot read a simple story in, say, Technology Review or the New York Times science section and understand even the basics of DNA or microchips or global warming.

Conclusion: "This level of science illiteracy may explain why over 40 percent of Americans do not believe in evolution and about 20 percent, when asked if the earth orbits the sun or vice versa, say it’s the sun that does the orbiting--placing these people in the same camp as the Inquisition that punished Galileo almost 400 years ago. It also explains the extraordinary disconnect between scientists and much of the public over issues the scientists think were settled long ago--never mind newer discoveries and research on topics such as the use of chimeras to study cancer, or pills that may extend life span by 30 or 40 percent."

Increase the Quality of your Blog

Not only with the amount of places you summit your blog but with preparation and research.

Academic Work Without Google

This comes from a personal experience dealing with written articles on the Web . Nobody asks for help anymore.  Kids don't think they need help when they've got Google or Wikipedia. Their searches are over.

Diana Day  on Getting kids off Google.

"It worked like a charm. Suddenly, students were asking for help. (Of course, they also asked why they couldn't simply use Google.) But the teacher and I held on, demonstrated advanced search techniques and helped the students improve the precision of their keywords. When they located articles, we helped them skim the material and judge whether the information was appropriate for the assignment. A-ha! Research skills, taught in context. What a concept."

"Now, I'm not saying the kids loved being limited to an online database with an unfamiliar -- and sometimes wonky -- search interface.  But I am saying that the experience forced them to become more strategic searchers." (underlined is ours)

iPhone.... $ 500!! Too Much for Steve Ballmer

'Microsoft CEO Ballmer laughs at Apple iPhone'

10 Ways to Fight your Gobbledygook

This post pretends to be instructional , I am no so sure if this could be educational, or should it be considered as a blog assignment. What I am sure is, this can't be a new theory.

Terence Denman is an instructor with the Plain English foundation where they use the term gobbledygook to show a mistake we usually make while trying to speak and write clearly.

Here the 10 points he suggested in his book, How Not to Write:

1. Don't use the passive when the active works better.
2. Don't use a noun when it hides a verb.
3. Don't use any noun you don't need.
4. Don't use a complex preposition when a simple preposition will do.
5. Don't waste words at the beginning of a sentence.
6. Don't intensify a word unless you have to.
7. Don't use an unnecessary adjective.
8. Don't use unnecessary auxiliary verbs.
9. Don't forget to use the imperative mood of the verb; and,
10. Don't use the of-genitive too often.

Yes, I know. It should be called the 10 Don't points! Let it alone. Further information can be reached at Terence Denman's book.

URGENT: Blogger Accounts Might Be Hacked!

Tonight, I went to visit UBH a Spanish Bloggers Network and what I've learned over there let myself paranoid. How can this happen a normal bloggers and plain citizens as our beloved Memori@(What you'll see is not her blog anymore) But the thing is her blog is not the only one been stolen and destroyed, the reported list of blogs so far is in UBH. Please, spread the word!

Someone who calls himself Jaime Ruiz who's publishing supposedly Pais Bizarro (bizarre country) is the person who admittedly commits this kind harsh activities.

Support Spanish bloggers and write about this issue in your blogs. Imagine being in their shoes after one, two or three years of blogging.

Blogger owe us some explanation. Many questions up front. You tell.

Thanks to all fellow bloggers who paid attention to our urgent call. Go Spanish Bloggers Union!

Many other fellow blogger had to suffer this kind of situation but Digital Inspiration points out what to do under those circumstances.

If you want to receive my future posts regularly for FREE, please subscribe in a reader or by e-mail. Follow me on Twitter. For other concerns, Contact Me at anytime.

I Can't Custom my Domain with Blogger

Now I am trying hard. But until now it has being a pain in my *** to configure and start running my custom domain that I just bought from Google Apps. I am slow, I think. Even after reading many times the experiences of other bloggers and following instaBLOKE I still can't see the results. I need some help. Any volunteers?

Not everything is being bad, though. Yesterday I was talking with Professor James A. Sinclair because a autoCAD Course Training. He holds a PhD. but not is only his credentials what makes this gentleman a very distinguished person, is the tremendous potential he encourages in every one of his students. I really love his classes and if you are interested about more you should visit his own company.

