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Will Technology Eliminate Teachers From the Classroom?
Education Today 08/30/2008
IE8 Beta 2 and Firefox Add-on You All Must Have
Education Today 08/28/2008
DNC/RNC: Time to Voice your Educational Concerns
Edublogger Event 08: Passionate People Talking About Education
Babla: Love your Words at  Lexiophiles
Socializing a  Lesson's  Plan.  Using Wikis...
Education Today  08/22/2008
Freedom: The Prize of Going to China to the Olympic Games
Curriculum: Design and Phylosophy Underlying Are Not  For Wikis
Worlcamp SF 2008: Takes on Education and Multiuser Experiences
Top 5 Career In Demand According to NACE
Education Today  08/17/2008
Olympics:  Learning to Fake from Chinese Media
Education Today 08/15/2008
Unitierra:  Life Without Teachers, Between Discipline and Freedom
Information Literacy:  Tomorrow at University of Sheffield (UK)
Will  a Weblog  Change in the Web Future?
Education Today 08/10/2008
Challenging Monolithic Instruction in North America
Skype: How to Join to a Skypecast
Education Today 08/05/2008
Blogging as a  Method of Communication May Be Over!
You Are Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution!