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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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Scholarpedia And More Educational Blogs

I've already spoken about Scholarpedia in this post but today BizDeansTalk goes over it again and says that Scholarpedia combines Wikipedia's open-source principles with a healthy dash of peer review. All the articles are written by scholars who are either invited by Scholarpedia directors or elected by the public. Those articles are anonymously peer reviewed and placed under the charge of 'curators' who must approve any changes.

Four educational blogs had been spotted thanks to the good W. Richardson, Christopher D. Sessums [Skills for the 21st Century Learners]. Christian Long [The Future of Learning & Environments that Shape Engagement]. Dr. Jan's Blog [Perceptions and Events in One of the Hippest School in America]. Richard Lee Colvin [It contains commentary on coverage of issues related to early childhood education, broadly defined, inside and outside of schools, preschools, subway cars, living rooms and the dining table].

I am not Scoble or Jeff Jarvis to be into the group of Blogging Convincers but what I write everyday pretends to keep you informed and give you I wider range of opinions. Concepts such as Mobile Socialnetworking are introduced. New application as Speak a Blog are presented thanks to Spinvox, etc.

And even though this is out of context in this blog I feel the responsibility to help promote the idea of Free Market, why the American currency can be used abroad but not the Mexican Pesos here in the US. There are a thread about what's going on in a Texas Pizza Chain and David Sasaki had pointed it out.

Bloggeratto Is Coming Back, Countdown Begins!

This was a great surprise for me and for the person who recognize himself as a nocturnal animal. Yes, today while awake in the first hours of this day I've spoken with Avatar who is preparing a roll of ten projects for this year. Word of mouth can be found in Efendi's Blog who claims Avatar is doing something deadlier from what we know now.

Avatar says the latinamerican blogosphere is a disaster but has kind comments for Argentina, Chile and Mexico (As it is expected). He claims to be in the Web for about fourteen years now and to be the only Mexican blogger who's moving from English language to Spanish without being in the US. which is a surprise for most bloggers (himself included). Bloggeratto has also kind comments for two ecuadorean bloggers: Juan Javier Larrea y Alt1040.

Very soon you will know of his projects but be careful, you need to be in his 100 contacts list in order to receive the notification. Hurry up! If you don't want to miss anything then drop him an email. Well, he was telling me interesting facts: he's able to translate at least one hundred pages per day and can easily top one thousand words per minute! Such a good reader!

I've also asked him if Avatar uses a Mac. That almost got him down. Please, he said, do not forget who am I, I have a Zune, use XBox360, Windows Vista and a cell phone from that kind. So I've replied knowingly I was getting on his nerves. Take care easy man, you know Gates is very proud of you! Which of course changed his tone and mood.

Be prepared for the news then, our techie friend is alive and will bring powerful information, hacks and design with his new arrival. Stayed tuned!

Let's Go Mobile!

Now that we have the long expected iPhone and after we also learned that Cisco is not happy with Steve Jobs using their registered name, why we don't change our attention to what is happening in the Internet. The buzz is centered in the social networking and after the decision of Yahoo to buy MyBlogLog we will see a very tough competence to bring in users and try to catch the mobile users what it seems to me will be the tendency in the 2007.

If we are getting mobile social networking then is not hard to think what are the chances to start taking classes in our gadgets. Imagine a teen armed with a PDA or any smart phone and a feed reader. I guess it will display social class, smartness and of course a good way to learn what their new Teacher 2.0 has to teach them!

This post in Spanish just impress me. Why? Precisely what was said before, the younger students prefer to be study online, it has to be with the normal curiosity in part and with technological knowledge in terms of tools, applications and information. You will her your classes through podcasts, watch your teacher in videos or simply interact with your tutor using SMS. Isn't that cool? Could be saying one of those smart Intermediate or High School students.

Make a tag(bar code in this case), then put this bar code on your blog or on a poster in the real world. Thanks to MyTago, people can click on a tag to find out some information. In the real world if you see a poster with this tag on it, you can take a photo of it then email it to your account or upload it to your PC.

Now that I have to finish this post, have you ever noticed the latest update of Firefox? I don't. But Lifehacker just solve our problems!

Steve Jobs speaking about his products but not computers

I've following what is said in SF and what it looks a little bit surprising is that this time Mr Jobs did'n speak about computers but his long waited iPhone. He also explain ed why the company was switching names from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple, Inc.

W. Richardson explains why we should keep an eye on a social bookmarking tool that works more eficiently tha Delicious, even though it is a bit slower. You can grab a portion of any page and post it to your or even publish your bookmarks right there in you personal blog. We are talking about Diigo. Give it a try!