Paul Stamatiou was giving out a few invites to try the beta version of Virb, the up and coming social network that I am also interested in. There you can share photos, music, videos, host your own blog, make friends, create groups and establish your very own personality. If you are interested and want to help this guys in the process of testing, leave a comment and I gladly send you an invite. Thanks Stammy!

Be happy and have a wonderful weekend.

The Math's Physicology

The following is an extract of an article written by  Sean Cavanagh  in Education Week. It has to be with the anxiety all students are confronted while they try to learn Mathematics. The results of such research  were  presented in the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science  by Mark H. Ashcraft, a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Nevada. Here the the most important topics of interest not only for teachers but parents as well:
A number of researchers, including Mr. Ashcraft, say there is evidence that anxiety disrupts student performance in math by wreaking havoc with “working memory.” Such capacity is a type of short-term memory individuals use to retain a limited amount of information while working on a task—and block out distractions and irrelevant information. Anxiety can sap students’ working memory during tests, but in other problem-solving situations, too.

Once students realize they do not grasp a math concept, the internal pressure grows.

“Math entails certain conceptual barriers that lead people to read the same passage over and over again and not understand it,” Mr. Siegler, another participant declared.

Individuals with high levels of math anxiety tend to rush through problems, making them prone to errors, the UNLV researcher has concluded. Those math-anxious students also have far more difficulty on problems that require processes such as “carrying” numbers than on questions where such steps are not necessary.

One strategy simply involves practice with math problems, which can make it easier to retrieve answers from memory. Another is to train students to become more accustomed to working under pressure by having them take timed practice tests, for example. Although there has been little definitive research on what makes math anxiety worse, some scholars have suggested that math teachers or parents can ratchet up the anxiety of students by placing unrealistically high demands on them, or by showing annoyance when concepts aren’t quickly mastered, while providing little academic support.

Relevant Linking Are Not the Same as Link Baiting

Sure. You'd be noticed more than once our spell check problems but when it comes from a college academic level then you should start to think what's going on around here.

So, what about relevant linking. Eric Enge from Search Engine Watch has a very compelling post about why is so important not only point to relevant links in order to compete on search terms that you want to rank for, but focus on getting solid, high quality links to your site(how hard is that!). If you still want to keep the game of link baiting, please make sure that your link baiting scheme will bring you good relevant links. As Eric posted "think of it as building a serious business by offering something of value that tons of people are going to want to link to". Amen.

Yahoo has been buzzed lately because of its pipes. I know you are aware of it. However, Hackosphere being busy as he is now had come with a very useful tweak for our Blogger templates fans, it is the Feed Corrector: Yahoo Pipes based. Still in progress, though.

Yesterday, our fellow blogger Ilker Yoldas was calling all bloggers to participate about her blog usability concerns and got plenty of answers. She had pay attention to her visitors and now you will see a different thinker blog, included a huge RSS icon that I wasn't authorized to steal it because she said openly and frankly: No, you can't steal anything. They are mine!. May be you might want to try it at your own risk!

In an interesting interview S. Rubel said: Don't be concerned with the rankings, stay focused on publishing relevant content.

Kevin Marks Leaving Technorati

Technorati has being very popular among blogger until no much time ago but lately most people are switching to Google Blog Search, the reasons? I guess, I know. Scoble also knows it.

Kevin just left Technorati to go Google Blog Search!

Beautifulbeta had been released a tweak for inserting Drop caps at the beginning of each of your posts. Sumesh presents a updated version. Enjoy and say to Digital Dreams hi from Education & Technology.

Spread Some Love Today

I want to thank all my friends to be there when I need to. Valentines is not only about romantic love but any kindness you can give in. Give me an smile today! Thanks.

"Sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips". - Cited by Ipanema

"What do you want seductive muse?". - by Elizabeth

"Like a sexy black dress with just the right fit,
Your love makes me feel beautiful like I am 'Miss IT'". - by Cynthia Moore

"Love is like a tree, if you nurture it it will grow huge and strong". - by Everything 2

Valentine's Day: 7 Continents in 7 Minutes. - by Progresive Conservatism

Near Tokyo, take a Chocolate bath for Valentine's Day. - by Gizmodo

"Islam requires all Muslims to love one another all over the whole year, and reducing the whole year to a single day is totally rejected". - by Leilouta

Valentines Day In North America. - by House of Boyd

"Entre dos amores". - by Chica Regia

Get Visitors Without Search Engines

"Blogging is a lifestyle statement now. People may blog about their habits, day-to-day life, matters of international importance etc. For most of the bloggers, blogging is a pastime. But, there are professional bloggers, men who put all their time and effort into blogging, men who earn a pretty penny from blogging."

