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Wanna Be Heard

I know, I know. The title should be Want to be heard? Allow once in a while to break the rules. Moving at Speed of Creativity brings back a post from Stephen Downes where he wrote about how to attract readers to your blog. That post was written back in 2005 but we still can pick up good substance about writing first to change yourself, then to change your world. Jesus was right on the money when he addressed that issue about 2000 years ago.(Cit. by Wesley Fryer).

Blogs are a window where everyone can show his house if not his family or even their very own personality. Being that kind of crystal cage I guess everyone should learn about blogs the same way as we are taught in school about how to speech and a way of do it properly. No all blogger are looking for prestige but I deeply believe all human being per nature loves to live in society, in groups, where they are able to interact in order to accomplish their objectives, wishes, envision a family or even keep their digital signature of ADN. It is important to get readers then, Steve Jobs a PR guru is paving our way up.

Darren Rowse step a little further and makes a list of 23 points which can be summarized in five steps (the others are also important but these are very uncommon to read about):
1. Join Forums:be active in discussion forums related to your blog topic; 2) Persist: Persistence is key; 3) Ask Questions of Other Bloggers:ask questions of other moderately successful bloggers and try to network 4) Guest Bloggers:invite other bloggers to guest blog and allow always one link back to their site; 5) Pitch Your Posts:reach out to bloggers using tactics successfully employed in the world of professional media relations.

I going to leave not without a recommendation. Please read this Spanish blog which is dedicated to publish everything about tutorials. The author is a programmer with little steps in the Web Design field. Visit El rincón de los tutoriales.

Did you know about the last policies in Flickr? If not, go to Thomas Hawk's blog and participate or follow the thread!

Theory of Blogging

Even when Blogger sucks today at least after like four times to try, I've got to publish today's post.

Ken Smith came up with this idea. Please pay attention of what your reading is and not only summarize but synthesize and generate new ideas. See for yourself what his Theory is
1) Somebody creates a new tool or technique, such as blogging. In time, 2) some people realize that it is powerful, and 3) they make it a way of life for themselves as individuals, 4) then as members of a small community. 5) As the community grows, 6) a culture is created, 7) which solidifies the power in the lives of many people, 8) even if they are still a small portion of a wider society.

You can also check and vote for few but destacated blogs, why not?. This is the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards. Please, Pinch In, before is too late!

The Longer I live, the Less I Know

This is a saying everyone should take care of or at least pay close attention. Last night I watched The Beauty and The Geek series and one of the participants said something lively interesting, she said what I've learned is that there are not beauties and geeks, we all are human beings! and reading what David Boles writes today, there is not doubt that Socrates was correct when sentenced:'The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing'. All the complexity around knowledge makes so hard to say definitely, it’s all right or It’s all wrong. It’s only what you do about it that matters now and the longer you’re alive, the less you know what you think you knew, as his writing mentor used to say.

What I said before has to be with the problem of how to be considered by A-list bloggers and being in the rest of blogs I feel honored that Blog Bloke had been considered TonNet to be as part of the thread about the responsability of A-bloggers with those small ones who are not yet so big as Engadget which is not considered a blog anymore. Thanks InstaBLOKE and I hope this works better than a comment in your post.

The searching behaviour of the e-citizens has changed quite a bit and for example they are not using the browsers, in place they are googling whatever they need it quick, that's why if you go and look for most searched terms in Google you will find MySpace, because users are rooting their searches through big search engines. Probably the impact will be superior if those same citizens start using what Google now calls One Box.

The 'knowledge society' that Dr. Tony Wagner claims for a reform in the American educational system is brought by Stephanie Sandifer who had the fortune to assist his presentation for a Reinvention and a Theory of Change that sustent the dynamic throughout a change of leadership in the educational field. I don't think it will be enough but is qualitatively important that voices arise like those in Harvard, in order to get a better education for our kids and our families.

This post is coming to the end and I want to participate for those who are using MyBlogLog, Yahoo already started its migration and that means Flickr, Delicious and MyBlogLog integrated!. Want to see the same applications in your phone? Then, head to not before reading what Rug Jeff has to say to you.

Have a warm beginning of week. Around here is so cold that I would love to stay home, but you know, I have a family to provide.

Will a tag get oversaturated and become meaningless or will it grow indefinitely

Now that tags had been accepted worldwide almost nobody is asking about the real meaning or its taxonomy anymore. Fortunately, in the Sapienza Roma's University, a group of physicists had taken seriously the issue about the Semiotic Dynamics and collaborative tagging very seriously.

The report is presented by Nikhil Swaminathan from the Scientific American and the head of all this statistical method known as Power Law is Ciro Catuto, Vittorio Loreto and Luciano Pietronero.

The problem was to study the behaviors of tags (other people prefer to refer to them as folksonomies and categories)on the social bookmarking/collaborative tagging sites like , Connotea or Flickr. After studying the manner in which certain tags were associated with a pair of selected ones this group of researchers found that user behavior in collaborative tagging schemes followed a Power Law in which certain words were highly associated with the chosen tags.

Being the first time we've got quantitative procedures to determined the tag's behaviour, not matter what's the coolest term but what the fundamental structures within the system are. Normally, according with the results of this new structure, information stays fresh on the Web for only about 36-48 hours, they also found that users on collaborative tagging sites would likely prefer recently added tags to older ones. Be careful with all those memes and tagging systems dear bloggers.

