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Blog Day 2007

I felt very nice after reading two posts from two fellow bloggers, Silvia who's picking one of our blogs as her favorite. Iwon't abide by rules in this Blog Day but I want to participate and let to know who are by now the blogs and people. Happy BlogDay 2007 to everyone.

Weblog-ed, Will Richardson is a professional who pursues and research the tendencies in technology applied to the classroom. He's the Learner in Chief
in topics, discussions and reflections on the use of Weblogs, wikis, RSS, audiocasts and other Read/Write Web related technologies in the K-12 realm.

Paul Stamatiou, he's a very young man with a tremendous potential and knowledge about technology and apple related stuff. He's a penchant for all things high-tech
as himself describes. We are subscribed to his page since the very first time we get to know him. Power to the people of Georgia Tech.

eLearnspace, is held by George Siemens and he's very passionate about learning technologies from he's also a teacher in the University of Manitoba. I'm enamored with the potential of technology to transform learning and society. And he certainly is. Every educator should be paying attention to what he has to say on a regular basis.

Hackosphere, has being blogging from a while and he's our grandfather because thanks to his deep knowledge
in Ajax and feed readers you can see a nice blog design in this blog. He has created bVibes which a prosperous feed sharing portal. Ramani will be in our sight forever.

BlogBloke, is the only way I know him because it's very hard to find out his real name. He's being creating blogs with tips and tools for the blogging community and loves to write about Blogger Tips and lately he's being thinking to switched to Wordpress(so sad, I might say). 'He was one of the earliest to make RSS feeds (by hand, not automated, mind you)' as one of another fellow blogger states.

Hope you all something special to say about your favorite blogs or bloggers. As for ourselves we want to join in the special celebration in our home city, Loxa and home country, Ecuador. Or more in Global Voices Online.

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All Bloggers Looking for More Visitors

I am not making money out of this blog (I would like to) but certainly we all need to have someone sneaking around even to tell you something like your blog sucks! For quite a long time I've noticing our rank in Technorati had come down from 300 position to 221 right now. Our Alexa and Google PR couldn't be improved more than 4 and this page has a long time since we started to blog and write about anything and everything. As far as I m concerned, the popularity is something that makes no money for me but how do I get all information and why every blogger even the new kid from the corner should be watching the thread such as DesRochers points out.

I haven't being writing much lately and I've fall behind in our posts to Global Voices Online. It has a reason, my feeds keep piling up and important commentaries are left behind, we are in the process of switch job and you all know the time it requires and the negotiations you need to deal with. Fortunately, we all blogger have a newspaper only for fellows, TheIssue.Com where you can spare some time and grow your socialnetwork.

Don't go away. If you are interested in monitoring your audience please visit and take a good look of what Andy Beal is saying about the free tools for buzz monitoring.

Google: America Is a Safe Place to Live

You are safe. I am safe. This nation is safe. Quit being such a damned pussy. All of you. I am not personally into comments but if you like it feel free to drop us a line.

And about Tech? Well, have you ever thought of Google falling in the searching market? Follow all thread in Scoble's page and other comments about the same issue.

It's a good time to feature also The United Fakes of America.

Stand your Ground: Should You Always Comply?

Thanks to Jean's Blog.

Lately, all americans need to rethink the Freedom which is proclaimed in the Consitution and the Amendments, we all need the freedom of everything but seems men who lead this country need to a different paradigm. I will not comply. Period! (That's the original title of this video).

Art Can Solve Social Problems

Artist, Yanira Cartagena explains how art can solve problems. Much of her work has to do with El Salvador and issues of marginality. This video is part of large colection of video work performed by Chuck Cirino and published in Weird America.

Get Your iPhone Working On T-Mobile Networks

This week I was talking with a friend of mine about his iPhone. He was very disappointed with the very first bill he just received, the deal was closed and the clerk told him that the increase in his bill will be only 40 dollars, but he was reading a large bill that over passed the 700 hundreds! Why the iPhone has to be so expensive and so closed?

Europa has already mastered a way to get the iPhone working in their networks, copying information from the Subscriber Identity Module, a small card with a chip that identifies a subscriber to the cell-phone network. Being this expensive gadget available only in the US for now it's quite useful to have George Hotz from NJ, to get your iPhone unlocked an working with the only carrier which is compatible with, T-Mobile. This young teen outlines 10 steps to unlock the iPhone but you better be careful it is not that easy and you screw it up then your phone will become a piece of junk. The hack is complicated and requires skill with both soldering and software, and missteps may result in the iPhone becoming useless, so it's unlikely to become a household procedure.

