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Education & Tech, was created to build hope that education based on social technologies, can transform the new century, and enable abundance not only spiritually but economically. Milton Ramirez, Ed.D. - @tonnet is the founder & editor. He is a teacher, tech blogger, writes on education, and hails this blog from Union, NJ. For further questions, tips or concerns please e-mail him to:miltonramirez [at] educationandtech [dot] com

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If you are a regular to Blog Education & Tech, you shall remember that I am a blogger and I'd written a post about education almost everyday since 2003. Education & Tech provides you with education news, expert tech advice, classroom management ideas, and social media tools for educators, administrators, parents and k-12 students.

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Is Reading Online A Process to Develop Reading Skills?

Nowadays you don't read only books, newspapers and magazines in a traditional manner, our kids and teen have Internet access most of the times and using that computer, they've changed their way of reading. But the question is how blogging plays a role in developing a sophistication in reading interactions?

Will Richardson arrives to the following conclusions:

1. Students are and will be doing more reading in hypertext environments.
2. Reading in hypertext environments requires different literacies than in print environments.
3. Teachers need to teach their how to read effectively in hypertext environments.
4. In order to teach these literacies effectively, teachers must also model their use.
CONCLUSION: Teachers should be reading and writing online (blogging).

Want to keep an eye of what is going on around educative neighborhood? Please, head to Wesley Fryer's List of Edubloggers.

Now, normalas it is in Education & Tech, we need change topic. I am in MyBlogLog network but this analysis got me thinking about the real benefit of belonging to MyBlogLog. Every blogger should be aware of this and I am not whining or complaining, what I try to say is that sometimes we just follow as others do and that's all. We better start thinking about what we do and the quality of what we use in our blogs.

In Ecuador there was a rally to vote and find the best Ecuadorean blogs. presents his results in five categories: opinion, technology, personal, groupal, thematic and revelation. See results.

Speech Blogging For Ten More Years of Weblogs

I am happy that now I have working my Peek-a- Boo-Navbar. Thanks to Kaie Chen a very interesting weblog publisher with home in Taipei. Go and say hi from bple and I really recommend his blog. He's in the Big Leagues!

Louiss Lim just updated his old Blogging Secret. Now he's using a Wordpress like template but with three columns. Great work Louiss and thanks for keep your readers in mind and up-to-date. You're also in the Big Leagues.

He says he's not being paid for this ad but he made a synopsis of Naturally Speaking, anyway. Yes, E. Dans wrote a good review of this application which allow you to publish to your while you speak. I wonder whether this will save us time or will do a big mess with our posts!

Here a summary of what happened in the last ten years in the Blogosphere. Spaniard newspaper El Pais says "La 'blogosfera' es el espacio de la Red en el que comunidades de todas las lenguas y culturas construyen a diario nuevas formas de conversación, expresión y conocimiento".

Are you still struggling to have a search-friendly blog? No more, Library Clips has made a discover with the Google Toolbar and presents a roll of findings with other search engines, as well.

SpeedLinking to get Google to notice you

I can't write long post because of time or simply I don't have a thesis to expose or a essay to present. Today, I was reading RugJeff's Blog who says to be against speedlinking, against the benefit it gets to the blogs that are being watched for Google. I do appreciate links and I do practice speedlinking everyday but of course I am not against the hard work, the research y the responsible bloggers.

In order to get indexed by Google is important your keywords not only in your posts but in the metatags of your template, the title should be clear enough to describe what your blog is about and offer a precise and crystal clear description of who you are and what will be the topics in your blog. Do whatever you have to do in order to get a link from 'authorities' . Place your name or blog in very well know websites, let's say MySpace or MyBlogLog. We are to follow the example of YALSA (Young American Library Association) or the nice just created for Latinamerica by NACLA (The North American Congress on Latin America).

Finally, whether you are using Blogger, Wordpress or any other free hosting, still you can manipulate your very own templates in a easy way and without major knowledge in Webdesign. Cowboy makes a good presentation of Weebly and explains step by step how to use AJAX like design for your templates' blog.

Security Checks For Educational Researchers

This the entry for a post written by A. Russo that shirk my skin. You all know what this means to the researchers not only in the educational field but any other of the wide range of science. Watch what you are doing Sam's police is underground!

I will ever give up on my writing enterprise. That's why again I had to read How Bloggers Can Link to You and I pretty much agree on all 10 steps, specially that letter from David Letterman. As part of thi vision I will also like you participate and pick the 7 New Wonders. Go enjoy!