Catuto, writes:
Our simple modelling is able to account quantitatively for the measured frequency-rank properties of tag association, with a surprisingly high accuracy. This is a clear indication that collaborative tagging is able to recruit the uncoordinated actions of web users to create a predictable and coherent semiotic dynamics at the emergent level.

And he tries to put it simple, with an example:
[...] linking to a photo or article about New York City. The person posting the link can tag the item in several ways, a few of which are "nyc," "newyork_city," or newyork. The choices of previous users, however, are likely to influence the next group of users. "There is pressure, in essence," [...] "because if you use tags that are already widespread within the system, people are able to find your entries—so, using popular tags makes your content findable and makes you more visible.

Pixel 2000 Bloggers!

The Thinking Blog has made a step forward with the 2000 bloggers of Tino Buntic. The new baby project as he likes to call it, is Happy Pixel Hunting, a project in progress, though. Keep visiting his blog to get the updates when the project is complete, as he promised.

You can hunt us in the position 503. Not so hard fo find it if you remember the basics of computing areas.


No more mind breaking or opt outs.

Relationship Isn't Everything. But Still Wins It

Yesterday's post has generated a few comments form a very select group of readers. I do agree the relationship created through socialnetworking or Social Media is not the only thing needed to become a respected blogger, it is also true you have to write properly and present a quality's content. Nobody is asking to be a Terrence Denman but certainly all you need is giving right exposure to your content. TonNet cannot have a picture along with Jason Calacanis for he's not the famous e influential person. This blog is not even in the academic circle of Higher Education and doesn't claim to into the educational or technological expertise. However we expect to be among the A-List bloggers and rank close to Gizmodo and Micropersuasion. The big question is How I will get it?

Praveen who's gained respect not only for being a web designer or post about a way to remove your navbar from your Blogger blogs and he's a good example of all what is being said about how to grow a blog and promote your weblogs.

Saskboy makes a list of what we consider true and useful. How with fortune you will grow your blog:

* Join more blogrolls and aggregators and link games like memes.
* Create something everyone wants to link to, and talk about.
* Write super well, and always in a clever funny way so everyone likes you and
subscribes to your feed.
* Americanize the blog content. (My theory is that if I get 200 readers by writing about Canadian/world news, I’d get about ten times that (2000/day) by writing as well, about American/world news/entertainment.)
* Become famous in real life, and then blog about whatever it is you do that made you famous.
* Offer readers cool prizes that depend on them visiting your blog often.
* Change your blogging habits or skills, because whatever you’re doing now, won’t get any better if you’ve been doing it for a year the same way.
* Make lots of good lists, because bloggers love lists. Also make lots of contacts, and try not to get onto their bad side (unless they suck {and even then try to be nice}).

I've drop off like two items which I don't agree at all, but you can check the source for a complete list of this Canadian Computer Scientist.

Until you decide which way is best for you, please remember: Content is not enough! And I am not talking about flagshit either.

Does anyobody thought about compelling content? Joe Hayes does!

Why Nobody Reads My Blog?

I still don't know how did I get linked to Alister Cameron(I've found out just now...sorry sometimes I'm slow!) but what he posted today really caught my eye. Have you ever asked why nobody reads your blog? Well, he goes deep on this matter and you dear reader (imaginary) should take a hard look of what is he saying, considering TonNet is not a A-league blogger yet. The link love issue is about socialnetworking:
Are you hearing me? It’s about relationships. We are humans… we’re created to relate. You MUST get past the fact that all your blogging happens on a computer, to realize that it’s just people, really! If you’re a hermit and you can’t relate to people, you’re going to be in trouble

And then he advises to write a post about the 'relational dynamic' and how this helped you grow your blog, linkback to his post and receive in turn a highlight for So how do you go about getting more one way links to your blog? Simple. Write good content that people actually find value in.supporting his thesis. Will you take it? I'll do.
The real reason why nobody reads your blog is this: massively successful blogging is about establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. It’s all about who you know. Really!
Post a comment or give me a link back to prove me wrong. Nobody is reading my blog but thanks to people like Alister I do know the reasons now!

Alexander Russo writes, "People always ask me how many folks read this blog, and I always tell them "One or two" -- which isn't all that far off. It's quality, not quantity".

Update 2:
Mr Russo links back our post. Thanks

Update 3:
So how do you go about getting more one way links to your blog? Simple. Write good content that people actually find value in.

Barack Obama Wasn't Educated In "Madrassa"

Politics needs to change not only in Latin America but in North America itself, let's follow up what the right-wing media had just spread around just to cause damage to image of Obama's Presidential campaign. Greg Sargent says, If this is a sign of how Barack Obama intends to deal with the right-wing media during his Presidential campaign, then I'm all for it.

From the Senator's office:
[...]All of the claims about Senator Obama’s faith and education raised in the Insight Magazine story and repeated on Fox News are false. Senator Obama was raised in a secular household in Indonesia by his stepfather and mother. Obama’s stepfather worked for a U.S. oil company, and sent his stepson to two years of Catholic school, as well as two years of public school. As Obama described it, “Without the money to go to the international school that most expatriate children attended, I went to local Indonesian schools and ran the streets with the children of farmers, servants, tailors, and clerks.” [The Audacity of Hope, p. 274]

To be clear, Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago. Furthermore, the Indonesian school Obama attended in Jakarta is a public school that is not and never has been a Madrassa".