"It is vitally important to have multiple streams [of traffic] so your blog can survive when Google betrays you. Try for example: Social Bookmarking/Networking, Type-In, Comments/Forums, Link Baiting and Viral Marketing."

"For a successful blog you’ll have to go beyond just reading and writing to collaborating and sharing. Create and provide audience. Have the power in your thoughts to make your visitors think."

You still can add up some info about this issue , if not, at least pay a visit to this three blogs I've selected : Digital Dreams, Nusuni Blog and Blogging to Fame

Blogging is about participating in a community of like-minded individuals.

Update 2:
Boost your PR w/ Blog Directories.
Jumpo on the Web 2.0 wagon, link related content!

To Be Latino, Or Not To Be Latino...That Is The Question

More in its Homepage (video) and more stuff in MySpace. Pass it on!

LinkEd: How to Get School Web Portals

First of all, it seems Blogger reconsidered his decision about Deniz Akay and iMessenger is back. Yes, he's back. Welcome again Proteso.

You've heard about MySpace, don't' you? Well, educators can use also a very professional way of networking it is called LinkEd. Don't you see something familiar in it? Yes, it's a mix of LinkedIn and Teach For America. Go and see for yourselves.

School 2.0 is here. Better understood as a set of good applications such as Moodle, Egg and Drupal needs someone with programming knowledge in order to move forward Beacon. Any takers?

We Media Miami organized in behalf of GVO just ended and two blogs were doing their work. Caribbean Free Radio and Kiskey Acity. Want to get in touch with The Bear (El oso), take a moment and check these pictures. Another important meeting was held in Puerto Rico. Teachers of puertorican school had their 1st. Congress of Educational Blogs. Cheers for you all!

Have you forgotten the 2000 Bloggers project? If not so, please follow the Z-List and encourage other bloggers to do so. I will recommend Digital IT Blog. Please, be aware that we bloggers always make mistakes. Avoid them!

Obama: This is not a time for on-the-job training.

These are two of the most important expressions the Democratic candidate had yesterday in Iowa:

"I think that early on it may spark some curiosity or a sense of novelty, but I think very quickly people will be judging me on the merits. Do I have a message that resonates with people's concerns about health care and education, jobs and terrorism?" he said. "And if they do, then I think race won't be a major factor."

"I'm going to have to be run through the paces, people are going to have to lift up the hood, kick the tires and be clear that I have a grasp of the issues that are of utmost importance in people's lives."

Weblogg-ed refers to Politics 2.0. But who built this?

You might lose your blog forever if you hosted it in Blogger!

I am sad after reading Hackosphere post about a mistake that presumably Blogger had made with one of our Recommended Blogs: Deniz Akay (aka Protesto). It was confused as a splog and now Blogger has been denying his iMessengr hosted at ( You can support him (he's nothing but a truly and hard working blogger) sending an email to (also cc:denizDOTakayATgmailDOTcom)? If you wish, you could use the following text that Hackosphere sent:

Subject: disabled as spam blog incorrectly

I have been reading the blog iMessengr ( and recently the blog has been disabled because it was wrongly identified as a spam blog. I can assure you that it is not a spam blog and so, please re-enable it.

Or if you have a Blogger account try to use this form.

To avoid this kind of situations it is crucial you get a back up of your blog. You don't want to be in the Deniz's shoes, follow then my recommendation and probably you will be a little relieved, at least.

The 2000 Bloggers Project get mad InstaBLOKE and he has enough reasons to be angry. What about Z-List are they playing by the same rules? Let's move a little bit forward. What happened with Gmm 5.0. Are they going to be penalized? InstaBLOKE, I guess you have many more reasons to be angry with.

No everything needs to be sad this weekend. Why don't you take a walk and say hi from Science & Technology to Arpit Agarwal and please, do not forget to write to Blogger about Deniz issue.

Have a great weekend!

Fighting for a better life in our families

It has been a way long time that I am reading  and subscribed to Trivium Academy. Today,  Jessica has posted something that has to be  lot with our way of life not only in America but worldwide. I've transcripted the following paragraphs for your delight:

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, the Olsen twins- this is what the daughters of America have as role models? Turn on the tv, what do you see? Reality shows that are edited to show the worst of people, the outrageous, the people hungry for money and fame. At what cost? Do we really enjoy watching others in pain? To watch others fail, does it make us feel better? Does it truly?

