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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

Welcome Twitterer! Why not like our site for more updates?   launched on Wednesday and they have 1137 Videos Watched!

We've already posted on Edublogs but, this weekend while we set aside some time to read our subscriptions, we've found Edublogs joins in to the big leagues in provinding video hosting (TeacherTube, YouTube, This is really useful beacuse teachers need their very own channel.

The next screenshot, shows the progress of from Wednesday night to Saturday after noon:

The ideant of 'transforming teaching, learning and leadership through the strategic application of technology", Miguel Guhlin shares his experiences using the brand new service and he still looks for some answers: a) How many video/audio files can be stored in an account? How much space? I'm looking for a replacement for, on which I'm about to reach the 500 meg limit for my podcasts; b) When will Creative Commons integration -great question Derekeb tweeted- be added to this? c)Can we change "My Music" to "My Podcasts?" d) Could you make the description box a bit bigger? It would be nice to paste in URLs to the text that goes with it; e) Is it possible to embed images in the podcast description? and, f) How about adding recently uploaded audio/podcasts to the front page, in addition to the list of videos there?

James Farmer was paying attention to buzz and he already aswered some of Mike questions in a comment posted in Around the Corner, administrated by Guhlin.

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IPhone Falls Short When We Talk About Educational Tools

Credit: Budtheteacher

You've probably ran across three criteria for web futures and I did step over this collection of tools presented by Vicki Davis at the EduBloggerCon08 . I am also investigating on Open Education Resources (OER -If any of you can help me with this, it will be rewarding). Why? Because, with so many free tools out there that help us to collaborate, share, learn, chat, talk and teach, at this moment; it's difficult to choose from, how should we decide? And which tools are proper for us? Which are for our classrooms? Why bother creating new resources, as OER, if we already have enough in the spectrum.

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Education & Tech News for Educators 07/09/2008

Kids & Family Reading Report by Scholastic

The Kids & Family Reading Report, a national survey of children age 5-17 and their parents and conducted by Scholastic, released a new study today, where they find that 75% of kids age 5-17 all agree with the statement, “No matter what I can do online, I’ll always want to read books printed on paper.”

The 62% of kids surveyed say they prefer to read books printed on paper rather than on a computer or a handheld device.

They also found that kids who go online to extend the reading experience – by going to book or author websites or connecting with other readers – are more likely to read books for fun every day!

If this is true then someone else in the tech diaspora is wrong, What do you think?

Manual Arts High School, A Teacher's Schedule Day

The Angeles Times has a column, for those who are not familiar with it, called The Homeroom. In this section, bloggers interested in the education matters write and publish their ideas. Last week, Rebecca Trounson wrote a history from one The Homeroom bloggers, Antero GarcĂ­a.

Antero Garcia teaches English at Manual Arts High School in South Los Angeles. Garcia has a master’s degree in education from UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences. And we think his tale is seen on more than one of the crowded schools in the States (Elizabeth Board Education handles over five thousand students only in its Secondary level!)

Its very sad what these poor colleagues go through. Teachers are dragged through hell because of No Child Left Behind and are constantly mistreated. No one wants to see that. Every minute is accounted for. Every second. They should at least have their own room. Only lip service is really paid to education.

This is what Antero wrote -related by Rebecca Trounson, "The only slight snag in the entire scenario is that there isn’t enough room for every teacher to have his or her own classroom. I’ll be one of several teachers who will be 'roving' or traveling from one classroom to another throughout the school day."

Imagine if this is happening in America, what might be exposed to, schools overseas. Garcia continues: "Although traveling from classroom to classroom isn’t necessarily the ideal teaching situation, I’ll admit that I don’t mind it that much. Sure, I don’t have my own desk, my own bookshelf, or even a lot of board or wall space for student work. However, I can often use these drawbacks as excuses to pillage and plunder the resources of my oh-too-kind hosts... I’m also privy to the innovative and exciting lessons taking place in other teachers’ classrooms. Sure, I may need to hustle a bit faster to get to my classroom on time (just like the students), but at least I can see something interesting when I get there."

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Education & Tech News for Educators 07/07/2008

Three Obstacles to a Truly Global Conversation

Outreach head of GVO has written a summary of what it means to reach 'blogging community' in a social extent. He challenges you to answer questions like: What does it look like? Where do they live? What languages do they speak? What are their ethnicities, interests, political leanings, sexual orientations? What religions do they practice, or for that matter, not practice?

He says three are the obstacles, not exclusives: censorship, lack of digital inclusion and ....guess what, language!

Nobody Wants to Hear About Science Now

Technology has changed the way we used to perceive the notion of science. Before, everyone was reverent to this concept and mathematicians invented ideas, notions and axioms to explain their science, thus it became the scientific method and asked to demonstrate what mathematicians can hardly show.

It's been a long way until everyone accepted what should be called science. In this century although, kids and youngsters don't want to read (a premise to comprehend science), they are more interested in the solutions more than in the problems. In other words they bypass something that is a requirement to build science, the object.

Humble postdoc, Duncan Rilley has brouht up a very trivial question, Who owns the science? If nobody wants to hear about science now, except those who started their research before 80's or went to college as babyboomers, then we are not developing science. Funds to scientifical research are not being poured and the government is the only one to fund national security researching. Is it estrange we cannot solve yet the highest cause of mortality, a cure for cancer?

Is there anyone reading this post who thinks, science still is ahead of technology as it used to be or is it that we are making research only to serve technology and in its only direction. As for me, it's necessary to reinvent the concept of science, first of all, and secondly, put investigation up front as top priority. Science was made to solve the object of a problem, not just to built the most infinitesimal silicon's chip or alter the DNA, which by the way has been the most revolutionary finding of the last century.

I will close calling Riley again, he closed his post diligently, "If you would like to join the debate, and you are anywhere near Manchester, UK, you might be interested in Who Owns Science?, a public lecture and debate. Join Anna Ford chair a discussion lead by Nobel laureates John Sulston and Joseph Stiglitz on just who the hell is it who owns this crazy little thing called Science?"

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