2000 Bloggers And We Are In It!

Yet another intriguing meme hits blog play! Developed by the now so popular Tino Buntic , this one highlights 2000 bloggers (just two thousand out of 63.2 millions according to Technorati) and includes celebrities and the "rest of us" with equal abandon. You'll see Seth Goden and that Trump guy. Hundreds of other folks, and well, me. You'll see me, too.

Featuring Education & Technology.

Technorati is not so happy about Tino's Project and Shuts Down 2000 Bloggers. Consequently I am also opting out the Project were I get to know very interesting bloggers. So sad!

How important is to have a network

I will write as many as possible about networking not only in general terms but as socialnetworking. The term could be new but the process has been there since the Cromagnon learnt how to use his hands in order to perform superior activities. I think it is a process for the social transformations, the concentration of power and a way to hold the establishment. However, nowadays we have a new perception of the importance of socialnetworking.

The Internet had opened many way of interactions as you all very well know. We all have many purposes to create networks and at the same time different methods to get into the train, let's say MyBlogLog and Flickr. The laboral environment of course doesn't fail to be among those tools and we have a Job Board Bubble growing so quick. The education network grows at significatively levels, see for example Boles University Project. The weblogs had grown to top the 65 millions right now and the networks are increasingly growing at such speed. Check out Outpost (where you can also read our blog now) or the 2000 Bloggers proposal. Amelie's TrendyFriendly network is another good example.

I've found a blog where you can interchange links by free. The only thing you need to do is write your own positive review about her blog. This is a very young and attractive girl who was living in the Big Apple and nowadays is in her natal Tokyo. This entrepreneurial business young girl is Kumiko Suzuki. She had to leave NY for about five years now and while living with her grandpa, she is into a a big project. Being a fond of the web she's into get cash throughout Internet surfing. She claims to be working for Yoshinova (a kind of Fast food-the Japanese way) but because she was raised in the U.S. she's still struggling with her japanese. Go say hi from TonNet and help her out with this very original project. I love the smart young new generation!

This post is becoming long enough! I don't want to lose the thread and present FunForever, where a post called my attention. See for yourselves this beautiful grass designs.

What happened with the education and the technology? Well, here we go. W. Richardson share a important issue for those who love to read and may be link the New York Times, you can get some links behind the subscription wall, how?. Try its NYTimes link generator.

I've reading quite a long time trick and tips of how to increase traffic and gain visitors, not for money in this case (sorry Kumiko). Today Rugjeff has posted 10 Tips to improve your Google page rank and I guess TonNet should work a little bit harder the topic numbered under 9. Not everyone trackback to your homepage.

Yesterday I've joined to the developing your blog posts meme and Library Clips without getting into the sort of game allow his reader keep track of his personal ways of collecting links for future blog posts. Mind to share yours?

Developing Blog Posts Topics

I am not that sad but of course almost everyone loves to be tagged and mostly when it is from your personal interest. Today I've found this Developing blog posts topics from a blog that I read almost everyday and it is kind of interesting to know how you pick the topics for your posts, isn't? So, here we go:

1. Check my Boglines subscription. This is the very first thing I do every morning after woke up. It gives an update of what's going on around my network and things that I am passionate about.

2. Select every topic I've found it is new or interesting under my referential frame. I think you should have handy something to talk about, not only a link but a referent about a new discovery and most important if this is a topic which you are or you were looking out long time ago.

3. Synthesize involving those topics and ideas . This is the hardest part to me. It is quite easy to link out from a source but to find the right topic which synthesize all what will be included in the post is a hard work. I used to select something relevant out of all sources and a few times I copy the same topic as it is proposed in the source. Sorry about that!

4. Educational issues not only for teachers but parents. Being an educator, I really love to read and reproduce information about what's going on in the educational spectrum. Sometimes I have to offer some kind of deli in order to let you entertain with a post, in other words, I can go from politics to .NET development.

5. Technology and Socialnetworking. Yes, a part of being very passionate about education, as Wesley says, when you find something that is cool and fun, I think you have an obligation to share it! And precisely what I try to do I am very into web developing, new applications, the power of social networks and gadgetry.

I would love to pass it on not only to my friends but to anyone who finds it cool and interesting. I am not against the "The five things you didn't know about me" but I strongly believe this one is much better. If you want to put it in Technorati then follow Brian's suggestion. Try howdoyouwrite. Remember everything is about socialnetworks and not only teenagers but adults as you and me.

I pass the baton to: Avatar, Silvia Porras, Protesto, Martha Isabel, Fernado Doylet, El Oso, Carmen Gonzalez; and, BaBalingus.

Essential Tools For Bloggers & The Wikipedia Rel=No Follow

It's being quite a bit I don't write, link or publish nothing about web design. Thanks to the time I've got today and after reading Funny Monday (everyone should have a section like this one, I guess, came through a blog that expose everything about entertaining but not webtech or categories like that. However, Essential Tools Every Blogger Should Have is a good selection which be just handy when you have to write in your blog and want to look a litte bit different that everybody else. All writing is both a mask and an unveiling. Pass it on!

Now this are news to me, Amit Agarwal say that Wikipedia must rollback the rel=nofollow change. Why? Because third resources will be penalized and chastening everyone for the spammy actions of few individuals is just not right! he says.