YET, parents that wish to shelter their children from the above are considered extreme. I can't even listen to Talk News Radio with my children nearby anymore, the steady stream of sex crimes, violent crimes, foul language are unbearable. Nevermind the gross amount of attacks of anyone with any kind of political responsibility that we elected. We chose, we voted- these are the people that the nation choose, at least support the person that was elected while they are there. If you don't like them, vote for someone else next election- the attacks are unnecessary and only damage the already fragile patriotic integrity of our nation.

When did the "pursuit of happiness" become about everything under the sun at the expensive of anyone and everyone? Are we headed toward destruction? A new government? Honestly, I'm not as afraid of the world's terrorists as I am what is going on in our country. Parents' rights are being attacked everyday in some court around the nation. Have you heard about the proposed spanking laws? Did you know some states already have these?

The Web 2.0 explained in a video

Now! What's going on with the 2000 bloggers? After Ian Kallen note, we need to correct the shut down of this meme. What the are doing is a change in the way the will be indexing this meme. But this had brought in a new question: if they can arbitrarily filter out your links at their whim, where will it all end? Who is in control - Technorati, or the Blogosphere?

After a long time as beta and with invitations only, Gmail is now open to all. Wait. Do not go yet. Many bloggers don't know how to include Delicious or Digg in their blogs, here is how you can perform this tweak.

I'm done. Come back soon!

Bliki and a trip to very readable blogs

I couldn't post earlier today because I felt like staying home. The temperatures are so cold that you want to stay home the whole day. Who doesn't love the warmness of home. The bad news I've found is Technorati just shut down 2000 bloggers even when I love the hilarious definitions of memes. The good one is that Steve Jobs is the best linkbaiter! Will it be another lesson of good linking?

I didn't know about this new term or concept if you prefer to call it that way. Bliki, defined as a web based collaboration and publishing system that marries the concepts and benefits of a blog based publishing software and a wiki based collaboration system. No bliki, no love.

PurpleMoggy has a new way to offer your feeds but not through Blogger syndication itself but using a direct procedure with Feedburner. You should give it a try. I am not using it but I trust Purple when he comes with discoveries like this one.

I am fond of socialnetworking and this new system comes to Change the traditional way we are doing it (non-profit organizations. Among all this pages and blog I've found of my interest, I guess yours, too; I have to talk about a beautiful new design of a blog to which we are subscribed, it is Basang Panaginip, in terms of blogging, she's a pretty good example of neat blog design. And speaking of designers, in Ecuador is working in this field Michael Muller, his name doesn't look too much 'guayaquilenio' but what we are pleased he is working from Guayaquil(Ecuador).

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The Democratization of Scientific Knowledge

Under Why we should aim for universal technical literacy, not more Ph.D. Edweek (registration required) publishes this interesting article:

We have framed the problem almost exclusively in terms of producing more scientists and engineers, practitioners at the highest levels. This raises, for me, two main fears: that we will return to Sputnik-era solutions and fail to take advantage of the accumulated wisdom of the past 50 years, and that we will focus on immediate but short-lived solutions. If our goals are to avoid job losses to other countries and produce the largest number of Ph.D, we are entering an impossible race. Simple mathematics tells us that we won’t win by the numbers when our population is one-third that of India and one-fourth that of China. And economic theory tells us that wage pressures on international corporations are simply too great.

The country’s primary goal should be to train the majority of its citizens to be technically competent. Technical competency—being familiar with and able to use the critical analytical skills of mathematics and science—is the key to the creation of jobs. These are not jobs that require terminal degrees; they are for the entrepreneurs, biotechnology-lab technicians, plant engineers, medical workers, traders, and even politicians of the future. Our most powerful asset as a nation is that we have tried for many years to educate every student in mathematics and science, and have learned much from that experience—even in our failures.

Forget Ph.D.s, concludes science educator Dennis M. Bartels. The country's primary goal should be universal technical literacy.

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Wikipedia and Blogspot Policed

An outstanding post had been written by Wesley Fryer and it has to be with his own experiences about how Wikipedia is a citizen controlled database. With screenshots he explains the process to gain the right information and how in only 60 seconds a page can be reverted as correct as possible. The case is presented with a project research about Albert Einstein and if you are a parent or an educator you should go and read this interesting post.