Once again do not intent to unlock it by yourself, Hotz had four more guys for helpers, two of them from Rusia. He didn't waste his summer, as some of his friends have been saying. The following promise to be a easier way to unlock this phone trhought software implementation.

LATER: There is step=by-step post here, where you can learn how to unlock your iPhone using QuickPwn firmware.

How to Engage Students in a Good Behaviour

I haven't told you I am a frecuenlty reader of Teacher Magazine and now Teacher Leaders Network. While browsing around I've found in the Teacher Magazine an article from Anthony Cody where he tries to outline procedures to engage students in good behaviour while they really learn with the so called hands-on. Anthony points out:
The secret to behavior management is really about having the students fully engaged in the learning process, and it involves more than just rules and office referrals. After all, the whole point of getting the class to focus is to do some meaningful work—to reach new understandings, to create new expressions of their knowledge, and to build new skills. But we have to know how to manage our teacher-student relationships in order to get there.
Here his recomendations:

1. Post a short list of clear, unambiguous rules and enforce them consistently.

2. Learn how important it is to phone parents early in the year, with positive news if at all possible. When he had to call about some problems a few months later, parents were there to back him up 100 percent.

3. Balance a negative phone call with a positive one. It felt great to be able to point out that he was working with their parents in their best interests, and that he would make positive calls when behavior improved.

4. Learn to keep a record of student behavior, along with any referrals to the office, so that the problems you had with a few students were clearly documented.

5. Learn how easy it is to get into entertaining but fruitless dialogues with students when you are trying to enforce rules.

6. Learne it is important for students to understand that you care about their well-being, and that you are on their side.

7. Students refuse to memorize the textbook facts—they were bored with, and their behavior reflected their boredom. Look for different ways for students to demonstrate their understanding through more creative projects, and you will find the students become more engaged!

School: Real and Fake Learning

This is in defense of what happened in Newark at the beginning of August with these poor defenceless students, the sad history of Anthony Soltero and all that stuff that incongruous school's contents are generating in the internet era.

How can these youngsters enjoy learning if we the teachers generate fake learning, some knowledge that kids and teens don't really need it right away. First, let me say that I agree with many of you that our schools are married with far too much fake learning. I love your litmus test of whether or not something is real learning. When I read it, my mouth practically dropped thinking of all the things that I teach that I would not want to be a part of … I am embarrassed to say that some of the things I teach are not even engaging to teach, let alone engaging to learn. It is, of course, a constant journey, looking for ways to improve my teaching and move towards more 'real' learning experiences.

My friction with this is, is there a realistic balance between 'real' and 'fake' learning? Can we turn everything into something so engaging that we would want to participate in, or are there some things that, at least for some students, are not going to be engaging but are important enough to learn.

I am thinking a lot about math lately, and many math activities might fit what you call 'fake' learning. I know that fourth graders need to learn their multiplication facts. Even with all this technology around us, multiplication facts are something that, I believe, people still need to know. Now, some student may be engaged by the way that you teach and practice those facts, but for some, it just isn’t engaging. Does the benefit of learning sometimes outweigh the need to engage students? Do we just need to work harder to find a way to engage the students, or does the cost of doing so outweigh the marginal benefit?

Perhaps this is where games or competition might come into play. A video game might easily turn something rote like fact learning into something more fun and engaging.

The text above was a comment left at Speed of Creativity by Matt. I would like to follow him up in his blog but I couldn't find a rational way, but certainly he has a point about this fake learning we are immerse everyday!

Technorati: How to Increase your Traffic and Get Higher Score

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Thanks to rugjeff

Blogger Still Has Some Miles to Hit the Road

I don't like to yell nobody just to be heard or use Gmail with emoticons/smileys just to look kool as many of you will be thinking. This post pretend to show you some issues still Blogger has to work on.

Error Performing Your Request bX-vjhbsj. Is one of the most typical issues TonNet has to face once in while trying to republish a post or editing the template.

Once you cache get to know what language are you using to blog, Blogger neglects to switch a different one, something so obvious that shouldn't need a drop down box!

If you already had bought a domain through Blogger you must be happy whether all the process of redirection is working but if you tried *.mil as an option then you might get into trouble.