The market and we the bloggers are inundated with too many application and webservices but when it comes to video then we stop and start thinking what are the best services that can find around and that could overpass YouTube service. Well, no more go and read Paul Stamatiou and his post about Zudeo. Enough said. The decision is yours.

I am sure you also want to chage once in a while the face of your blog. No because you don't like it anymore but you go and visit others' and see interesting designs or something that catch your eye and want to introduce it to your personal blog. I think you will find useful the services Open Designs, you need to register, though.

Do not get scared, but the Earth Warming had hit Ecuador. Do you know anything about the Cotopaxi Volcano? This volcano is located 70 km south from Quito and it just started to melt. See the Spanish report.

What Do You Wish You Learned In College

Techcrunch has brought in this very interesting topic. Have you ever felt that something you didn't learnt at College to discover just after a few years that something should be taught back in those silver years? Well, you are not alone that happened to almost everyone to be optimistic in terms of statistics. I regret not have learnt how to be a good Manager. Period.

Now that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama y Bill Richardson want to be the next President. American need to think carefully. Not only to pick the right Democrat but to avoid the Republicans to commit suicide not against themselves but innocent families en the American territory. Spread the word through this very interesting project: 2000 bloggers. My Math shows me that I was icluded in the position 583. Hurry up! Only 2000 bloggers A, B or C class will be granted.

Oviedo(Spain) had been chosen for the prime time of Jose Luis Orihuela's book The Weblogs Revolution. Written in Spanish but very soon we could get it in English.

You all know that Wikisari was switched into Wikia. Here a last update of this very useful research tool.

Is Reading Online A Process to Develop Reading Skills?

Nowadays you don't read only books, newspapers and magazines in a traditional manner, our kids and teen have Internet access most of the times and using that computer, they've changed their way of reading. But the question is how blogging plays a role in developing a sophistication in reading interactions?

Will Richardson arrives to the following conclusions:

1. Students are and will be doing more reading in hypertext environments.
2. Reading in hypertext environments requires different literacies than in print environments.
3. Teachers need to teach their how to read effectively in hypertext environments.
4. In order to teach these literacies effectively, teachers must also model their use.
CONCLUSION: Teachers should be reading and writing online (blogging).

Want to keep an eye of what is going on around educative neighborhood? Please, head to Wesley Fryer's List of Edubloggers.

Now, normalas it is in Education & Tech, we need change topic. I am in MyBlogLog network but this analysis got me thinking about the real benefit of belonging to MyBlogLog. Every blogger should be aware of this and I am not whining or complaining, what I try to say is that sometimes we just follow as others do and that's all. We better start thinking about what we do and the quality of what we use in our blogs.

In Ecuador there was a rally to vote and find the best Ecuadorean blogs. presents his results in five categories: opinion, technology, personal, groupal, thematic and revelation. See results.

Speech Blogging For Ten More Years of Weblogs

I am happy that now I have working my Peek-a- Boo-Navbar. Thanks to Kaie Chen a very interesting weblog publisher with home in Taipei. Go and say hi from bple and I really recommend his blog. He's in the Big Leagues!

Louiss Lim just updated his old Blogging Secret. Now he's using a Wordpress like template but with three columns. Great work Louiss and thanks for keep your readers in mind and up-to-date. You're also in the Big Leagues.

He says he's not being paid for this ad but he made a synopsis of Naturally Speaking, anyway. Yes, E. Dans wrote a good review of this application which allow you to publish to your while you speak. I wonder whether this will save us time or will do a big mess with our posts!

Here a summary of what happened in the last ten years in the Blogosphere. Spaniard newspaper El Pais says "La 'blogosfera' es el espacio de la Red en el que comunidades de todas las lenguas y culturas construyen a diario nuevas formas de conversación, expresión y conocimiento".

Are you still struggling to have a search-friendly blog? No more, Library Clips has made a discover with the Google Toolbar and presents a roll of findings with other search engines, as well.

SpeedLinking to get Google to notice you

I can't write long post because of time or simply I don't have a thesis to expose or a essay to present. Today, I was reading RugJeff's Blog who says to be against speedlinking, against the benefit it gets to the blogs that are being watched for Google. I do appreciate links and I do practice speedlinking everyday but of course I am not against the hard work, the research y the responsible bloggers.

In order to get indexed by Google is important your keywords not only in your posts but in the metatags of your template, the title should be clear enough to describe what your blog is about and offer a precise and crystal clear description of who you are and what will be the topics in your blog. Do whatever you have to do in order to get a link from 'authorities' . Place your name or blog in very well know websites, let's say MySpace or MyBlogLog. We are to follow the example of YALSA (Young American Library Association) or the nice just created for Latinamerica by NACLA (The North American Congress on Latin America).

Finally, whether you are using Blogger, Wordpress or any other free hosting, still you can manipulate your very own templates in a easy way and without major knowledge in Webdesign. Cowboy makes a good presentation of Weebly and explains step by step how to use AJAX like design for your templates' blog.

Security Checks For Educational Researchers

This the entry for a post written by A. Russo that shirk my skin. You all know what this means to the researchers not only in the educational field but any other of the wide range of science. Watch what you are doing Sam's police is underground!

I will ever give up on my writing enterprise. That's why again I had to read How Bloggers Can Link to You and I pretty much agree on all 10 steps, specially that letter from David Letterman. As part of thi vision I will also like you participate and pick the 7 New Wonders. Go enjoy!