For those who are not following Blogger policies, is time for revising those procedures. This is probably the first time when the Blogger team has censored selected posts from a blog hosted on Blogger rather than banning or deleting the entire blog. The case is presented by Labnol and has to be with CYFSWatch. Also take a look, as the Labnol's Author says, at what can you do when people copy your content on Blogger hosted blogs without permission.

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Kids Exposed to Online Porn More than Ever

Forty-two percent of Internet users aged 10 to 17 surveyed said they had seen online pornography in a recent 12-month span. Of those, 66 percent said they did not want to view the   images and had not sought them out, University of New Hampshire researchers found. Their conclusions appear in February's Pediatrics, due out Monday.

Online use that put kids at the highest risk for unwanted exposure to pornography was using file-sharing programs to download images. However, they also stumbled onto X-rated images through other "normal" Internet use, the researchers said, including talking online with friends, visiting chat rooms and playing games.                                         

Lindsey Tanner

Follow the thread in Google.

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Why You Still Keep Blogging

No need to say all bloggers are human being with feelings and the ego everyone carries in a different levels. The central question is, Why Do I Blog? Change Agency sum it up, I open up myself — my practices, my thoughts, my questions, my mistakes (my “lessons learned”) — to others… and I open up the opportunity for others to call me on all of these things — to push my thinking — to hold me accountable for the changes that I say I will make in my practice…. I doesn't matter you write properly (as you should always) you still might want to tolerate yourself your own mistakes, but if not, then of course other fellas will jump in and are going to let you know. I am not for the popularity but ideas like these kept me trying hard almost everyday.

In Kearny (NJ) a teacher was caught by one of his students with a practice not allowed in this location; now some New Jersey school districts have announced a new policy banning students from recording their teachers after an incident occurred at one of their schools this fall. Does anyone has ever asked about the Education Industry?

Practical Theory is one of those blogs that I try to find and dig into. It is said that contents in this blog are very close of what we call Web 2.0 Patronage is provided from The School District of Philadelphia, through its Science Leadership Academy.

Laptops are no much help for our students a new study says, students who brought in laptops to class spent considerable time e-mailing, surfing the Internet and playing games, posing a "significant" distraction to both users and fellow students. I don't completely agree on this but certainly a laptop in a teen hands wouldn't be much academic help. Same is happening as you all know with the powerful cell phones with all the stuff that they have included, which is more than music, though.

I've subscribed long ago for Zoho. Never came back. However, I am thinking to back off Microsoft Office after watching this demonstrative video about the Goodness of Zoho. Speaking of school tools, please take your time and check who is trying Lulu and why should keep an eye on this free online book publishing.

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Tagging vs. Dosages of Gotten Instruction

No matter your not being paid enough, if your a teacher (not a professor, in US. a professor makes enough money and do research) in US or anywhere around the world you're going to feel like Greece first school, slave's career. In case you didn't know the first instructors were picked among slaves to start transmitting knowledge to the 'Patricios'. However, pay attention to this report, 28% of Internet users tag. Taggers with broadband outnumber those without almost 2:1, and the higher your income and the better your education, the more you tag. The race/ethnicity with the highest percentage of taggers is black, followed by Hispanic.

The roll of teachers had changed during the last century, now we need to speak of Teacherly Scholarly Service Teachers are professionals that continue their career development, their membership in an academic fields, with its body of traditions, its dialogue, and its evolving practices. Is through service they reconnect their teaching practice with the traditions and new developments of such field. The have moved from establishing the dosage of knowledge students should get to a new way of redefine the school through uses of new technologies.

You don't have to convince nobody. Facts are out there to be watched and analyzed. You have plenty of tools to get the level you want, the topic you need to investigate, the circle to wish to belong. Citizendium is a good example of collaboration and service not precisely for teachers but professionals and experts in different fields. Results can be covered under the popular concept of Creative Commons.

The results will be widely spread by the media, such as sugar in the gas tank or the webby uploading services. May be we are still on time to pursue this Presidential Awards.

Tag, get in touch with colleagues, offer service and be a teacher!

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American Government Is Not Above the Law

Picture says more than a bunch of words. If you're not aware of what we talk about, go and see the original post:

Cheney Handwriting

Please, take a minute and try to answer yourself: Is the american government above the law?

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