Surely you are using Firefox (if not is time to get it) and even when this browser works beautifully we still have some tricks to learn, have you ever tried a faster way to type Internet addresses? Go and grab it!

Have a wonderful beginning of week!

George Bush is God

Uploaded by Daquella manera

Mmmmm.. after Irak, failing immigration proposal and many guys unemployed in the american streets, someone still believe in this God?

Ask americans about our Dear Mr. President!

Should We Close the Net? -E. John Says So

May be that Sir Elton John has authority to express his own opinions but at some point he might have a point or users disagree with it. All this rant came from a column in The Sun Online and this post.

Instabloke follows the conversation and list of the blogosphere's benefits:

1) Anyone who can’t write can now publish a blog and pretend they can write.

2) Kids (and parents) can disconnect from natural communities and join virtual ones.

3) Gambling is now easier than ever.

4) Local merchants, workers and businessmen can become "disintermediated" by online multi-national corporations.

5) Now we can go to the coffee shop (how pathetic) and hunch over our laptops and not even know who is sitting next to us.

6) Eventually, our whole lives can become digitized. Hey, maybe quantity IS more important than quality and more data is better.

8) We now have more "information" than we even asked for... unfortunately, 99% of it is scam, spam, more marketing, "bait link" or just plain poor quality.

9) Perhaps we will all like the "Singularity." By the

10) Oh, yes.. the "paperless office." Funny, though, our offices now consume several times the amount of paper they used to.

11) Soon blog content will be computer generated, if some of it isn’t already.

12) Luddites will have to master internet technology in order to destroy it.

Now, please tell me everything said in here is wrong and I'll quit blogging right in the spot!

Games to Play a Decisive Roll in the Workplace

If you have a kid as I do probably you'll be stunned in the way they love to play games and use all kind of consoles for this matter. I've had a hard time trying to limit his time spend in these games among playstation, gamecube, nintendo,etc. Fortunately, it seems they won't need too much science or math in order to get immerse in the labor market for next decade. Aili McConnon has published in the BusinessMeek a draft of what it means to be playing around for these kids and how the next labor force will be challenged and get benefits from these players.
The fledgling corporate games and virtual worlds are not nearly as sophisticated or visually stunning as some of the most popular consumer games involving millions of players, such as World of Warcraft, but they are precursors of what's in the pipeline. In a recent survey of nearly 1,500 people in large and small companies, the eLearning Guild—a group investigating the design and management of e-learning tools for business, government, and education—found that the number of people using games for work in the financial and banking industries alone had increased from 33% to nearly 40% in the past nine months.

So, if you're still thinking that you should hide the video game controller from your kids because they're spending too much time in front of the TV or computer, don't. What you perceive as it's slacking may just be preparing them to become productive members of the workforce when they get older. Their future office room are likely to be heavily digital—especially if they work remotely—and their work may resemble the online games that many now spend hours trying to decipher and playing.

Future of Learning Agents

W. Richardson was in this workshop and in his blog presents a preliminary compendium of his own appreciations about the future of teaching or how the teaching process might look like at some point down the road. What caught our eye was the quotation he records: There are 1,300 teacher preparation programs that are preparing teachers for schools that none of us think should exist.

Obviously we still have a way to go in discovering the new teacher qualification for the teacher of the future. No the tradicional one! Socialnetworking is a plus and as Richardson says, teachers most centered on the ability to facilitate or connect, and an understanding of social technologies and deep collaboration.

For a better context you might want to check out the Education Map of the Future.

Web is the No. 1 workplace media.

The study was performed by Ball State University's Center for Media Design and a compendium of those results are published in CNET -News.

They "...tracked the media use of 350 people every 15 seconds. The subjects represented each gender, about equally, across three age groups: 18 to 34, 35 to 49 and 50-plus. The people were monitored by another person for approximately 13 hours, or 80 percent of their waking day."

Will internet kill newspapers?

Is a PhD. Worth Six Years of Study?

This is the question Grew Mankiw answers in his blog, being a a professor of economics at Harvard University. Originally he asks himself:
Would you recommend someone to do a PhD if he knows he's unlikely to become a star in the field (weak math background due to lack of trainings and not being particularly gifted; lack of confidence in his creativity and talents) and does not have a burning desire to do research, but has interests in social science, enjoys learning, and likes to be able to interact with people he admires and respects? Or do you think it's better for him to work first until he's certain that research is what he wants to do?

And then he concludes that a PhD takes quite a bit more time and concerted effort than most graduate degrees and the passion for the study of any carrer you've chosen.

IMfied: Posting from IM to Web

Thanks to our dear friend Avatar we've got to know this new tool for publishing online, IMfied. Still in Beta but certanly it "is a productivity tool that offers instant access to a growing number of web applications over your instant messaging client. Imified simply helps you get things done faster", according to Dave & Anthony, their dvelopers.

I you check their forum you will notice they ( the community) is working real quick to provide integration with other application like Facebook, Powce and the New Blogger itself.

The process of registration is very easy but you will need to have an account i any of the mayor IM providers, add imfied as a friend and ther you go. I just made it. Quick and easy. I haven't tried though, but I do believe what Avatar is saying about this application. Imagine all people who use IM now with chances to publish their blogs without even sign out of IM clients! Is this productivity? I don't know but as for me it really sounds interesting. Let's see what happens in the days to come.

Education, Why Is So Important And Still Matters

Clarence Fisher. About insolated learning spaces:
They are only learners who need to be alone if they want to be. We have proved that allowing students to work collaboratively with others around the globe is not only possible, but very positive. We need to develop a culture in that makes flexible teams that consist of both local and international members something that is not only possible, but is respected. We need to move the technical and cultural bars in our classrooms towards making these possibilities happen. We as teachers not only need to help students form these networks, but make accessing them a regular part of how learning happens in classrooms.

George Siemes. What's wrong about predicting educational future:
I distrust reports that tell me what will happen in education, technology, economy, and society in the next 25 years. Let's be honest. We don't have a clue. Predictions were easier to make when we could extrapolate periods of slow change to logical outcomes. But industries are now re-written overnight. Music, software, videos, mobile phones - pick a field...the development pace is so rapid that predictions which turn out to have merit may well have more to do with luck than insight.

Mr. Lawrence. I lost it! -Little sense of privacy or boundaries:
I paused and he smiled. Hoping he wasn't telling me what I figured he was telling me, I responded, "Your cell phone? Your mind?" Soon, one of the other students in the class (a female) spoke up, "Oh my God, now you told everybody, it's no big deal." He was beaming, and proud.

The Future in Technology Is Here

Meet Daniel Brusilovski's blog.

What Men Like in Women. You ask!

The following is a post written by Debasmita Chanda, who tries to explain something sometimes inexplicable. What I really like about women? Have you ever asked this question? You better find out and answer before you meet a woman today!

[...The women have something that attract men is that they have a different way of seeing the world. Without getting into the whole emotional/logical thing, it is true that women (or at least the ones I know) just see things differently than men. They notice different angles or aspects of a situation that most men will miss, and having women involved on projects (work, church, planning a camping trip, whatever) helps broaden men's view about life. Though women don't always present a logic but still they have a different way of proving themselves which is unique and men get so thrilled with the angle they present. Women sometimes present angles in a very simple way but it might bring a lot of meaning top men as they always search for meanings in it. So in a way men want to be dependent on them as they are sure that these women will surely take care of them and will support them in need...]

What Do You Wonder About RSS

You might be already into microblogging and reading blogs like Micropersuasion will make your day a productive one specially if you are in the go and don't have other thing handy than your Treo or iPhone. Everything is getting in these small gadgets thanks to the RSS system, even when only the 5-6% of American online population is penetrated by this service. According to a recent BlogAds survey, "only 12 percent of the blog reading audience said it used RSS always or often".

W. Richarson
wonders about six things of what he thinks is the most powerful of all of these technologies:

1. What’s your optimum number of feeds to read? -Not sure yet, maybe 30.
2. How do you not become 'married' to the feeds you already have? -New and better subscription appear everyday!
3. Do you rely too much on a handful of feeds? -Absolutely. It's like talking with a darling girlfriend.
4. How many individual pieces of information can you realistically make sense of? -Unknown, rely on filtering.
5. How do you best organize the information that is most useful? -Firefox help me to keep windows open.
6. Should I read ideas, or should I read people? -Both to me even when ideas are the most important resource.

So, dear reader, what's your wonder about RSS? Share your concerns and will give you a link back. Deal?