E-learning is a concept wide proposed nowadays, that's why is so important to publish a blog in three different language, not simultaneously but every other post. Look out E-learning, conocimiento en red y web2.0. Thanks to BizDeansTalk.

Just in case you've forgotten it pays to give you a remainder: Be a Blogger. But for any reason just blog without following at least a few minor Code of Ethics.

Tired of being searching through Google, Yahoo and all other big search engines? Well, no more. Check out a real search helper according to LibraryClips. This new Beta search engine is called ChaCha (Not, no the song!).

Start Your Day With A Laugh!

The idea was brought in by R. DesRochers and her Funny Monday and I think it is nice to take a smile out of your mouth-face. So, here we go, try NOT to smile.

A man, returning home a day early from a business trip, got into a taxi at the airport. It was after midnight. While en route to his home, he asked the cabby if he would be a witness. The man suspected his wife was having an affair and he intended to catch her in the act. For $100, the cabby agreed.

Quietly arriving at the house, the husband and cabby tiptoed into the bedroom. The husband switched on the lights, yanked the blanket back and there was his wife in bed with another man.

The husband put a gun to the naked man's head. The wife shouted, "Don't do it! This man has been very generous! I lied when I told you I inherited money. He paid for the Corvette I bought for you. He paid for our new cabin cruiser. He paid for your Pittsburgh Steeler Season Tickets. He paid for our house at the lake. He paid for our country club membership,and he even pays the monthly dues!"

Shaking his head from side-to-side the husband slowly lowered the gun. He looked over at the cab driver and said, "What would you do?"

The cabby said, "I'd cover his ass with that blanket before he catches a cold."

The State of Latin America Blogosphere

Thanks to GVO I had the pleasure to read the English Blog of Alvaro Ramírez Ospina who has been tagged in other occasions in this blog. Now comes handy with an analysis of what's going on with the Spanish bloggers and their 'national' conception of Latin blogosphere. Whoever interested in the development of blogs should be read his post which among other things says:
I plan to continue observing and studying the way blogs have been adopted by the Spanish speaking communities around the world, composed mainly of people from the old Spanish Empire, their old colonies in Latin America, and the diasporas of people who have emigrated from their home lands but keep using their mother tongue in blogs. Many things are happening and tracking their rapid evolution is not an easy task. The rewards can be fruitful in many areas of society, especially in the field of education, where these formats and tools are showing their dynamic potential.

Kudos Alvaro and a Happy New Year from Spanish Readers Blog -BPLE

Calling All Bloggers

I really love the creativity in our people mostly when it comes from fellow bloggers. This is an idea from Rose DesRochers who pretends to invite every blogger to participate on Mondays with anything that is funny. "Share anything that can make us laugh", she says. You all are very welcome!

Janet C. has already started her Funny Monday Participant! Any takers?

GUM Ecuador: Keynote

As you all know San Francisco in Centre Moscone, Steve Jobs has organized his MacWorld 2007. The most important issue is we will hear Carlos Correa from Ecuador with his statement about GUM in his country.

Socialnetworking: The Teens case

PEW just released the results of their investigations and if not much surprises at least we are not absolutely sure the new generation has a different way to interact socially, no only in College but in their daily activities. Females are more likely to use social sites, 55% of teens have created a profile, -MySpace dominates- . Interesting point - teens seem to understand privacy fairly well, with 66% limiting access to their profiles- But what about adults on a daily basis also creates new profiles?

I am not sure if I will be able to put in my post those little smile buttons but for those who like it then please give proper credit to Aditya and follow the instructions created for another good blogger Deepak. Enjoy!

I've tried many Chat systems those that are easily incorporated in you blog. You'd have heard about Meebo y Plugoo but Hector Russo just found another interesting service inCircles(Alpha).

I'd been watching last night the series The geek and the Beauty and I was laughing at myself how the smart people think so differently that normal people (to call normal any girl around). Why this? Well, it seems to me people needs to pay a little bit of attention to the quality of information we are getting it and to me one of the best ways is to read a book, not only Freakonomics as those participants were suggested but books that change your mind whether to be better or at least start thinking in a wide range of possibilities. What are your most influential books you've ever read?

Homework or Busywork!

I am reading the last book of Alie Kohn and it is quite interesting when quoting Deborah Meier he says that a passion for learning :
Isn't something you have to inspire [kids to have]; it's something you have to keep from extinguishing

Wow. Have you ever stopped to think about it? Now, this is a teacher's job.

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