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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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A 'Cartoon' Is Worth a Thousand Words

A Cartoon Is Worth a Thousand Words

Doodle by Lee and thanks to B@b@.

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Sex Education and How to Deal With Abortion Under Republican Runners

It's a fact, sex education varies widely across the United States' school districts but what can be variable is the agenda of presidential candidates.

Both McCain and the GOP platform say children should be taught that abstinence until marriage is the only safe way to avoid pregnancy and disease(we don't agree but that's their position). However, Palin's position is less clear nowadays. In a widely quoted 2006 survey she answered during her gubernatorial campaign, Palin said she supported abstinence-until-marriage programs. But weeks later, she proclaimed herself pro-contraception and said condoms ought to be discussed in schools alongside abstinence.

Now, remember that Republican vice presidential candidate statements date back to her 2006 gubernatorial run. In July of that year, she completed a candidate questionnaire that asked, would she support funding for abstinence-until-marriage programs instead of "explicit sex-education programs, school-based clinics and the distribution of contraceptives in schools?"

Palin response was, "Yes, the explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support."

What we should expect on this topic if they gain entrace to the White House?

[Via The Angeles Times]


Learn what a community organizer really does.

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Curriculum: Writing Subject as a 'Learning Tool'

At a time when the demands of high-stakes testing have led to a curriculum dominated by reading and mathematics instruction, discussion in the seminars these days is more likely to turn to the practical challenges of fitting writing into the school day, and how to show that it makes a difference in student achievement, writes Kathleen Kennedy in Education Week

It can't be more certainly truth. Home experience tells me that youngsters spend time doing school work and they are been graded on Language but, once they arrive to higher grades, writing suffers a decreased level in front of reading. On the 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress in writing, only a third of 8th graders and one-fourth of 12th graders in nationally representative samples were deemed proficient, declares Kennedy.

We have to move beyond the notion of writing as an art form to promote writing as a learning tool. So, it's important parents, teachers and students support and enroll the National Writing Project. We all should emulate what former executive director of the program Richard Sterling, has said, the "is the single largest national undertaking to tackle the problem."

A cornerstone of the curriculum for generations, writing has been dubbed the “neglected ‘R’ ” in recent years because of all the attention to reading and math. Yet it is gaining increasing recognition as an essential skill for developing the kinds of thinking and analytical abilities students need to master complex content, tackle college-level work, and succeed in a global and information-driven marketplace.

American education will never realize its potential as an engine of opportunity and economic growth until a writing revolution puts language and communication in their proper place in the classroom, it's noted in the report, 'Neglected ‘R’: The Need for a Writing Revolution.'(pdf)

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Education Today 09/03/2008

Screencast: How to Make Wiki References

Wikispaces has released the ref tag, so now wikis, in addition to hyperlinking, may include references.

Measuring Learning

Much of test taking is about the skill of making sure your knowledge and skills translate well on the test...It's important to tell us that the tests tell us something, but they don't come close to telling us everything.

Google Quickly Becoming the New Microsoft.

Google’s days of unchecked growth may soon come to an end. They are quickly becoming the new Microsoft. Yes, you might say, but why? Chrome, the Webkit-based Google browser that launches tomorrow at, will give them a real foothold on the desktop and way more control over how web applications perform. While it seems that Chrome is aimed at IE and Firefox, the target is really Windows.

Expect to see millions of web devices, even desktop web devices, in the coming years that completely strip out the Windows layer and use the browser as the only operating system the user needs. That was going to happen anyway, but Chrome + Gears just made the decision a whole lot easier for hardware manufacturers to make.

Google Chrome will be free, open source and, at least for the time being, limited to Windows users. They've said it's been worked on Mac and Linux but no deadlines had been offered.

One of the biggest complaints about web apps is the stability of the browser. When you’re doing mission-critical work in a web app and the browser crashes, it isn’t an annoyance, it’s a deal breaker — e-mails are lost, documents have to be rewritten, web forms need to be filled out again. Chrome’s ability to sidestep a full crash could prove a huge boon to Google’s bid to replace desktop apps with its own web-based alternatives.

On the other hand, Microsoft, which crushed Netscape Communications to win the last major browser war in the 1990s, played down the threat posed by Chrome. Microsoft predicted that most people will embrace its latest version, Internet Explorer 8, which it released in test status last week.

The makes a review and Raphael says, "as for overall success [of Google Chrome], it’s hard to imagine Chrome being able to dethrone IE. For better or for worse, Microsoft’s browser accounts for the overwhelming majority of the market — around 70 to 75 percent, depending on whom you ask. Being that many of those users are on it simply because it’s the Windows default and they don’t know or care to change it explains a lot."

Let's see what happens with prognosis that Gmail and Google Docs will roar and if really people wants to covert.

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Doing your Own Research to Get Noticed in the Internet

Today is Labor Day in the United States and we've had a few more time to read our subscriptions and haven't waste time watching the early suspended Republican National Convention, in place, we been quite busy trying to catch up with all recommendations on the BlogDay 2008.

Two topics nowadays are typed in the search engines known so far. Tools for conducting our personal and professional research and looking for a moment of our very own celebrity, how to get noticed while in the internet.

We've been blogging since the 2003 and by far, we already were talking about forty-one years of the internet age. Predecessors of the internet were J.C.R. Licklider of Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN) in August 1962. The ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) and ARPA of the United States Department of Defense. Doriano Carta from Mashable writes about Notebook 2.0 and claims:

Fast forward several decades and we arrive to this list of the best tools for researchers today. In addition to being able to saves text, audio, video and links during your research online you’ll also be able to share these collections of notes with colleagues, students or anyone else. You can also keep things private for your own research projects.

Now, imagine doing some research to brand your education in education blog or may be your own personal name. You would need to make a deposit before you can make a withdrawal. Kellier Parker in a comment left at Jeremiah Owyang's blog suggest to actively seek ways to be helpful within the network you create. Don’t hesitate to jump in and answer questions, give advice, lend a supporting hand.

When you are in need of assistance,Parker continues, people will jump in to help you a lot more readily than if you were a stranger making a request. Kellier has found this to be true thus far in her job search. Over the past few years, she’s built a network of community managers and social media strategists, and have never turned down an opportunity to talk to someone, listen to someone, to give her point of view on a topic or issue, or just generally to assist someone with something. When you are the one in need, this is being paid back to me tenfold. To receive much, you must give much.

With proliferation of educational blogs, it becomes so much more difficult for brand to stand out from the millions of others blogs and bloggers. Yeah, you’re thinking the long tail will solve this, and well yes, in a way. But in reality there are leaders and followers being created in each sub-educative and sub-technological niche, so the Jeremiah's rules of getting noticed still apply. They are: Create a goal, built a unique educational blog, get more personal, attend and lead local events (know why?) do your best to be interesting and show your achievements!

What are your takes on this matter?

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