Buy Me A Beer Plugin For Blogger

I am still struggling to stop the automated post in this blog, problem caused by genuine advice from some marketing ad. Does anyone already know how to deal with this plague? I've already change the email address for email posting but it seems it didn't work.

Until we find the solution to this Blogger scam I would like to thank Julianto Cahyadi for the Coke Idea. This comes just in hand to introduce to you a Wordpress hack very well know now as Buy me a beer! In this case, the hack is made for Blogger and Etienne Teo same as Amey Jah had posted about how to install such plugin in Blogspot.

By the way, please if you're a regular reader of our blog you shouldn't miss the chance to read one the most prominet bloggers, Sumesh. He's working hard to improve the quality of information in his blog and had prepared a very good post about the Greasemonkey Scripts for Gmail. Go visit him and say hi from TonNet.

Add Google Sitemap and Get Better Indexed

I was reading about how to get your blog better positioned in Google and I had the chance to go and probe all features in MyPageRank which by the way recomends me to work out in a better metatag description and proper word descriptions, not to mention that the title of this page should be longer in order to keeo up with the ratings. You are an expert, what do you think? Sumesh, are you reading this? I would appreciate your input in this matter. The first step for installing the sitemap was found in an old friend's blog: Vivek but if you keep digging you might find of good use what is written by Sai Prasad or Manoj Sangani.

I want to thank our dear friend Jaloe Tjimahi who has found of interest our post about Blogger Templates. He's displaying our link in the top left corner of his blog. We should say that pays to link, if you give us a link you will also receive the reward or linking back. I love the proposal of this young girl, Nicole Chen. She says: "once I see that you’ve link me I’ll link ya back".

Global Voices is growing at speed many would love to grow, now they're looking for a video editor, if you happen to be interested you just have to contact Georgia Popplewell. Hold on second, that's not all I wanted to tell you. There is also an agreetment with the NY Times to start publishing the GVO feeds in the Topic pages of this newyorkean big mass media. Stay tunned!

Challenge: New ways of learning

You don't need to be on Top Edublogs to participate in the discussion. Head up to Elearnspace and contribute answering the central question: What structural changes are required?

Not everything has to be so serious!

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Who's linking to your blog?

Sometimes I feel tented to publish whatever I want. Excuse these posts that have nothing to do with Education or Technology. I remember a friend of mine telling me, hey, I was reading your blog and I couldn't find what is the field you write about. I went like, what? Don't you see what I do every day? But after a while I do consider sometimes I just publish about everything, mea culpa. Still recall the old days in College when you had to write about a particular topic just because you needed a grade!

When Technorati is down we need to find other procedures to keep track of who's linking to us and I am pretty sure you already know many systems, but if this post [Rose DesRochers] is missing something or there are some other system you are using please drop us a line in the comment section.

There is always a good way to attract readers to our blogs, doing nothing illegal against googlebot or any other robot tracker.

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Philip Pullman : About Writing and Books

[... As a passionate believer in the democracy of reading, I don't think it's the task of the author of a book to tell the reader what it means. The meaning of a story emerges in the meeting between the words on the page and the thoughts in the reader's mind. So when people ask me what I meant by this story, or what was the message I was trying to convey in that one, I have to explain that I'm not going to explain. Anyway, I'm not in the message business; I'm in the “Once upon a time” business...]

Quoted by A Secret History

Avoid the Noid!

Last night I had an argument with a female coworker, she' s a nice person a nice single girl. However, we just got into that kind of male-female conversation and sudently all turned a disaster. I am expceting to meet her today and try to clarify things. I really like her and I truly respect her. She's kind of my keepsake! Excuse the expression for now.

I am not a american native or so but I try to write in English and precisely I found interesting what in this blog, her author had to say about her experiences about the concept and definition of Avoid the Noid. I think we all should avoid the Noid when productivity is the key.

She also has an interesting idea. Did I mention her blog is Adsense Tracker? Well, she is into this project, called I Review, Do You?. I am not putting the button yet, sorry young girl but what I want to say is that this blog is new and the approach that it is taking is what makes it interesting. "Every blogger wants traffic. I spend tons of time doing things to try to generate visits to this site and you probably do the same for your blog." has being said in Adsense Tracker.

Do A I begging for a review? It's all up to you. But be known that our pourpose is to bring traffic to our blog through a cooperative community effort. Think of not only the great contacts you would make and the aditional visitors you would get but also all of those wonderful backlinks. I am not saying it,
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