People with enough experience are switching to Google Reader, I didn't think so but who knows I hop in the new wagon. For now I am happy with Bloglines and the good Greasemonkey Roundup of Lifehacker and the various ways you can communicate with your visitors in your personal blog. What about you?

Politics? President Correa had a meeting with former partners at # 17 Scout Club in Christopher Columbus HS. Democrats are to decide among three now, Barak Obama just jumped in.

Want to decorate your blog? I hate to speak about hacks just right now. However you should take a look and learn how to Show a Random video in you page. A few ways to use Pretty Blockquotes and just in case that's not enough, a cool way to present Text in a Spiral Path.

Have a beautiful day!

How Do I Develop A Blog Readership?

With this question Rose DesRochers begins her post today, alling all bloggers to follow a Blog Comment Eiquette which is healthy to every blogger no only because it gets you more hits but also increase your Page Rank. Personally, I don't care hits and PageRank -she also recognize it- what I do care is building lasting relationships, get to know as many people as I can, try to feel the human warm behind a computer. Tha't what it is!

I've already bought a domain in Wordpress and even when I don't think to switch soon I hope to start a new blog overthere and I think a good way to do it is read (in Spanish) , Blogstudio where in five steps they show you how to migrate to Wordpress without a big headache or nightmare. Go and say hello from TonNet.

I consider myself a good reader and a part what everyone says I do believe the regular books still have a long way to stay. I like to read online and chech my feedreaders, follow news, etc. but I can hold the computer in front of me the whole day, then there is the tradicional book, the newspaper any major publishing objetct. Many people think the book will disapear just beacause Lulu is around the corner. They have their market niche and the Publishing Companies theirs. Period!

If you arrive to the end of this post you will notice that I have a post note that says listen the latest post and it has to be with the new services you find in the web in order to make your readers feel confortable, such services allows you to hear in place of read those short or long posts, bple uses Feed2podcast, so far I do feel good with their service. ReadWriteWeb makes a paralel analysis between two mayor services: Botcast and Talkr. And now that we will getting MobaTalk soon, webmasters will need to think hard in order to decide which one to install in theirs templates!

Rafael Correa: Swears In as New President of Ecuador

After ten years of political instability, today Ecuadorean Congress sworn in Rafael Correa as their new President. He's a well educated person but his political convictions goes to the left. Many Ecuadorean expect him to save the country from the disaster the dollar currency had caused and to increase the PIB to get a descent and better life to the average Ecuadorean citizen.

These are some highlights about him until 12:30 PM:
"Ante Dios y ante el pueblo ecuatoriano juro cumplir el mandato que me dio el pueblo ecuatoriano el pasado 26 de noviembre" -ElComercio.

"Ecuador ha quedado alineado expresamente con Cuba, Venezuela y Bolivia y Nicaragua en una alianza revolucionaria regional" -Apuntes Iberoamericanos.

"Vamos país, la esperanza está puesta y flota en el ambiente. Ójala que el nuevo gobierno sepa aprovecharla y cumpla con la tan anhelada reforma profunda al estado" -Ecuador de Hoy.

"La Patria Vuelve: Convocaré a la consulta popular para que el soberano, el pueblo ecuatoriano, ordene o niegue esa Asamblea Nacional Constituyente de plenos poderes que busque superar el bloqueo político y social en el que el país se encuentra sumergido" -El Universo.

"En décidant, en décembre 2006, la reprise des épandages aériens d'herbicide pour venir à bout des plantations de coca à la frontière, le gouvernement colombien d'Alvaro Uribe (droite) a déclenché une crise diplomatique. M. Correa a qualifié le fait "d'agression inadmissible" -Fanette.

"Let us make a true democratic revolution, constitutional but still a revolution... radical, profound and quick changes to the current model of so much exploitation, of so much injustice" -Vox-Live From Ecuador.

"Correa had traveled to the impoverished community for a ceremony in his honor, in which he received a streamer-draped scepter signifying authority in Indian communities" -Dominican Today.

U2. Can Be Heard in Your iPod Without Computer

In order to make the list complete, Calu has proposed to pursue it as a tribute to one of the most favorite video in YouTube and to honor U2.

You can also watch it in your iPod but no necessity of a computer, the only thing you need to get is the iLoad as Antonio Cambronero from BlogPocket.

Scholarpedia And More Educational Blogs

I've already spoken about Scholarpedia in this post but today BizDeansTalk goes over it again and says that Scholarpedia combines Wikipedia's open-source principles with a healthy dash of peer review. All the articles are written by scholars who are either invited by Scholarpedia directors or elected by the public. Those articles are anonymously peer reviewed and placed under the charge of 'curators' who must approve any changes.

Four educational blogs had been spotted thanks to the good W. Richardson, Christopher D. Sessums [Skills for the 21st Century Learners]. Christian Long [The Future of Learning & Environments that Shape Engagement]. Dr. Jan's Blog [Perceptions and Events in One of the Hippest School in America]. Richard Lee Colvin [It contains commentary on coverage of issues related to early childhood education, broadly defined, inside and outside of schools, preschools, subway cars, living rooms and the dining table].

I am not Scoble or Jeff Jarvis to be into the group of Blogging Convincers but what I write everyday pretends to keep you informed and give you I wider range of opinions. Concepts such as Mobile Socialnetworking are introduced. New application as Speak a Blog are presented thanks to Spinvox, etc.

And even though this is out of context in this blog I feel the responsibility to help promote the idea of Free Market, why the American currency can be used abroad but not the Mexican Pesos here in the US. There are a thread about what's going on in a Texas Pizza Chain and David Sasaki had pointed it out.

Bloggeratto Is Coming Back, Countdown Begins!

This was a great surprise for me and for the person who recognize himself as a nocturnal animal. Yes, today while awake in the first hours of this day I've spoken with Avatar who is preparing a roll of ten projects for this year. Word of mouth can be found in Efendi's Blog who claims Avatar is doing something deadlier from what we know now.

Avatar says the latinamerican blogosphere is a disaster but has kind comments for Argentina, Chile and Mexico (As it is expected). He claims to be in the Web for about fourteen years now and to be the only Mexican blogger who's moving from English language to Spanish without being in the US. which is a surprise for most bloggers (himself included). Bloggeratto has also kind comments for two ecuadorean bloggers: Juan Javier Larrea y Alt1040.

Very soon you will know of his projects but be careful, you need to be in his 100 contacts list in order to receive the notification. Hurry up! If you don't want to miss anything then drop him an email. Well, he was telling me interesting facts: he's able to translate at least one hundred pages per day and can easily top one thousand words per minute! Such a good reader!

I've also asked him if Avatar uses a Mac. That almost got him down. Please, he said, do not forget who am I, I have a Zune, use XBox360, Windows Vista and a cell phone from that kind. So I've replied knowingly I was getting on his nerves. Take care easy man, you know Gates is very proud of you! Which of course changed his tone and mood.

Be prepared for the news then, our techie friend is alive and will bring powerful information, hacks and design with his new arrival. Stayed tuned!

Let's Go Mobile!

Now that we have the long expected iPhone and after we also learned that Cisco is not happy with Steve Jobs using their registered name, why we don't change our attention to what is happening in the Internet. The buzz is centered in the social networking and after the decision of Yahoo to buy MyBlogLog we will see a very tough competence to bring in users and try to catch the mobile users what it seems to me will be the tendency in the 2007.

If we are getting mobile social networking then is not hard to think what are the chances to start taking classes in our gadgets. Imagine a teen armed with a PDA or any smart phone and a feed reader. I guess it will display social class, smartness and of course a good way to learn what their new Teacher 2.0 has to teach them!

This post in Spanish just impress me. Why? Precisely what was said before, the younger students prefer to be study online, it has to be with the normal curiosity in part and with technological knowledge in terms of tools, applications and information. You will her your classes through podcasts, watch your teacher in videos or simply interact with your tutor using SMS. Isn't that cool? Could be saying one of those smart Intermediate or High School students.

Make a tag(bar code in this case), then put this bar code on your blog or on a poster in the real world. Thanks to MyTago, people can click on a tag to find out some information. In the real world if you see a poster with this tag on it, you can take a photo of it then email it to your account or upload it to your PC.

Now that I have to finish this post, have you ever noticed the latest update of Firefox? I don't. But Lifehacker just solve our problems!

Steve Jobs speaking about his products but not computers

I've following what is said in SF and what it looks a little bit surprising is that this time Mr Jobs did'n speak about computers but his long waited iPhone. He also explain ed why the company was switching names from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple, Inc.

W. Richardson explains why we should keep an eye on a social bookmarking tool that works more eficiently tha Delicious, even though it is a bit slower. You can grab a portion of any page and post it to your or even publish your bookmarks right there in you personal blog. We are talking about Diigo. Give it a try!

E-learning is a concept wide proposed nowadays, that's why is so important to publish a blog in three different language, not simultaneously but every other post. Look out E-learning, conocimiento en red y web2.0. Thanks to BizDeansTalk.

Just in case you've forgotten it pays to give you a remainder: Be a Blogger. But for any reason just blog without following at least a few minor Code of Ethics.

Tired of being searching through Google, Yahoo and all other big search engines? Well, no more. Check out a real search helper according to LibraryClips. This new Beta search engine is called ChaCha (Not, no the song!).

Start Your Day With A Laugh!

The idea was brought in by R. DesRochers and her Funny Monday and I think it is nice to take a smile out of your mouth-face. So, here we go, try NOT to smile.

A man, returning home a day early from a business trip, got into a taxi at the airport. It was after midnight. While en route to his home, he asked the cabby if he would be a witness. The man suspected his wife was having an affair and he intended to catch her in the act. For $100, the cabby agreed.

Quietly arriving at the house, the husband and cabby tiptoed into the bedroom. The husband switched on the lights, yanked the blanket back and there was his wife in bed with another man.

The husband put a gun to the naked man's head. The wife shouted, "Don't do it! This man has been very generous! I lied when I told you I inherited money. He paid for the Corvette I bought for you. He paid for our new cabin cruiser. He paid for your Pittsburgh Steeler Season Tickets. He paid for our house at the lake. He paid for our country club membership,and he even pays the monthly dues!"

Shaking his head from side-to-side the husband slowly lowered the gun. He looked over at the cab driver and said, "What would you do?"

The cabby said, "I'd cover his ass with that blanket before he catches a cold."

The State of Latin America Blogosphere

Thanks to GVO I had the pleasure to read the English Blog of Alvaro Ramírez Ospina who has been tagged in other occasions in this blog. Now comes handy with an analysis of what's going on with the Spanish bloggers and their 'national' conception of Latin blogosphere. Whoever interested in the development of blogs should be read his post which among other things says:
I plan to continue observing and studying the way blogs have been adopted by the Spanish speaking communities around the world, composed mainly of people from the old Spanish Empire, their old colonies in Latin America, and the diasporas of people who have emigrated from their home lands but keep using their mother tongue in blogs. Many things are happening and tracking their rapid evolution is not an easy task. The rewards can be fruitful in many areas of society, especially in the field of education, where these formats and tools are showing their dynamic potential.

Kudos Alvaro and a Happy New Year from Spanish Readers Blog -BPLE

Calling All Bloggers

I really love the creativity in our people mostly when it comes from fellow bloggers. This is an idea from Rose DesRochers who pretends to invite every blogger to participate on Mondays with anything that is funny. "Share anything that can make us laugh", she says. You all are very welcome!

Janet C. has already started her Funny Monday Participant! Any takers?

GUM Ecuador: Keynote

As you all know San Francisco in Centre Moscone, Steve Jobs has organized his MacWorld 2007. The most important issue is we will hear Carlos Correa from Ecuador with his statement about GUM in his country.

Socialnetworking: The Teens case

PEW just released the results of their investigations and if not much surprises at least we are not absolutely sure the new generation has a different way to interact socially, no only in College but in their daily activities. Females are more likely to use social sites, 55% of teens have created a profile, -MySpace dominates- . Interesting point - teens seem to understand privacy fairly well, with 66% limiting access to their profiles- But what about adults on a daily basis also creates new profiles?

I am not sure if I will be able to put in my post those little smile buttons but for those who like it then please give proper credit to Aditya and follow the instructions created for another good blogger Deepak. Enjoy!

I've tried many Chat systems those that are easily incorporated in you blog. You'd have heard about Meebo y Plugoo but Hector Russo just found another interesting service inCircles(Alpha).

I'd been watching last night the series The geek and the Beauty and I was laughing at myself how the smart people think so differently that normal people (to call normal any girl around). Why this? Well, it seems to me people needs to pay a little bit of attention to the quality of information we are getting it and to me one of the best ways is to read a book, not only Freakonomics as those participants were suggested but books that change your mind whether to be better or at least start thinking in a wide range of possibilities. What are your most influential books you've ever read?

Homework or Busywork!

I am reading the last book of Alie Kohn and it is quite interesting when quoting Deborah Meier he says that a passion for learning :
Isn't something you have to inspire [kids to have]; it's something you have to keep from extinguishing

Wow. Have you ever stopped to think about it? Now, this is a teacher's job.

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Ecuador: Churutes' Mangroves

I was surprised to find out all by myself the Proyecto Ruidoso which is managed by Samuel Perichon(Can be read in Arab language, as well). I've ever heard it before but this post about Loja. If you browse around and type in Churute in google you will find that this is an Ecologic Reserve that belong to the National Patrimony of Natural Areas protected by the Ecuadorian State, it is also enrolled in the Ramsar International Treaty to be one of the most important humid forest zones for Ecuador. Its extension is 49,383 hectares, which:35,000 are manglar zone, and 5,500 hectares in the hills of Mate, Cimalon, Perequete Chico, Perequete Grande, Pancho Diablo. 8,883 hectares include the denominated Lagoon of the Canclon and the agricultural zones of the communes who are inside the reserve.

Sorry but being an ecuadorean, I've missed this Reserve and feel compeled to report it like it is. See pictures of Proyecto Ruidoso (Noisy Project).

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Highlights about what it means to be a blogger!

I've been writing while ago. I don't mean the scholastic writings that our teachers used to asked for, but the professional writing. When I was a teen I always dreamed of being an anchor or at least a person with strong network in the media. That was my dream! After many year spent in College, struggling to learn French and Russian I've ended up learning English! OMG. Things happened and nowadays I am fluent in both languages: English and Spanish. The French and Russian have flown, I don't know whether from my tongue or from my mind!

This personal disclosure is brought to you because I wanted to thank all my readers, those visitors that fall on any of my post and kindly drop a note or a message to tell me I am doing good or even to let me know that my grammar sucks! All due respect, for mild language. I've been plugged for a one of the best citizen journalists, David Sasaki. Much appreciation deserves Claudia Peña who has being kindly enough to include our blog in her blogroll.

Alexis Rebolledo a chilean teacher and blogger made a generous review of our Education & Tech. You will notice how the Education & Tech (former BPLE) had gone from time to time, changing not only in design but in contents. Our dearest Carmen from Spain also made a very short but provocative analysis of TonNet's blog and BTW, everyone is entitled to belong to UBH Spanish Bloggers Network). And just yesterday a professional, very familiar with the Mac's World, wrote a presentation for our 'second son' a blog which is written in Spanish and that is focus on my mother country issues: Carlos Correa has a way, way generous presentation for Voces Lojanas

Thank you all and promise to keep doing things better!

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NEO Education & Tech and A Blogger Worth Modeling

It pays to be patient. Finally and with the great help of Ramani, Education & Tech has a different look for the 2007, it loads quicker and has a professional design. I wonder how many of you can give your opinion about this new look, what you don't like or what should it be changed. Comments are open!

A good example for all bloggers to follow is the good work of Lifehacker, Steve Rubel says:"The three bloggers who write for the site are always nice and above board". Personally a part of Lifehacker we also like TechCrunch which is a very good example of Good Blogger!

Remote Access point out:a) Blogs are not an educational panacea which will make us all smarter and our kids to be independent learners with a global perspective and, b) Blogs are only one piece of the ever - expanding puzzle that together makes up what is often called web 2.0. We all agree on that but what come next and what will it be the new environment where we as learners can be laid out?

I have my own Linked In but if you didn't know the importance to be Linked In probably you should pay attention to what the PR Gurus are doing. Today, I've found this post of Guy Kawasaki.

Now is time to finish this post. Paul Stamatiou makes a good review (his not being paid for it) of a new application that works as socialized homepages, we are talking about Webjam. Why not give it a shot!

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Digital Citizen: A Educators Community

The blogosphere has raised to over 60 million blogs according to Technorati and the power of bloggers also has been evident lately, however we can't fall in this kind of fighting which take us down as professional bloggers, mainly when those bloggers are educators who should try to answer question as this brought in by Any Carvin:Does the advent of all-star bloggers in education help, or hinder a broader conversation about the role of education technology?. Teachers need to have their eyes wide open when blogging issues are being watched not only for colleagues but big media.

I already published more that once about the RSS concept but I will keep trying it until everyone, no only educators see the benefit of follow thing throughout a RSS Reader. See an Introduction to RSS.

I've found interesting all the stuff about linking. For example today I've discovered the Z List game which can be extrapolated to the Spanish Go Meme list. If we still need to move up some steps in Technorati then you might want to try any of those memes or what Kottke is doing or even follow the steps of Blog Bloke who has promised himself during the 2007 to write posts about lesser known bloggers out there who deserve the accolades.

The Live Journal Petition was linked to in 801 posts by 786 other blogs from January 1-November 30, 2006. So, it is the Top Post of the Year!. Other interesting blog that I've found is The American Democracy Project which is managed for Indiana University from very different perspectives and refers to the quality of American democracy.

Now, do you want to know who's reading and at what frequency your post? Try MengTracker(Only for Wordpress based blogs).

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Pimp His Educational Blog

Must be interesting to be called to participate in a recognized Magazine as is the case with Alexander Russo who's moving his blog from Blogspot to That's the best gift a blogger can receive for Christmas or New Year! Congratulations Alex.

The fenomenon of Socialnetworking could be better understood if we pay atenttion to the next big shot; while we bloggers are using laptops o maybe desktops, teen are way ahead. They are already using a different system of communication: phones, PSP's, iPods and other devices! Should we Network once but socialize anywhere?

If you are still not being listed in Google them please pay atention to Rose DesRochers and what she has to say about getting your blog listed in Google Blog search.

I guess, you've missed this one. Yes, Gmail is now a Mail Fetcher. In other words, you are now able to read your e-mails from inside your Gmail account up to five POP3 accounts. The bad thing is not yet enabled in all Gmail accounts!

Before I go, please do not forget to visit and read the lecture of Wesley Fryer. A must if you are a parent or an educator.

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Does Google punish webpages with more than 100 links on the same page?

Let me put this straight up. I am promoting the GoMeme 4.0 in a Spanish page known as UBH and someone wrote a comment where the person says Google may be punishing me for having too many links on the same page, which means the GoMeme have gone over two hundred members. Any ideas from your own experiences or any tip about it?

I've following the Ecuadorian blogosphere since a while and I couldn't find relevant information -at least to me- and I couldn't see also David Sasaki pick anything from the Ecuadorian blogosphere. Could it be that I and GVO are both wrong or it is only matter of another issues. Let's see what's going on.

There in a southern Ecuadorian blogger that is working hard to keep the local bloggers kicking, he is a very well informed person and if you are well prepared to to talk about Mac's then Carlos Correa is the right person!

I guess I've already mentioned this blog in other posts but today he's trying to show to us a new way to leave voice comments in our blogs. You better take a look in Library Clips.

Thanks to the great Ramani, Education & Tech (former bple) has another face, I am still working to make a little changes and what I've learnt today is the NEO design is not compatible with the Table of Contents proposed by Hans. Maybe our new fried from Blogger Hacked can lent us a hand a help to solve this matter. Or perhaps Aditya Mukherjee who, by the way, had just updated his Native Blog Search. Kudos!

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NEO for Education & Tech and a revamp for this weblog

First of all, I hope you had a very Happy Holidays! This blog has been set quiet during these days because of the celebrations but also for the changes we have decided to implement beginning this 2007. As you can see we were using Neo, a asynchronous design used and promoted for Ramani. What you can see in education & tech from now on is a single post in the front page, and an additional navigation kind of OutlooK in the left side, where you can access our most recent posts but also look out for the most frequent categories. We are still working to give a better quality of information and keep you updated as quick as possible.

The other big change in New Year is the change of language in which we are going to publish. I love Cervantes language and do love the Spanish language (do not forget that this is my first language as well) but the Web conditions makes me take this no easy decision. So excuses for all my readers who usually comes looking for information in Spanish. You still can get it using the Translation icons just in the outter left column and of course I will gladly answer your question and comments in Spanish if you want to. But from now on this bple changes its voice and language to English, as well as its home name: Education & Tech.

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