People with enough experience are switching to Google Reader, I didn't think so but who knows I hop in the new wagon. For now I am happy with Bloglines and the good Greasemonkey Roundup of Lifehacker and the various ways you can communicate with your visitors in your personal blog. What about you?

Politics? President Correa had a meeting with former partners at # 17 Scout Club in Christopher Columbus HS. Democrats are to decide among three now, Barak Obama just jumped in.

Want to decorate your blog? I hate to speak about hacks just right now. However you should take a look and learn how to Show a Random video in you page. A few ways to use Pretty Blockquotes and just in case that's not enough, a cool way to present Text in a Spiral Path.

Have a beautiful day!

How Do I Develop A Blog Readership?

With this question Rose DesRochers begins her post today, alling all bloggers to follow a Blog Comment Eiquette which is healthy to every blogger no only because it gets you more hits but also increase your Page Rank. Personally, I don't care hits and PageRank -she also recognize it- what I do care is building lasting relationships, get to know as many people as I can, try to feel the human warm behind a computer. Tha't what it is!

I've already bought a domain in Wordpress and even when I don't think to switch soon I hope to start a new blog overthere and I think a good way to do it is read (in Spanish) , Blogstudio where in five steps they show you how to migrate to Wordpress without a big headache or nightmare. Go and say hello from TonNet.

I consider myself a good reader and a part what everyone says I do believe the regular books still have a long way to stay. I like to read online and chech my feedreaders, follow news, etc. but I can hold the computer in front of me the whole day, then there is the tradicional book, the newspaper any major publishing objetct. Many people think the book will disapear just beacause Lulu is around the corner. They have their market niche and the Publishing Companies theirs. Period!

If you arrive to the end of this post you will notice that I have a post note that says listen the latest post and it has to be with the new services you find in the web in order to make your readers feel confortable, such services allows you to hear in place of read those short or long posts, bple uses Feed2podcast, so far I do feel good with their service. ReadWriteWeb makes a paralel analysis between two mayor services: Botcast and Talkr. And now that we will getting MobaTalk soon, webmasters will need to think hard in order to decide which one to install in theirs templates!

Rafael Correa: Swears In as New President of Ecuador

After ten years of political instability, today Ecuadorean Congress sworn in Rafael Correa as their new President. He's a well educated person but his political convictions goes to the left. Many Ecuadorean expect him to save the country from the disaster the dollar currency had caused and to increase the PIB to get a descent and better life to the average Ecuadorean citizen.

These are some highlights about him until 12:30 PM:
"Ante Dios y ante el pueblo ecuatoriano juro cumplir el mandato que me dio el pueblo ecuatoriano el pasado 26 de noviembre" -ElComercio.

"Ecuador ha quedado alineado expresamente con Cuba, Venezuela y Bolivia y Nicaragua en una alianza revolucionaria regional" -Apuntes Iberoamericanos.

"Vamos país, la esperanza está puesta y flota en el ambiente. Ójala que el nuevo gobierno sepa aprovecharla y cumpla con la tan anhelada reforma profunda al estado" -Ecuador de Hoy.

"La Patria Vuelve: Convocaré a la consulta popular para que el soberano, el pueblo ecuatoriano, ordene o niegue esa Asamblea Nacional Constituyente de plenos poderes que busque superar el bloqueo político y social en el que el país se encuentra sumergido" -El Universo.

"En décidant, en décembre 2006, la reprise des épandages aériens d'herbicide pour venir à bout des plantations de coca à la frontière, le gouvernement colombien d'Alvaro Uribe (droite) a déclenché une crise diplomatique. M. Correa a qualifié le fait "d'agression inadmissible" -Fanette.

"Let us make a true democratic revolution, constitutional but still a revolution... radical, profound and quick changes to the current model of so much exploitation, of so much injustice" -Vox-Live From Ecuador.

"Correa had traveled to the impoverished community for a ceremony in his honor, in which he received a streamer-draped scepter signifying authority in Indian communities" -Dominican Today.

U2. Can Be Heard in Your iPod Without Computer

In order to make the list complete, Calu has proposed to pursue it as a tribute to one of the most favorite video in YouTube and to honor U2.

You can also watch it in your iPod but no necessity of a computer, the only thing you need to get is the iLoad as Antonio Cambronero from BlogPocket.
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