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Research Book on Neuroscience And Learning

This post is originated after a tweet that was posted by @edtechcowgirl. We were checking our subscriptions and we found a book recommended by Clark Quinn that would fit Donna Feledichuk's necessities.

The book title is Why Don’t Students Like School and after reading the review made at Learnlets, his editor says the subtitle tells you a bit more about this book: “A cognitive scientist answers questions about how the mind works and what it means for your classroom”.

    ...In nine chapters (this isn’t a long book, just deep and relevant), he covers motivation, learning styles, cognitive skills, and more. He answers the core questions and the ancillary questions that emerge. And, no, I don’t agree with him on quite all of it (e.g. on making content meaningful, he’s concerned that too familiar or interesting tasks may overwhelm the intrinsic lesson), but I suspect we’d find if we sat down that we’re agreeing furiously.

    I have to say that if all my children’s teachers read this book, their schooling would be a lot better. If all our children’s teachers read this book, schools would be a lot better. So, if you’re a teacher, read this book. If you work with teachers, know teachers, or influence teachers, get them to read this book. And if you design learning experiences, even if you don’t actually teach, you should read this book.

    Cognitive science research oriented towards making better learning, in a digestable form. It doesn’t get much better than this. I have no higher praise for a book than 'I wish I’d written it', and I do. Highly recommended.
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Education Today 05/15/2009

  • Teacher gadgets New technology hits the classroom

    Promethean: It's an interactive white board that allows teachers to program lesson plans with a student participation component. It also allows teachers to program photos, graphics, or brief film clips and videos into a lesson plan, and the board can be used for any subject matter – math, social studies, history, etc.

  • Electronic bullying of students has real effect

    When it comes to bullying, computers and cellphones have become the near-perfect hiding place for teens who may not otherwise take the aggressive stance. While these threats tend to happen off school property and outside of the school day, the repercussions can affect classroom performance.

  • Debtor grad: ‘I wish I’d gone to prison’

    Going to college was “the biggest mistake of my life,” says Hernan Castillo... The 30-year-old California man earned an accounting degree but can’t find a new job, so he’s still working at a warehouse.

  • BLOGS: Best Posts Of The Day

    From David Brooks to Megan Meier...

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You Could Be Teaching Differently if it Weren't for ‘The Tests’

Students in New Jersey started this week the NJASK and they spent much time on rehearsals. Surely, at least one teacher in the Garden State will be saying: We could be teaching differently if it weren't for ‘the tests.’

Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant asserts that successful teaching and student achievement has little to do with tests and plenty with ourselves as educators. He asks: "Have we all forgotten that school has been boring for generations?"

Change and transformations in educations are not part of a gift. Since human being has started educating in a formal process, the student has been confronted with innumerable challenges. It has been the social revolutions which committed to education fundamental changes, not the governments. No Arne Duncan!

It's of shortsighted professionals to think that are the tests the instruments killing our creativity. They limit core curriculum at many schools, but teachers are the ones to improve and develop activities to meet students necessities. When inexperienced teachers start working they look for anything that make their lives easier and to honor their career. However, as years pass by, we do conform with the Establishment and forget about what our mission was: Teach and tech it differently no every academic year but on a daily basis.

Test slow many aspects of schoolwork but they are not absolutely the reason to stop our professional development and slow down our personal achievements as educators.

Do not blame the tests. It is us!

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Edublogs: Steal But Do Not Get Caught! Give Credit.

Do you think school districts "pirating" content from your education blog and sharing it with their staff - with or without attribution - is right or wrong?

This is the question which the author of this post, closed it. And since we are reproducing some content from other blogs and sites, we think we have an opinion here. At the far bottom of this blog you will see © Education and Tech which is aimed to state that our contents are free to be used under Creative Commons license.

When we do use content from other sites, we are doing it because we believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

In about the question, once a blog is up to share its contents under Creative Commons, it is about the user to attain by the rules. Remember the internet is huge and many are copying contents to make money. If that is the case, you should follow suit and ask to stop with such practices. Here, since the purpose of the consumer is educational and none of the content quoted you could see is altered or transformed, there is no reason to get concerned.

They are to respond for the linking, and owner of contents should politely ask the consumer to abide by the Commons license, if they still ignore your rights, then make it public and let them know you advice against this practice and fight all your way down.

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Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Suffer in School

Children exposed to domestic violence not only have more disciplinary problems at school, they perform considerably worse in math and reading than other students.

They also have a negative effect on their classroom peers, resulting in decreased test scores and increased disciplinary problems, according to a new study by economists Scott Carrell of the University of California–Davis and Mark Hoekstra of the University of Pittsburgh, published in the summer issue of Education Next.

Carrell and Hoekstra find that adding one troubled student to a classroom of 20 students decreases student reading and math test scores by more than two-thirds of a percentile point and increases misbehavior among other students in the classroom by 16 percent.

The whole press release was originally published on The Hall Monitor

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Assignments That Work On Technology-rich Learning Environments

The Journal:

...It's vital to realize that when technology is integrated into a learning environment and students are using technology in their learning process, the assignments must also include technology use. That is, if, for example, students are using computers to work on projects, do research, collaborate with their peers, or interact with content and then the assignment set is to write a paper on a set topic and for which no aspect of the technology use is involved, the assignment will seem unnecessary to the students and dissociated with their learning experience.

Read whole article by Ruth Reynard, Ph.D.

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Common Sense With Uses of Cellphones in Classroom

It turns out these little devices are useful. That must be why we use them so much.

Katie Hanifin is sad she cannot compete with Cornell University researchers. Students at Canastota High School in a number of 70 approx. will be given iPhones for the next month to be used during the school day. This is part of a nutrition project funded by Cornell, the students will be tracking their meals and relaying information.

In the article she wrote at Education Week,Teaching Generation Tech, Katie relates as what is it to be in her High School and how faculty deals with uses of cellphones:

    However, to many educators, the cell phone is the bane of our professional existence. My school has a no cell phone policy that is completely ignored by students and heavily debated by faculty. These devices are everywhere, either hanging out of the pockets of their low-slung jeans or glued between their ear and their shoulder.

    In the midst of a heated discussion on cell phone confiscation at a faculty meeting, where a prize was suggested for the teacher with the highest acquisition, at least one phone went off. We collectively looked around the room for the interruption, knowing it could very well have been our own.

Educators, stop banning cellphones in the schoolwork. Learn how to deal with it and introduce good uses of cellphone in the curriculum you had to develop or follow during an academic year.

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Obama's Budget Slashes a Critical “Change Agent” in Schools

On Friday May, 8th the Obama's administration released a new where they asserted a cut of Education Technology funding by 63%. Mike MGuhlin has been following events and wrote a interesting piece about why administrators as educators should switch to the Open Source movement.

What would you write for expectations for principals and teachers?
is a central questions he brings on. Mike challenges a Superintendent and a Curriculum Specialist to either "publish slideshow presentations to the Web instead of having your secretary do it" or "model differentiation of instruction for adult learners, as well as students in face to face and online professional learning environments."

We ask you to reflect on this paragraph and come to discussion on this topic:

    So, yes, if technology continues to be irrelevant to teaching, then cut it out. Excise funding on technology from the budget. If you're not going to make it a requirement, if you're not going to fire superintendents who dance around using technology except to put it in so that it looks like something is happening, if you're not going to require teachers to learn how to use it and CHANGE their teaching, if you're not going to transform curriculum specialists and how they work, then it's a waste of money.

I don't think I agree with Obama's administration decision even in though times but I have to second Mr. MGuhlin on the quoted paragraph.

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